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Hitchfit-Sexy Abs routine

Hitchfit-Sexy Abs routine

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Published by Isti Domokos
Diana Chaloux-Lacerte - Sexy Abs routine
Diana Chaloux-Lacerte - Sexy Abs routine

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Published by: Isti Domokos on Jan 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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RemembeR that visual abdominals aRe a Result of pRopeRnutRition and Reducing body fat
low enough so that you cansee the muscle under the skin. This routine is great for making surethose muscles are strong, but in order to see them you also need to
be eating right and getting in sucient cardiovascular and strength
training. Visual abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym! Be sure
to check out the complete training and nutrition programs availableat hitcht.com which can help you achieve your tness goals.
*Please do this workout as a 2 circuits.
ExErcisE 1: rEgular crunch FEEt on thE Floor 
Lie on your back with legs bent, feet on the oor. Place hands behind the head. Do not pull on the head. Raise your torso up ina controlled motion. Do not rock. Shoulders should come up slightly o the ground. Exhale on the contraction phase. Pausebriey at the top and then lower back to start position. For added diculty hold a dumbbell in your hands behind your head
or on your chest.
ExErcisE 2: Plank (stabilityExErcisE)
Lie face down on the oor and hold your body weight up
on your elbows and toes. Keep your entire core tight as
well as your legs and arms. You can relax your head down.Keep your body in a straight line, do not elevate the hips or
let them drop down lower than the rest of your body. Hold
this position for the recommended time period. A modiedversion of this movement would be to place your arms onan elevated surface such as a bench, or you can drop down
to your knees and keep the body in a straight line from
elbow to knee. Please do not hold your breath.
ExErcisE 3: bicyclE (twisting crunch)
Lie on your back with legs out straight and place hands gently behind the head. Crunch up and as you do so bring opposite
elbow to opposite knee. Keep the non bent leg out straight and extended. Repeat to the other side for one full repetition.
ExErcisE 4: sidE Plank (stabilityExErcisE)
Lie on your side, stack your feet one on top of the other,
elevate your upper body using your arm, make sure that
shoulder and elbow are in alignment. Keep your body in a
straight line, lift up and hold. For a modied version you can
bend the knees and lift up keeping the body in a straightline from shoulder to the knee.

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