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Canto XII (Draft One)

Canto XII (Draft One)

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Published by STremain91
Based on Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy
Based on Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy

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Published by: STremain91 on Jan 31, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Canto XII
(Draft One)
Sam Tremain & Domantas Lukošius
Based on Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy
Fade In:
Ext. The edge of the Bleeding ForestStrange and tangled foliage lines the banks of the pustule red andsteaming soup of the blood river. At the edge of the forest is Danteand his spectral guide Vergil, they look wary. A faint wailing andweeping can be heard and is occasionally punctuated by a high pitchedshriek.DANTE (V.0.)
Here is where the hideous Harpies make their nests, feeding on thebranches of the pitiful trees. "Ere thou enter farther, know that thouart within the second round,"Thus he began to say, "and shalt be, till thou comest out upon thehorrible sand; Therefore look well around, and thou shalt see thingsthat will credence give unto my speech."
Cut To:Ext. Inside the dense forestVergil leads Dante into the dense forest, as they move further in thewailing becomes gradually more evident. All around and up abovesinister shapes seem to move and stalk in the shadows.DANTE (V.O.)
We had put ourselves within a wood that was not marked by any pathwhatever. Not foliage green, but of a dusky colour, not branchessmooth, but gnarled and intertangled, not apple-trees were there, butthorns with poison. I heard on all sides lamentations uttered, and  person none beheld I who might make them.
Dante stops in bewilderment. He and Vergil are in a small clearingsurrounded by the repulsive trees and saplings. A in identifiablemoaning can be herd coming from all directions.
DANTE (V.O.)I think he thought that I perhaps might think so many voices issued from people who concealed themselves from usMaster said, "If thou break off some little spray from any of thesetrees, the thoughts thou hast will wholly be made vain."
Dante tears a small branch off from a large thorn tree and bloodspills out along with a hideous scream.DANTE (V.O.)
So from that splinter issued forth together both words and blood! "Why dost thou rend me? Hast thou no spirit of pity whatsoever? Men once wewere, and now are changed to trees; indeed, thy hand should be more pitiful, even if the souls of serpents we had been."
 The trunk quivers in pain as Dante and Vergil both look on regretfuland sympathetic.DANTE (V.O.)
My Sage made answer, "O thou wounded soul, what only in my verses hehas seen, not upon thee had he stretched forth his hand; whereas thething incredible has caused me to put him to an act which grieved me.But tell him how thou came to be here, so that by way of some amends
thy fame he may refresh up in the world” 
 The ill-fated shade made reply 
, “Thy sweet words
allure me, I cannotsilent be; and you be vexed not. My spirit, in disdainful exultation,thinking by dying to escape disdain, made me unjust against myself. I 
swear to you that I never broke faith unto my lord, who was so worthy 
of honour 
FLASHBACK TO:EXT. above the canopy of the Bleeding Forrest (some time ago)A shade is falling though the sky. He hits the floor with a sickeningcrunch. The mangled body is twisted and contorted as it grows into thehorrendous tree. Unseen Harpies attack the tree branches and bloodtrickles down the stump.DANTE (V.O.):The shade Recounted,
“When the exasperated soul abandons the body 
whence it rent itself away, Minos consigns it to the seventh abyss. Itfalls into the forest, and no part is chosen for it; but where Fortunehurls it, there like a grain of seed it germinates. It springs asapling, and a forest tree; The Harpies, feeding then upon its leaves,Do pain create
BACK TO PRESENT:EXT. The forest floor

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