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The Step Outline George WOOOO

The Step Outline George WOOOO

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Published by George Hind

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Published by: George Hind on Jan 31, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Character BiographiesMother – like all mothers she is a caring woman who loves her son more than anything in the world. Sheloves it when her son is interested by things because she always has amazing stories to tell him.Son – A little child who is always asking questions about things in the world no matter how silly theysound. He loves it when his mum tells him stories before he sleeps but sometimes feels she lies to himto just make the story sound more fun.Lumen – Lumen A great Magician who is interested in the world around him and the dreamers that floatin the sky he based his life in a broken lighthouse trying to figure out its purpose and his own in thatland. He has always wondered alone in the world as he does his research always running into troublewith Caligo Nox.Caligo Nox – Caligo has always been a jealous and envious person, especially towards Lumen and hismagic. As Caligo can’t use magic he always tries to make up for it by making machines, but instead of doing it for good he does it for bad. He is a sad character that has great pleasure in seeing people sufferand the faces they make during it which is why he tries to disturb the dreamers as much as he can.The Step OutlineScene one – shows the night sky and then looks down onto a town.Scene two – taken to a house where it shows one of the upstairs lights are on.Scene three – you are then taken into the son’s bedroom where he gets changed by his mum and putinto bedScene four – the son looks to the sky (POV) fascinated by the stars and sees a shooting star.Scene five- turns to mum and asks what they are, where she then sits next to him to tell a story, showinghands stroking sons head smoothly.Scene six – Then taken into dreamland, where all dreamers are in the sky floating about.Scene seven – they all start to fall fast into Caligo’s Giant Vacuum device. The camera then followsthrough the vacuum into the Caligo’s lair.Scene eight – Caligo sniggers and laughs loud as he puts nightmares into the dreamers.Scene nine- Taken back outside into the Dreamland, where you then see a lighthouse in the mountainsclose to the waking world’s portal.Scene ten – inside the tower you then meet the Magician Lumen where he sees the dreamers falling outthe sky into Caligo’s Vacuum. He then wants to figure a way out to fix the problem.

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