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Real Food Feb 2013 Newsletter

Real Food Feb 2013 Newsletter

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Published by LeeLocal

Real Food Feb 2013 Newsletter

Real Food Feb 2013 Newsletter

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Published by: LeeLocal on Jan 31, 2013
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1096 Helena Ave. • Helena, MT 59601 • Open: Monday-Saturday 8
- 8
; Sunday 9
- 7
• (406) 443-5150 • www.realfoodstore.com
Fb 2013
Real BulkWillpowerClimate & Food SupplyAsk the Doc: Love Herbsnewsbites
What’s New
Great stuff on sale
real food
market & deli
Feed your dreams
We’d like to thank all our customerswho share their favorite product ideas.It’s just one more way we can buildcommunity around healthy and deliciousfoods.Here are more favorites you mightwant to try:
Brad’s Raw Kale & GT’s Kombucha& deli-fresh scones
~ Hanna Woodwardsaid “they have health benets, tasteamazing” and she just loves them.
Raven’s Brew Coffee Beans
~ CarolBallew loves those beans, although sheadmits to being a caffeine addict.
Bulk food & household
~ Jamey loves buying food and household bulk itemsand just wanted to say thank you!
Deli-fresh Gluten-free Pizza
~ KarenFishman says she’s a big pizza fan and believes “not only is it the tastiest pizzawith a gluten-free crust, but it’s thetastiest pizza in town.”
Customer Picks
The Incredible Bulk
We have more than 700 bulk items tochoose from. There’s an especially largeselection of foods, from staples to snacks,and we have a truly dazzling collection of spices, herbs and teas.But wait, there’s more! And this is of course not a detailed list.• Fresh Organic Salad Mix• Whole Grains and Flours• Beans, Lentils, and Soup Mixes• Nuts, Seeds, and Nut Butters• Granolas, Muesli, and Trail mixes• Dried Fruits and Vegetables• Popcorn, Crackers and Cookies• Dried Milks and Protein Powders• Olives, Dolmas, Oils and Vinegars• Pastas and Rices, Dried Broths• Coffees, Teas, Herbs and Spices• Salts, Sugars, Yeasts, Chocolates• Special Diet Baking Ingredients• MT Honey, Maple Syrup, Soy SauceFrom our founding, we had a missionthat set us apart: to bring healthy foodsto Helena. Not just to sell whatever thepublic would buy but to offer products webelieved in, products that meanthealthier people and a healthierplanet. Back then, we were“hippies” and “health nuts.”Now we’re the mainstream, orso it seems.When you shop at ourstore, you’ll still nd some realdifferences. We’re a Helenaoriginal, not part of a nationalchain, a single store locallyowned and owner-managed.We’ve been part of your community since1975. We’re Montana’s only certiedorganic supermarket. But that’s just forstarters.Last month we highlighted our award-winning deli. This month the spotlight’son our abundance of products, fromcinnamon to shampoo, that you can buy inbulk. Real bulk.You probably already know thebenets of bulk. When you buy from our
Real Bulk
Another Real Difference with Real Food
dispensers, your dollar gets more productand less packaging. You save moneywhile saving the planet. By cutting waste,everyone benets.We sell some of our products as“prepackaged bulk,” which meanswe do the packaging for you. Thatmakes sense with sticky thingslike dried fruits, and it can be aconvenience to you.But some stores sell all their“bulk” as prepackaged. One retailerrecently recommended this becauseit makes you buy twice as much!Well, we think you should beable to smell your spices before you buy them. And we think you should beable to buy exactly the amounts you want,not a month’s supply or a year’s supply just because you’ve got a quirky relativevisiting for the weekend. In a country thatwastes 40 percent of its food, that’s a realsaving.So when you’re thinking of ways tosave money, think bulk. And think aboutthe real differences you’ll nd at Helena’sone and only Real Food Market and Deli.
Good Food Is Great
Missoula’s Good FoodStore has been awarded a2012 Community OutreachAward by the FoodMarketing Institute. TheirFranklin Elementary SchoolNutrition Program has been providinggroceries and lessons to a food-insecurecommunity, earning them their awardin the Food Insecurity category. They’ve been a font of friendship and inspirationto us since our founding, and we’redelighted to see them receive thisrecognition.
The Splendid Table
If you haven’t already discoveredThe Splendid Table, check it out. It’s alavish, fascinating and appetizing radioprogram from American Public Mediathat covers everything, from insects tone wines, that you might want to put inyour mouth (or not, as the case may be!).Health and environmental consciousnessis clearly there, but everything’s on thetable. You can tune in Sunday morningsat 9 am at 89.1 FM or visit their web siteat splendidtable.org.
