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Family Fit February

Family Fit February

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Published by Sam Jones
We are ready to help you and your family pick up those resolutions, let's get active together!
We are ready to help you and your family pick up those resolutions, let's get active together!

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Published by: Sam Jones on Jan 31, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday28 29 30 31
1 2 34 5 6
7 8 9 1011 12 13 14 15 16 1718 19 20 21 22 23 2425 26 27 28
1 2 3
Let’s work
together and keep2013 healthy
1.Enter your families names below.2.Agree on what activities you can enjoy and when.3.Post your Progress online.
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Who’s most active
in your family?
Track your fun activities using this chart
Who’s going to be the
Family Fit Champion?
1.Fill in name under 1
column.2.Use coloured stickers, different colours for each family member.3.Write activity completed, eg, swimming, in top orange box and a sticker on box below for each person whocompletes it. Who will have the most at the end of the month?
Who’s most active
in your family?
Here’s some Ideas
Activity Description What you will need to doHopscotch
A simple game that challenges your brainand your fitness!
Mark out a court numbered 1-10 with chalk.
Once drawn, throw a marker onto the court (Adice is good)
Each player tries to retrieve it by hopping and jumping.
Hide and seek
This game allows you to see thesurrounding area in a different way. Wherewill you hide to keep out if site of theseeker?
Mark an area with lots of place to hide
Get a group and have one person as the seeker
The seeker counts to 30 as the others searchfor places to hide.
The first person that is found by a seeker is theseeker for the next game!
Similar to hide and seek, but you will needa bigger area to allow you to run and avoidbeing tagged.
Find an area large enough to run
One person tries to tag the others in the game.
If you are tagged, you are now ‘it’ and will have
to chase to tag another runner.
A great opportunity for your child to buildconfidence by learning a skill and makingfriends. This development is transferable
in to many aspects of your child’s life.
Discuss with your child a sport they wouldenjoy.
Individual clubs: Tennis, Badminton, Swimming,Cycling
Team clubs: Football, Hockey, Netball, Rugby
Often only played in the height of summer,but throwing a Frisbee or a ball can still befun down the park this time of year.
Use a Frisbee, a ball, or both.
Make sure you use a large area away frombreakable objects!

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