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AEI Enterprise Report, Summer 2012

AEI Enterprise Report, Summer 2012

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The American Enterprise Institute is a community of scholars and supporters committed to expanding liberty, increasing individual opportunity, and strengthening free enterprise.
The American Enterprise Institute is a community of scholars and supporters committed to expanding liberty, increasing individual opportunity, and strengthening free enterprise.

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Published by: American Enterprise Institute on Jan 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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During the dog days of summer, almost everything in Washington, DC, movesat a slower pace. But here at the American Enterprise Institute, we’ve beenbusier than ever.AEI has made it a top institutional priority to reach college students in apurposeful way. We have hired a new director of academic programs, KarinAgness, to maximize our impact with this audience. In the coming year, we arebuilding a working presence on dozens of campuses nationwide, developingcurricular materials, and launching new events and programs, as well as a newarea of AEI’s website specifically for students (www.aei.org/for-students).AEI is also becoming a thriving campus in its own right. This July, theAEI Summer Institute brought to Washington a select group of college under-graduates for an intensive course of study.For four weeks, some of the nation’sbest and brightest young minds explored and debated ideas about liberty and
Summer Update
by AEI President Arthur Brooks
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Issue No.2, Summer 2012
Enterprise Report
Restoring Liberty, Opportunity, and Enterprise in America
free enterprise while learning the principles and methods behind public policy analysis. Dailyseminars and structured conversations, led by AEI scholars and fellows, helped studentsdevelop the core skills required for rigorous and principled public policy analysis.During the first week of the AEI Summer Institute, AEI directorof economic policy studies Kevin A. Hassett walked students throughmarket dynamics and the interaction between public policy and theprivate sector. In week two, AEI defense experts Gary J. Schmitt andThomas Donnelly explored the principles of democratic statecraft,American strategic culture, and current issues in national security policy.In the third week, students dug into the nitty-gritty of policy issuesincluding entitlement reform, campaigns and elections, energy policy,modern revolutions such as the Arab Spring, and the impact of worlddemographic change—all under the direction of AEI’s Leon Aron,Andrew Biggs, Henry Olsen, Kenneth P. Green, and NicholasEberstadt. In week four, Reagan and Churchill biographer Steven F.Hayward examined the limits of executive power in a constitutionalregime and profiled American presidents who have demonstratedextraordinary political leadership.
“My academic career opened upbecause of what I learned at AEI.”
—Courtney Albini, University of Pennsylvania
A number of other AEI scholars, including me and some guestlecturers, also had the opportunity to interact with the group. Theyincluded Michael Barone, John R. Bolton, Karlyn Bowman, JonahGoldberg, Christina Hoff Sommers, Charles Murray, Sally Satel,
Weekly Standard 
editor William Kristol, and Republican StudyCommittee executive director Paul Teller.At the end of the month, twenty-five students left AEI prepared tomake a difference—as more effective intellectual and practical support-ers of liberty, individual opportunity, and free enterprise in America and around the world.Like everyone else in Washington, we are focused on the important electoral battles thisfall. But we are also preparing for the crucial work that will need to be done in 2013. Weare ready to hit the ground running early next year because of the generous support of oursmall community of scholars and supporters. Without the philanthropists, foundations, andcorporations that provide 100 percent of our funding, we couldn’t do our important work.Please continue to stand with us as we defend freedom, opportunity, enterprise, andAmerican greatness in the decades to come. We are grateful to have you in our corner.
ApplicantsColleges and universitiesrepresented among applicants
Undergraduates acceptedto the program
Average GPA of 2012Summer Institute class
 AEI Summer Instituteat a Glance
Policy Focus
With both the constitutionality andthe wisdom of the Patient Protectionand Affordable Care Act (PPACA) atthe top of legal and political agendasthroughout the summer, health policywill continue to play a key role in thenational discussion this fall—andbeyond. Indeed, few policy decisionsloom as large for our liberties andsystem of free enterprise. AEI continuesto be at the forefront of the fight formarket-driven solutions for this vitalsector of our economy.In the crucial weeks surroundingthe March Supreme Court hearingson PPACA:Our scholars analyzed the oralarguments in real time, withdozens of blog posts, articles,press interviews, and mediaappearances.Thomas P. Miller, Joseph Antos, James C. Capretta, and Chris-topher J. Conover coauthoredan amicus brief that was refer-enced by Justice Samuel Alitoduring oral arguments and wasdescribed by one commentatoras “the most important of the136 briefs filed.”Scott Gottlieb, MD, testi-fied before the House Waysand Means Committeeon the impact of PPACA’sIndependent PaymentAdvisory Board and beforethe House Committee on the Judiciary’s Subcommittee onIntellectual Property, Competition,and the Internet on health careconsolidation and competitionafter PPACA. Antos testifiedbefore the House Committee onWays and Means’ Subcommit-tee on Health on premium sup-port for Medicare. J.D. Kleinke authored an op-edthat assessed the response of thehealth care industry and of stategovernments during the “watchand wait” period while theSupreme Court deliberated.On the day the Supreme Courtannounced its decision, Miller hosteda conference at AEI with real-time com-mentary. Gottlieb and Capretta took tothe airwaves to provide their analysis.Antos and other scholars wrote pieceson next steps and market implicationsfor AEI’s blog, the
Los Angeles Times
,and other publications.The battle over health care willonly intensify in the months ahead.That’s why AEI’s scholars are showingwhat an alternative to the top-down,command-and-control mandates of PPACA looks like. In doing so, theyare outlining the action the nextCongress can take on its first day insession in January 2013.AEI’s health policy team is nowcrafting a reform agenda for the nextadministration and Congress. Theyare busy preparing comprehensiveproposals to free up the market inMedicare, private insurance, andmedical innovation. Top policymakersare coming to AEI to make the casefor reform, with Sen. Orrin Hatch(R-UT) and Rep. Bill Cassidy, MD (R-LA)delivering keynote speeches on thecourt’s decision and PPACA’s bearingon employment and Medicaid.Much is at stake in today’s healthcare battle—for our liberties, ourprosperity, and our political system. AEIis fully engaged in the fight and willwork to ensure that our values prevail.
To learn more about AEI’s work on health policy, visit www.aei.org/policy/health

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