When youbuy from our dispensers,your dollar  gets more product and less packaging.
“In our house bulk foods also add an artistic aesthetic to our kitchen. We rarely havea guest who fails to compliment the wall full of unique jars that greet visitors to ourkitchen. It takes humdrum storage and turns it into something beautiful.”
How to shop bulk
Find your product, ll your jar and jotdown the bin number on it. If you bringyour own container sure to have it weighedat a till before you ll it. If you have anyquestions or need some help our staff will be glad to assist you.
Ryan Hazen with his wife Jemma and children,Asher & Carys.
Obama Addresses Climate Change
During his second inaugural speechPresident Obama stated his commitmentto deal with climate change by leading thetransition to sustainable energy sources.“Failure to do so,” he said, “would betrayour children and future generations.”(NPR.org, 1/21/13) Indeed, even today’sgenerations are witnessing climate-caused threats to our food supplies. Andas critics have pointed out, in spite of speaking favorably about solar and windpower, Obama has promoted an “all of the above” energy policy that encouragesgreenhouse gas emissions, which areconsistently exceeding scientists’ worst-case scenarios. It will apparently take amajor push from the public to changecourse. (350.org)
Nutrition Bias
Commercial inuences are everywherein the nutrition eld, and professionaldietitians are not immune. A recentreport points the nger at the Academyof Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), theirlargest professional association. Itscorporate sponsors include the biggest junk-food manufacturers, such as Coca-Cola, Mars and PepsiCo. Not surprisingly,their sponsored continuing educationprograms and annual meeting sessionsmay be less science than marketing spin.(NYTimes.com, 1/22/13) (Comment:This is not intended to knock dietitians,many of whom object to AND’s currentpolicies.)
Cheese Is Old
We’re not talking about your refrigerator, but perforated pieces of ceramic thatwere evidently used to strain cheese7,400 years ago in what is now Poland.The holes suggested that the pottery wasused for straining cheese, and chemicaltests conrmed that they had signaturesof milk fat. Cheese-making would havemade milk into an item that could bestored and transported. Curdling andstraining would also have removed thewhey, which contained the lactose thatmany adult humans to this day cannotdigest. Prehistoric Europeans werequickly spreading the gene enablingthem to do so at about the same time.(
Science News
 , 1/26/13)
Food Safety
The Centers for Disease Control recentlyreleased a comprehensive report onfood safety. They estimate that onein six Americans suffers from foodpoisoning each year, resulting in 128,000hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths.Surprisingly, leafy green vegetables wereimplicated in the illnesses a fth of thetime, but poultry was the most likelyto cause death. If you’re worried aboutgetting food poisoning, you’re probablysafer at home, since norovirus, forexample, comes more from handlers thangrowers. And remember, food poisoningis nowhere close to being a leading causeof the 2 million or so annual U.S. deaths,many of which are hastened by a dietlacking fruits and vegetables. (Yahoo!,1/29/13)
Health Takes Guts
One of the most fascinating elds of health research today is in your gut. The bacteria and other microora inhabitingyour intestines have a surprising rangeof effects, from immune system functionto weight control. That shouldn’t besurprising, since they outnumber yourown cells ten to one. The latest news is thatthey may determine whether starvingchildren get the protein-starvation diseasekwashiorkor. Identical twins generallydo not both get kawshiorkor, even when both their genes and living conditions arethe same. (NPR.org, 1/30/13)
Lll-wd d pt f  t f  37 .
W T’  Wll
There’s a way. Or something better!
