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Alex Cross screenplay

Alex Cross screenplay

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Published by JohnConst
the screenplay for the movie Alex Cross by Kerry Williamson
the screenplay for the movie Alex Cross by Kerry Williamson

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Published by: JohnConst on Jan 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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byKerry WilliamsonBased on the novel byJames PattersonRevisions byMarc Moss
DRAFT: 03-05-11QED INTERNATIONAL1800 N Highland Ave5th FloorLos AngelesCA, 90028(323) 785 7900
OPEN ON A MAN RUNNING. WE ARE1INT. PACKARD PLANT, A TWO BLOCK LONG ASSEMBLY FLOOR - DAYAnd TOMMY KANE is sprinting, the lanyard around his neck with the POLICE BADGE swinging. He's in his late 30s,physically imposing, his brown hair mopped with sweat. Rightnow he's in a bad mood --The man he’s chasing is IAN McGUIRE. His shirt is streakedin blood - not his own. A gun’s in his hand. He is blazingfast… Ahead looms a chain link fence. 10 feet high. Topped with coils of concertina wire.KANE CUTS RIGHT.And with this REVEAL, running behind Kane, another man: hispartner and friend, ALEX CROSS.Cross is the physical opposite of McGuire. He’s got theintimidating momentum of a train; and because he is as wellconditioned as he is huge, he qualifies as a Frigidaire-sizedforce of nature.Not missing a step, McGuire jams his pistol in his pants,vaults the chain link fence, then contorts over the concertina with an acrobatic flip. He lands running.Cross approaches the fence with a different M.O., loweringhis shoulder and BLOWING THE HINGES off the gate.2EXT. PACKARD PLANT - CONTINUOUSCross follows McGuire out the main entrance -- and slows,looking and listening for his prey.Meanwhile, we are absorbing what a MIND-BLOWINGLY MASSIVECOMPLEX this is – a 36 acre ruin, 3.5 million square feet ofdead factory space.Cross reacquires McGuire, running, and then if by magicdropping out of sight.CROSS(on bluetoothed cell)He’s gone underground.3INT. ANOTHER PACKARD BUILDING - CONTINUOUSKane is still running. He’s not surprised.KANERight. See you at the chute.
2.4EXT. PACKARD PLANT - CONTINUOUSCross reaches where McGuire disappeared – and we see an openmanhole in the ground.5INT. TUNNEL - CONTINUOUSCross drops down into the small brick-arched passage andresumes the chase.6INT. PACKARD FACTORY - CONTINUOUSAs McGuire emerges from an opening in the floor, races toone end of the block-long space, he finds Kane entering from outside and Cross emerging from the tunnel behind him.He changes course, the reunited cops in pursuit.7INT. PACKARD PLANTThe chase continues through areas that border on the macabre:Some windows have old automobiles dangling half-way out.There are boats stacked all over the place, mountains oftrashed TV sets, old RVs...Cross and Kane run, and by now we are getting the sensethey’re not so much chasing McGuire as channeling him,maneuvering him into a corner.8INT. PACKARD PLANT ELEVATOR SHAFTMcGuire skids to a stop. The shaft is three stories -- itappears he’s dead ended. But with the two cops closing in,he JUMPS, grabs iron pipes that run the length of the shaft,and SPRINGS UPWARDS from one pipe to another.Cross and Kane continue on to THE AUTO RAMP at the building’send.9EXT. ROOF, PACKARD PLANT - DAYMcGuire emerges only to find Cross and Kane blitzing towardshim.The cops DIVE FOR COVER as McGuire whips out his pistol andFIRES 10 ROUNDS at them. Debris flies near their faces.McGuire then leaps off the roof, roll-landing 15 feet belowon THE ROOF OF A CROSSWALK TO ANOTHER BUILDING.Making this leap isn’t Cross’s style. Instead he throwshimself at a rusted ladder that descends to the crosswalk --the force tears the ladder loose from the wall, LEVERING

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