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January 31st 2013

January 31st 2013

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Published by The Ontarion
The Ontarion January 31st 2013, issue 107.4
The Ontarion January 31st 2013, issue 107.4

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Published by: The Ontarion on Jan 31, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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thursday, january 31st, 13
T Uv f G’ I S N
sugar babies
page 
Sg d liships
Not-so-new trendsparks discussion onsexuality
alicja grzadkowska
L     -
list often comes with recogni-tion, whether it’s good or bad.
The University of Guelph recent-
ly ranked eighth on such a list,
    b    -  .
According to SeekingArange-ment.com, 84 students at the
University of Guelph are “Sugar
Babies,” which places the school
as eighth on the website’s list of 
“Top 20 Fastest Growing SugarBaby Schools” in Canada. The
website itself functions as an on-line dating site that helps “Sugar
Daddies” and “Sugar Mommies”– wealthy, older individuals – to
 “S Bb”  “MBb” –    
often students that rely on their
“sugar parent” to pay for tuition,
textbooks, and other costs asso-
ciated with attending university.
The relationship is based onfinancial grounds, whereinthe older person advertises anallowance for prospective “ba-bies,” which ignites the startof a “sugar” relationship. Ac-cording to the site, “It’s […]natural for younger men [and]women to seek out more expe-
rienced, sophisticated, wealthy
and generous partners, specifi-
cally those who have the means
of providing them with comforts
 x.”
Guelph professor Dr. RuthNeustifter, who works with
 C  F T
program at the university and
  x  b,   .
“This sort of sugar baby, sugar
   b-
ly nothing new so it’s not as
though this website is proposing
something that people haven’tnegotiated and done probably
throughout the history of human
,”  Nf.
Neustifter also advises that
people don’t immediately jump
to conclusions about the re-lationships formed from thewebsite, despite the perhaps
 -v.
“I think that [there’s an] as-sumption that this is doomedto fail or [that it’s] somethingnecessarily negative,” saidNeustifter. “Anytime there’s
 ,  
person is depending on the otherfor some or all of their economic
well-being, there’s the poten-tial for power to be abused. Itdoesn’t mean it’s necessarily
going to happen, it doesn’t mean
    
be a victim in that situation or
predisposed to being an abuser.”
Jennifer Gwynn, the publicrelations manager for the site,responded to similar criticism
concerning opinions that the sitewas aimed at university students.
“T    f    ’ -  ,  ’
Sg bbs gh sg ddds 12    h s, ccdg  J G.
CourteSy ProJeCt SoCial art
A & CS & HLfOECC LC
january 31st, 13
Glbl  Ll:
U o G studentsand aculty oninternational andnational news
Monkeys shrieked in disap-proval when Iran sent a fellowprimate into space on Jan. 28.The launch was a part of Teh-ran’s aerospace developmentprogram, which hopes to send
     
the near future. Monkeys werenot the only mammals shaking
   f  
launch; the United States and itsallies reportedly believe that the
 v b I 
the program could also be usedto launch deadly long-range
missiles armed with nuclear war-
. A  
World Report 
, “Iran wants toput its own satellites into orbitto monitor natural disasters.This would have huge benefitsfor the earthquake-prone na-
.” T    b   b
Iran’s space monkey and the
1950s space race between the U.S.and the U.S.S.R., when American
and Soviet aerospace programs
likewise launched rockets with a
v f   b.
The Ontarion 
: Hve you herd
b his s pi, d dsi is y?
alex Sutton, student
: I hadn’theard about that, but I heardabout all the fallout from it…[I
heard] they were saying that they
       U.S.
h Ot 
: D y hik i’s
 lv pi  cdis 
b disssig?
I feel like it’s a relevant topic,
b      v-
one should be absolutely terrifiedabout it…I think that [with] all of 
these hot-button issues, everytime something happens, ev-
eryone [thinks that] this is going
to lead to everyone’s downfall,
b I f    ,  
have that [thought] in the back of your head, but it’s not necessarilywhat’s happening in reality. Peo-ple can legitimately just be trying
to improve something versus al-
     U.S.
Thanks to the participant for this
week’s interview. If you havesomething to say about inter-
national or national news, and 
would like to be contacted for 
 future issues, or if you want to
see a particular news story cov-
ered here, contact News Editor 
Alicja Grzadkowska at onnews@
th svvy
echnology showcasegives studentsopportunities toconnect with alumniand industry leaders
jordan sloggett
e Science Complex atrium was
absolutely buzzing, partly from themany computer screens that madeup the dierent exhibits, but most-ly from the several hundred alumni,
industry representatives and pro-
v .
e Guelph Technology Showcase
2.0 was advertised as “a career fair
[] b f  
Guelph.” Companies had a chanceto show o their career opportuni-ties, while students could take the
   
and chat to alumni of the Computer
S    -    U f G.
Organized by Greg Klotz andValerie Lalonde, this was the sec-ond annual technology showcase.Lalonde explained that the pur-
pose of the event was “to highlight
Guelph’s tech community, or tech
“We wanted to bring the bigcompanies and contributors to-gether here on campus,” added
K.L   bf   f .
“It’s not just a career fair, it’smore of a career fair plus a cele-
bration of technology. Students or
the general public can get infor-
mation about tech in Guelph – not
    f 
professionals,” said Lalonde, the
marketing coordinator for Guelph
  .
Lalonde continued, “It’s nicefor students that want to stay inGuelph to know about all these
companies exist, and that they’re
interested in, either coop or hiring,
  .”K  b  
of having the career fair on campus.
“It’s a nice opportunity for stu-dents. We’re on their home turf,[and] it’s casual so they can just
drop by for a half-hour in betweenclasses and meet some companies.
 ’ v    Wf   f.”
Zac Fairchild graduated fromthe School of Computer Sciencein 2011 and described his time atGuelph as an undergrad as being,
“great, [and] really well done.” He’s
     G b , 
the structure of nuclei. Fairchild
volunteered at the event to answer
’ q.
Don McKay graduated fromGuelph in 1970 with a B.Sc. in
Physics and Mathematics. He spent
    Ev-
ment Canada, ended up getting his
Masters at University of Toronto,and later returned for his PhD at
G  9. MK   
career as a consultant, general
  f. N ’  f   f W-,      bf  f.
“I think it’s great [and] I think
   f . S
need to be able to understand what
is available and how to go about
 f b. I’   .
When I was looking, the oppor-
   ; ’ , b   v    f     
organization or company you want
  f,  ’  
bring to that company and how you
can help them out,” Don McKay
   .
Jamie McDade, another attend-
,  f  Uv
of Guelph in 2009 with a bache-
lor of commuting, and is currently
the release manager for Innosphere
S.“I  ’  , -
pecially for the Guelph community
in general. e IT community isreally starting to pull up, and soevents like this are crucial,” said
“Studentsneed to be ableto understandwhat is availableand how to goabout lookingor jobs.”
– Don McKay

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