by Laughing Water, General Manager
T Pd Bt
The Climate Change andOur food Supply
by Ed Tyanich, Produce Manager
It’s easy to take our food supply forgranted. We’re used to abundance andchoice in all the seasons, bananas yearround, berries in winter and fresh crispgreens whenever we want them. Therealities are actually much different. Theavailability, selection and affordability of fresh produce during the winter seasonin northern states such as Montana arenothing short of amazing. It takes a lot of precision to take crops grownin Arizona, California,Florida, Mexico andSouth America,transport themto Montana overwinter roads, andstill get them herefresh and delicious.Most of the timethis process runs smooth, butoccasionally Mother Nature throws amajor glitch in the supply and delivery of fresh foods. The past several weeks haveseen some major shortages and drasticprice increases.Hardest hit have been the row cropvegetables such as broccoli, celery, kaleand arugula. The cause has been mainlythe very cold temperatures in Californiaand Arizona where most of these productsare grown this time of year. When cropsdon’t grow or are frost-damaged it greatlyaffects the supply, which in turn causesthe prices to soar. Just three weeks ago wewere selling broccoli for $1.29/lb, and thisweek it’s at $4.79/lb. The short suppliesand high prices aren’t limited to organics,as conventional produce is suffering fromthe same conditions. It does appear thatwe’ve passed the worst of the crisis andthat supplies should be increasing in thenext few weeks, bringing prices back down.A bright spot in all the gloom has been the availability and excellent priceson several products such as mangoes and blueberries.Our food supply hinges onweather patterns, and inmany instances overthe past severalyears that supplyhas been severelyaffected. From thecurrent vegetableshortage, to the corncrop of this past summerthat was at a 39-year low, the abilityto feed the world is at risk. U.S. farmersexperienced the worst drought in 56 yearsthis past growing season, and the averagetemperature in the United States was thehighest on record, a full degree warmerthan the previous high. In light of all theevidence, I don’t see how we can ignorethe realities of global climate change.One of the best ways to help the battlewith climate change is to eat organicfood. Organic farming sequesters carbondioxide, a major cause of global warming,in the soil. Organic crops also tend to bemore drought-resistant and require lesswater than conventional agriculture.Shop at Real Food, your local sourcefor the best in organic foods.Broken New Year’s resolutionsmake willpower a timely subject, but it’srelevant every day of your life. Along withintelligence, willpower has been found to be the only strong predictor of your health,wealth and happiness later in life.That’s according to a new book,
Willpower: Rediscovering the GreatestHuman Strength
. The research goes back to the 1960s when kids weregiven the choice to eithereat the marshmallow infront of them or wait 15minutes and get two. Itturns out that willpoweris a lot like a muscle. It can bedeveloped by exercising it, but whenexhausted, it fails. It runs on glucose, or blood sugar.Those few facts support some of the best advice you’ll ever hear. Know, asemotional intelligence advocates havesaid, that self-control is fundamentallyimportant. Persistence is a key to success.But to avoid caving in, set realistic goalsand don’t try to accomplish too manythings at once.When it comes to eating, set yourself up for success by surrounding yourself with good choices and removingtemptations. It also turns out that peoplewho are most successful with weight lossweigh themselves the most frequently. Somonitor your results closely.After all this, you may be discouraged to hear thatweight loss is only weaklyrelated to willpower. As wenoted last month, there’s a goodargument that the overeatinghypothesis fails to explainobesity. You can see the sensein that argument if willpowerrequires glucose and glucoserequires eating (although healthy foodchoices can help stabilize blood sugar).But you can also take that as aliberating thought. Neither your willnor your worth is measured in pounds.To accept yourself requires acceptingsomething beyond yourself, and that canopen many doors.It certainly opens many hearts. HappyValentine’s Day!
 Neither your willnor your worthis measured in pounds.
W td bd  pdt wt  fll tft t.
neW in grocery neW in suPPLemenTsmusic & Pizza niTe
by Adelle Klungland, Sample Coordinator
ask The DocTor: Love herBs
by Dr. Liz Cavin, ND
Back by popular demand, our ownBrian Luehr, Real Food cashier andCarroll college music enthusiast, will beperforming songs about love in honor of Valentine’s Day. And, just for this evening,there will be Pizza by the Slice for only$1.99 each. The entertainment is free, but atip jar will be available for the entertainer.
If you have a question for the doctors, emailthem at: doctors@realfoodstore.com or maila letter to the store with “ATTN: Doctors” inthe address.
Free cooking Demo
Thursday, Feb. 28th • 6-6:30 pm
Deli Seating AreaCooking from the heart…for the Heartwith Adelle and Dr. Liz Cavin, ND
Since February’s emphasis is on theheart, Adelle and Dr. Liz will be discussingthe top foods for heart health and why.Adelle will prepare a couple easy, deliciousrecipes that utilize several heart-healthyfoods and talk about the importance of preparation. There will be food samplesalong with informational and recipehandouts available.We hope you’ll join us for this casualand intimate demo in our deli seating area.I’m glad someone asked this question.The topic of sex drive and sexualperformance can be embarrassing forpeople, yet it’s important to rememberthat heartfelt active intimacy is a vital partof maintaining healthy relationships.Low libido and compromised sexualfunction can be related to physical orpsycho-emotional imbalances, with thephysical symptoms often arising froman imbalance in our circulatory systemor hormonal system or both. To put itsimply, wanting sex depends on hormonesand having sex depends on circulation,although the full story is much morecomplicated. Fortunately nature hasprovided us with several medicinal plantsto help address these issues.One of these plants is maca root. Itgrows in the Andean Mountains of Peruand is most often used in a powderedform. It can be taken by men and womenas an aphrodisiac and to help improvesexual function. Interestingly maca isalso considered a “superfood” because itcontains several minerals, is high in proteinand ber and has been used to boostathletic endurance.Muira puama is another medicinalplant with a long history of use byindigenous people of the Amazon. Ithas been used as an energy and nervoussystem tonic, to tackle PMS and menstrualcomplaints and to help address impotenceand sexual insufciency.You may recognize the herb damiana because it is a key ingredient in a Mexicanliquor that is drunk for its aphrodisiaceffect. Studies using this medicinal planthave shown evidence of increased sexualactivity in rats of both sexes.Tribulus, our next herb, can helpaddress infertility because of its inuenceon sex hormone levels. It also may increase blood ow to the reproductive organs.Tribulus has also been used in Europe,India and China to help decrease bloodpressure and lower cholesterol.Finally, there’sepimedium. TheChinese havetraditionally used it asan aphrodisiac. It’s also been used improvecirculation, reduce fatigue and enhancesexual desire.A word of caution: To the extent thatthese herbs work by increasing blood ow,they may be a problem for individualswith high blood pressure. Since they canalso inuence the levels of testosterone andestrogen, you should seek the advice of aqualied expert when considering theiruse, as well as in addressing broader ormore specic issues with the wide range of medicinal plants and supplements that areavailable.
