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Thoughtless, Relaxed, and Thoughtful

Thoughtless, Relaxed, and Thoughtful

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Published by Guess

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Published by: Guess on Feb 13, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Thoughtless, Relaxed, and Thoughtful
I am a tree. So many things happen where I am rooted. My friend next to me is alwaysasleep, never listening to the things that happen around here. One of the most interesting incidentsoccurred when I had just grown into a strongwillow tree. It happened about 7 years ago, and I couldfeel the sun shining brightly onmy leaves. The wind was softly blowing the grass, tickling my trunk. Iheard loud footsteps thudding against the ground coming towards me.“Come look at this, Elise! The grass is yellow now! A
yellow!”I heard light, dancing footsteps running up the hill. Right when it stopped, Elise said, “Oh, Marie, itisbeautiful! It’s like the grass is illuminating sunshine! Anne, come here! You have to see this!”Soft, timid footsteps slowly madeits way up the hill. There was a long pause before she saidanything.“Lovely,” she finally said.Elise came closest to me and pulled out a small blanket to lie on. I could hear her drop her parasoland then her muscles tighten as she stretched. Farther away, I was certain that Marie spread out amuch larger blanket.“Oh, Elise that dress of yours is such a gay red that I can’t see anything but that,” complained Marieas I heard the clinking of tea sets. “You should have worn something more subtle like me.”“Then what is that
red ribbon around your waist? And that
yellow hat?” Elise shot.Marie ignored her while she loudly set up the picnic. I believe Anne sat upon a rock, but I did notknow so until Marie had commented on it.“There goes Anne again with her parasol. Just sitting on a rock with her hand cupped over her chin.Thinking…just thinking,” mocked Marie. “What use is all that thinking if you’re never going to doanything!”“Just leave her alone. She probably uses her brain twice as much as you do,” replied Elise.There was only the sound of food being placed upon the plates until Anne said quietly, “Two men arecoming up. They look like brothers.”“Anne, I don’t see anyone! What—or who are you talking about?” scolded Marie.“The men in the yellow and purple suit.”And sure enough, I heard two pairs of confident footsteps making their way to the sisters.“It looks like they’re coming for us,” panicked Marie. “What do you think they want?”“Relax,they probably want someone to talk to. We’re the few people who can actually afford to havepicnics these days.”“Good afternoon, ladies,” said a deep voice with a light, French accent. “My name is Pierre and thisis my brother, Vince. Do you mind if we join your picnic?”“Oh, not at all!” gushed Marie after getting a good look at their faces. “We have plenty of food!Come, come!”
“Oh, thank you. My brother and I have are from…the eastern part, and we are not doing so wellfinancially. We came to sell some of our greatest inventions, but we have failed to sell even one,”said Pierre sadly.“What kind of inventions are they?” asked Marie as she poured the tea in a rush.“Oh. That is not important. What is more important is helping you set up thefood.” He lifted up the lidfrom a large pot. Vince had gone up near Elise and had begun talking to her quietly.“Your sister doesn’t look like she talks much.”“Oh, Anne? Yes, she thinks more than she talks. You see my other sister over there? She talks atleast twice as much as Anne.”“Good, I need someone who talks a lot,” sighed Vince soundingrelieved. “Uh, why don’t we go joinyour sister down there?”Both Vince and Elsie stepping down to meet their siblings. Pierre was already questioning Marie.“So Marie, where do you live?”“Well, it’s a beautiful, white mansion that sits on Palace Lane. You can’t miss it, because it sparklesso brightly in the sunlight.”“Oh, yes, yes. And, um, you have maids?”“Yes! We have three of them.”“Are they always there?”“Well, when we’re not around, they’re usually idle, doing nothing until we come.”“You parents do not live there with you?”“Oh, they died as rich factory owners. We inherited the money a few years ago.”“Ah, yes. Tell me about the inside of the house.”“Well, it’s huge and each room is decorated with antique vases and there are so many portraits of famous people all framed in gold.” Marie rambled on and on about the riches in her home. Whenshe was done, all Pierre said was, “Hmm. Ah, yes” which was then met by silence. Marie, wanting toconverse more blurted, “Did you hear the news about the two robbers?” Vince’s heartbeataccelerated while Pierre’s only skipped a beat.“I heard they’re from France,” continued Marie obliviously.“Oh, uh, I believe they’re from
, not France,” interjected Vince.“Well,” said Vince abruptly. “We must get going. Have a wonderful picnic, Mademoiselles.”“Bye! Wonderful talking with you,” smiled Marie.“And you, too, my darling,” said Pierre as he walked off with his brother.As they walked down the hill past me, they quietly conversed in French.“What street did she say?” asked Pierre.“Palace Lane. White mansion that sparkles,” replied Vince.

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