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the quantum cookbook

the quantum cookbook

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Published by clone5
the quantum cookbook
the quantum cookbook

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Published by: clone5 on Jan 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Section 1.
The Quantum Cookbook includes all the information to help you get started manifestingyour desires right away. Let's get started by asking ourselves "What exactly is
 well manifesting means to create something or to bring something into existence, but itdoesn't mean to make trees pop up in the middle of the street or have a beautiful man orwoman appear in your front room, however nice that might be. When we talk aboutmanifesting we're talking about bringing something into existence by manipulating theenergy of the universe, we know we can do this because thanks to Quantum physics weunderstand the nature of the universe better than ever before.According to Quantum theory we know that everything in the universe is made up of the same stuff "energy" every object, every person, everything, whether animate orinanimate is made up of energy, our thoughts, our emotions and our actions, these are allthings as well and since they exist in the real world they're made of energy too. All thisenergy exist together in the universe at the same time and every bit of this energy iscapable of interacting with every other bit, this is the theory of entanglement, in otherwords, everything in the universe is connected, everything we do has an effect on theenergy around us, every thought emotion and action has an impact and that's where thefun begins, if we can interact with the energy around us just by thinking about it, thatmeans our thoughts have the power to influence our reality, in other words just by thinkingabout something we can shape our own reality and that's exactly what we all do on adaily basis.You actually create your own reality every single day, you may not think about it likethat but that's what's happening. The problem is you might be creating the same oldreality day after day without making any changes or getting any further ahead and that'swhere perception enters the picture. If your perception is that you can't make your life anybetter or that you don't deserve to have things you want then that's the reality you'recreating but if you think that everything happens in your life because you want it, thenyou'll start to see changes taking place on a regular basis. Your perception plays animportant role in how you see your life unfolding, if change is happening all around youbut you don't ever seem to change then you have to ask yourself why? after all someone ismaking these changes take place, so if it's not you it must be somebody else and if they cando it so can you.Change is not as difficult to achieve as you might think like everything it starts with asingle step, you might get up to half an hour early, walk to work instead of taking the caror take an evening stroll in the opposite direction to the one you usually travel, even such asimple change to bring dramatic results and when you get used to the idea of change youwill feel as inhibited to try even bigger changes and then life gets interesting but back toQuantum theory again, have you ever wondered what a thought is, what happens whenyou think a thought, suppose you're sitting in your favourite chair and start thinking about
baseball, all of a sudden images of ballplayers, diamonds, ballparks, baseballs andhundreds of other scenes flood into your mind, you can't help it ! once you start thethoughts seem to takeover almost with a life of their own or have you ever tried sitting in adark corner of a quiet room and think about nothing, if you have you'll realize that it'simpossible matter how hard you try. You're always thinking about something that'sbecause your brain is always switched on, it never stops working, even while you sleepyou're thinking about something and because your brain is always switched on, it gives youa power that you may not be aware of.Have you ever had a job that you didn't like, one that you wanted to quit so bad thatevery day became more and more of a grind, a job that wasn't the least bit fulfillingrewarding or challenging? Unfortunately most of us have been there but what happens toyou when you're in a situation like this? You spend your days thinking, thinking aboutwhat it would be like get out of this boring situation, to have a job that interests you, towork in a place where you feel appreciated, to come home from work feeling good or toget up in the morning and look forward to going to work and all this thinking makes youtake action. You get so fed up with that boring old job that you start looking out for newones, you ask around in case your friends have hear of any openings, you update yourresume, you apply for any good jobs that come along and who you thank for all this ?Your brain! And all the thinking it's making you do. Your thoughts can make thingshappen, sometimes they force you to make changes by almost driving you to distractionbut imagine what you could achieve if you use these thoughts to purposely make changesto your life, to create your own reality and what if instead of just thinking about makingchanges, you actually made a commitment to yourself to make those changes!. If you wereable to imagine yourself in a new situation and experience it firsthand, how much moreeffective would that be. Let's answer those questions with another question; can youremember the best sex you ever had? Sorry we didn't mean to startle you but the truth ismost of us can remember a time when we had great sex and the reason we can rememberthese experiences so well is all down to one thing emotion.Human beings are unique in that they possess and are capable of showing emotion, not just a few emotions but a complete range of them including happiness, sadness, joy,despair, delight, anger, frustration, euphoria, ecstasy, surprise and a dozen others, so whyare emotions so important, well they put the fire into your thoughts. Emotions bring theworld alive and make it less boring, after all how dull would life be without emotions, tonever smile or laugh or cry or look angry or get nervous or feel excited !, can you imagineanything worse. Emotions are a crucial part of what makes us what we are, an essentialelement in what we think of as our reality and that's why they need to be included in themanifesting method because any new reality you create will also be full of emotions andyou can use emotions to help create the reality you want. Think about when you fall in
love, you feel special, excited like your heart’s going to burst out of your chest. Every time
you see the object of your affections a thrill goes through your whole body, when you'reapart you can't wait to get together, when you're together you don't want the time tocome when you'll have to separate or think about how it feels to win a competition, firstyou're surprised and then you're delighted that you actually won something, then you feel
privileged at getting something valuable without having to pay for it, you also feel luckyand blessed that good fortune seemed to smile on you or think about how it feels whenyou've done some work or received praise, maybe it was just a pat on the back or arecommendation to other businesses. You feel proud as if your work was worth all theeffort, if you can imagine these feelings you'll have no trouble coming up with a strongemotion regarding the things you want to manifest, just put yourself in a situation youwant to be in whether that's winning the jackpot or driving that new car and you'll be ableto attach a suitable and potent emotion to whatever you want. Before we examine thequantum cookbook manifesting method in detail let's remind ourselves about the 10principles of manifesting, the golden rules that everything else is based on.
Principle 1
: Be definite about what you want.
Principle 2
: Trust in the universe.
Principle 3
: Get emotional.
Principle 4
: Calm your mind.
Principle 5
: Belief and perception.
Principle 6
: Focus and let go.
Principle 7
: Let it happen.
Principle 8
: Make your intentions clear.
Principle 9
: Remember the boomerang effect.
Principle 10
: Say "Thank you" and relax.Those are the 10 principles of manifesting. The whole process starts with knowing whatyou want but how do you know what you want? Is there a way to find out the mostimportant things you want in life? Take a few moments and consider what areas of yourlife are most important to you. Most people want to be happy and healthy, to befinancially secure, and to have a close circle of friends as well as healthy relationships withtheir parents and families. Knowing that most people want the same things we can devisea top 10 list to help you make up your mind.
Everybody wants to be happy but what makes you happy, is it money, friends,recognition?
Most people want to stay healthy, that makes sense because hard to be happy whenyou don't feel well.
Next comes financial security and although money isn't everything it helps to makelife less stressful and more enjoyable.

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