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project management

project management

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Published by Sanju Velly
project management assignment for bachular students
project management assignment for bachular students

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Published by: Sanju Velly on Jan 31, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Task 1
A - 4B - 5C - 4D - 8 E - 6 F - 2H - 8I - 7K - 8L - 13M - 9N - 4P - 12G - 13J - 6Q - 2O - 5
Development of a network diagram occurs from activity sequencing. If aperson does this process by hand then it will be more complex. In present eraof technology, project management have many software and technical toolswhich help management to draw a network diagram easily. But there are lot of problems with these tools and software. Some of the network diagrams arenecessary to made manually. One of the major causes of preparing networkdiagram manually is to know about the flexibility of network diagram. Criticalpath in a network diagram is longest path and it defines the shortest timeperiod in a network diagram. During the planning of a network diagram criticalpath activities float is equal to zero.According to C Kosak (1994) - The formula for Total Float is the differencebetween the Late Start and the Early Start (LS-ES) or the Late Finish and theEarly Finish (LF-EF). To get the necessarily values to calculate the Total Float,each activity would need to go through the forward pass to calculate the earlyvalues and the backward pass to calculate the late values, so that the TotalFloat formula could be applied to each activity. Because this can be quite timeconsuming, the following shortcut can reduce the time it takes to calculateTotal Float:Factors that can reduce the calculating time in a network diagram1.
Label the activities with an Activity ID and Duration2.
Determine the sequencing of the activities to create the networkdiagram3.
List all of the paths4.
Determine the duration of each path5.
Identify the path with the longest duration, this will be the Critical Path6.
Subtract each path duration fromthe path with the longest duration(the critical path), to determine themaximum units of Total Float foractivities on that path (in thesample below this amount is in theTotal Flexibility column)7.
All activities on the critical path would have zero float, mark them with a0 superscript.
To determine the Total Float for the remaining activities, go to thesecond longest path. The activities that were not marked with asupers
cript will have a Total Float equal to the difference of that path’s
duration and the duration of the critical path, which was calculated instep 6. Repeat this step for the next longest path until Total Float hasbeen determined for all activities.
Task 2
 Activities required for a successful project management 
Project management meaning and definitions
Project management is a process or strategic planning in which managementmake a plan to allocate the available resources for a specific task or project.This process may include any kind of allocation for example resourceallocation, set duties, authorities and responsibilities. Project management is asingle process related to big single task. It is done by the organizationalemployees in a specific pe
riod. in other words where company’s other
functions are performed on regular bases, there project is done in certain timeperiod (Lewis, 2002)
Project manager
Project manager is that person or head of the persons in group who define thetargets and objectives of project. All the jobs, duties, authorities,responsibilities, time schedule set by the project manager. It is project
manager’s responsibility to make sure about the correction of all work. In
other words project manager is that person who takes the control over entire

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