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The Birds Film Review

The Birds Film Review

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Published by petagaye1
The Birds Film Review
The Birds Film Review

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Published by: petagaye1 on Jan 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Birds Film Review
The Birds is essentially an apocalyptic film, an awkward weekend with MelanieDaniels and her new acquaintance seems to spark of a weird phenomenon withthe birds in the area. Melanie is accused in the film for being the cause of this
attack from these animals but this is not a logical answer to what’s really
happening in this film. It appears as if The Birds is working on a deepermetaphorical level, the film starts with Melanie in a bird shop and ends withpeople locking themselves up in their homes choosing to force themselves into acage. The film seems to highlight sexual tension and mother issues. Hitchcock abandons the idea of explaining the story to the viewer like he did in Psycho, heleaving us to ponder about how this world will end and the fate for thesecharacters.Figure 1. The Birds Film Poster. (1963)The movie uses ordinary creatures to induce fear into the audience; Figure 1shows the Poster art for The Birds. The image shows Melanie Daniels beingattacked by birds with a large shadow of a bird across her face. The imaged usedin the poster sums up the story, a confused Melanie being attacked by birds, thereason is unknown in the poster and it stays unknown in the film. There seems tobe no precursor to why these animals have decided to attack humans. And just 
like the poster shows there’s only a sense o
f confusion and fear in the film.The personal problems that each character carries could be manifested intonature
, Miss Daniels has mother issues, Annie is in love with a man that doesn’t 
love her and Lydia has abandonment issues. The film critic Michael Ballard forthe examiner.com examined The Birds after examining the frustrations of the
characters he states that their demons, “consume our characters and shape their
behaviour until, that is, nature steps in and suddenly these problems don’t seem
to be
important anymore.”
(Ballard,2012). What Ballard appears to be saying isthat compared to their issues they seem to be mundane compared to the traumaahead of them. But maybe their issues and their frustrations are manifested intonature their emotional state of mind controls the world around them. AfterMelanie receives a call from Mitch the jealousy that Annie has inside seems tomanifest because a bird flies into their door.Figure 2. The birds waiting.(1963).
The children’s song has a very eerie feel coinciding with the gradual build
-up of the crows waiting for the school children. Figure 2 is an image of the crowswaiting on the climbing frames. The birds wait patiently to attack and the soundof the children running away triggers their outbreak. The visual effects used inthis scene have a comedic effect even though this is not intended. The plastic
look of the birds doesn’t drive
the notion of fear. The absence of music in thisscene although enhances it, the screeching of the birds and the screaming of thechildren takes the centre stage and the silence and suspense of the build-upbefore the birds attack is used well to create the feeling of fear.
The birds appear to put the character’s lives back into per
spective allowing themto understand the true importance of their lives. This can be seen after Melaniehas the last laugh with Mitch and leaves his house on the boat. A critic from TheGuardian Xan Brooks
said “
The moment when Daniels has her hair knocked over
her eyes is the moment when the mask slips and the pressure cooker explodes.”
(Brooks, 2012). Brooks seems to be saying that the bird hitting her in the faceseems to bri
ng her back down to reality letting her know that life isn’t all about 
games. Although her lifestyle depicts her of being very carefree, the loss of hermother in her life makes Melanie the character that she is and moulds her as acharacter therefore it can be said that she has a very tight grip of the losses inreality.

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