a t b f lw lbd?
Dr. Liz Cavin is a licensed naturopathic physicianpracticing at the Naturopathic Acupuncture
Clinic of Helena, 635 N. Jackson St, 442-2091.
She is available for general questions at the
Real Food Market from 2-6 pm on Thursdays
and alternate Saturdays.
Dry Grocery
Zursun IdahoHeirloom Beans
was established in1985, making it oneof America’s oldestsuppliers of heirloom beans. Their beans aregrown on family farmsin Idaho’s Snake River Canyon Region.These beautiful beans come in resealable20-24 oz. packages with a descriptionalong with a recipe and very specicpreparation instructions. We have their
Baby Borlotti, White Emergo, ChristmasLima
ScarletRunner Beans.Dr. McDougall’s
delicious organic soupsare vegan, gluten-freeand low in fat. Theycome in 18 oz. BPA-free cartons. Availablein
Vegetable, FrenchLentil, Split Pea, Minestrone, ButternutAzteca, Tortilla Style, Black Bean
 Lentil Vegetable.
A. Vogel
is nesea salt infused with 14 fresh herbs andvegetables. It’s gluten-free and containsno MSG. Perfect for seasoning vegetables,meat, poultry, sh and seafood.
Mezzetta California GrapeLeaves
are great for dolmas,to use as a wrap for tuna,egg salad, olive salad andhummus, or to line or garnishserving platters for an elegantMediterranean look.
C2O Pure Coconut Water
is made frominland coconut groves of Thailand. It’s fat-and gluten-free with no added sweeteners.The naturally occurring electrolytes foundin coconut water are great for hydratingand rejuvenating.It isn’t exactly new but we want tore-introduce the
Genuine MexicanChocolate
Its unique yellowhexagonal box contains six individually-wrapped chocolate discs that each makenumerous cups of avorful hot chocolate.
King’s Cupboard
frostingand sauces are back.The
Triple ChocolateFrosting
is pure pleasurefor all dark chocolatelovers. The wide selectionincludes
Milk Chocolate,Espresso Chocolate, BittersweetChocolate, Three Chilies Chocolate,Cream Caramel, Pear Cinnamon Caramel,Organic Cream Caramel and Organic HotFudge.
WayFare’s Dairy-Free Frozen Delights
alsohappen to be vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO as well. These delightfully delicioustreats are made in Bozeman, Montana,with an oatmeal base, and come in 1-pintcartons in V
ermont Maple, Vanilla Creme,Lemon Sunshine, Blueberry Creme
andthe ever-popular
Who wouldhave thought frozen oatmeal could taste soGOOD?Organic frozen fruits from
come in 10-oz. resealable packages.Available in
Blueberries, Dark SweetCherries
and a
Berry Basket Blend
(strawberries, blackberries, blueberries &raspberries).
A Festival of Love Songs andPizza by the Slice
Friday, Feb. 15th • 5:30-7
Deli Seating Area
A timely additionto our supplementsdepartment,
products comewith a money- back guarantee.They’re designed forrecurring cold sores.The
Lipx Outbreak
is a blend of essential oils with strongantiviral properties. It works best whenused at the rst sign of a cold sore. Italso gives immediate relief when applieddirectly to existing cold sores. The
is a gentle blend that helps reducefuture outbreaks with daily use betweenoutbreaks. The
LipX Survival Kit
contains both products. Baraka products useessential oils from small farms and co-ops that comply with organic standardsproducing oils that are free of pesticidesand chemical additives. They’ve beenproducing quality healthcare productssince 1996 and are dedicated to educatingpeople on how to achieve holistic wellness.

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