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Spotlight EP News January 31, 2013 No. 468

Spotlight EP News January 31, 2013 No. 468

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Published by Spotlight EP News

Spotlight EP News weekly edition newspaper serving the El Paso, TX and surrounding areas. Spotlighting entertainment, nightlife, events, news and lifestyles. As always Spotlight EP News is FREE!

Spotlight EP News weekly edition newspaper serving the El Paso, TX and surrounding areas. Spotlighting entertainment, nightlife, events, news and lifestyles. As always Spotlight EP News is FREE!

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Published by: Spotlight EP News on Jan 31, 2013
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JANUARY 31, 2013PAGE 2
weekly column
by the Ball Boy 
1.30.2013 VS UAB Birmingham, Ala2.02.2013 VS Tulane
El Paso, Texas
2.06.2013 VS Rice
EL Paso, Texas
2.09.2013 VS Tulsa
El Paso, Texas
2.13.2013 VS Houston Houston, Texas2.16.2013 VS UCF
El Paso, Texas
 Mckenzie Moores
Thats all anyonecan say about Mckenzie Moores 3- point game winner on Saturdaynight. The Miners were trailingmost of the game against ECU but pulled off a stunning 68-67 win. Theminers were down by 2 with only 4.4seconds left when Mckenzie Moore put up a 3-point shot right as timewas expiring. It was great to see thisyoung miner team celebrate alongwith the coaching staff going nuts aswell. The Miners field goal percent-age is continuing to go up and thatshows maturity and flow. The min-ers now have 3 players averaging indouble figures and Streeter almostthere with 9.0 average points per game.UTEP will finish its road trip thisweek against UAB(8-12) and Tu-lane(14-6 ). UAB is lead by Junior Rod Rucker who is averaging 13.8 points per game and 8.4 rebounds.The 6-6 forward from Atlanta will behard to contain. UTEPS last gameagainst Tulane was a very tough win.Im sure Tulane will be ready to chal-lenge the miners and especially atthe 3-point line.The Miners have developed into agreat team. Knowing if it will begood enough for an NCAA tourna-ment bid is still uncertain. UTEP'scurrent RPI is 69 and the BPI is 62in standings. The Miners 11-7record is fair but realistically canonly lose maybe 1 or 2 conferencegames the rest of the season to still be considered for the NCAA Tourna-ment. Around the conference South-ern Miss(17-4) is 6-0 in conference play. Southern Miss also has a 42rank RPI. C-USA powerhouseMemphis(16-3) is sitting at nicely ata 5-0 conference record and a 52rank RPI. Most likely C-USA willonly have 2 teams representing in the NCAA Tournament.
Big Bend Ranch State Park toHost Third-AnnualChihuahuan Desert Bike Fest
Three-Day Mountain Bike EventAdds More Ride Options at Texas’Largest State Park
LAJITAS—Big Bend Ranch StatePark, located in the remote mountaincountry of far Southwest Texas, is setto host the third-annual ChihuahuanDesert Bike Fest, a challenging three-day mountain bike ride
Feb. 14-16,
atwhat many consider to be the up-and-coming premier mountain biking des-tination in the Southwestern U.S.Bike Fest 2013, which is co-sponsored by Terlingua-based outfitter DesertSports, will again feature three fulldays of guided rides through rugged,exigent desert terrain at the 300,000-acre plus state park, Big Bend Na-tional Park, and on the Lajitas Trailsystem. Numerous guided and un-guided ride opportunities are sched-uled each of the three days, led byveteran riders from Texas Parks andWildlife Dept. and Desert Sports/BigBend Trails Alliance.Continues on page 4
Soon mountain bikers from all over will descend on Big Bend Ranch State Park for the third-annual Chihuahuan Desert Bike Fest, Feb. 14-16. Last year, almost 300 riders participated, with more expected for this year's event. Big Bend Ranch State Park is the largest in Texas, and considered by many to be a premier moun- tain biking destination (TPWD Photo by Bryan Frazier)
JANUARY 31, 2013PAGE 3
Groundhog Day:
 A worldwide tradition
re we going to have six moreweeks of winter? Or are we going to be blessed with the beginning of Spring? Don’tlook to your favorite weather person, look in-stead to Punxsutawney Phil, your favorite ro-dent-like creature who has been emergingfrom his cubbyhole underneath the earth since1886 when the tradition began in Punx-sutawney, Pennsylvania. Punxsutawney Philthen became even more famous than even themost famous weathermen. Including Al Roker of the Today Show. The main difference is thatPhil doesn’t need a ton of maps and other weather devices, he simply emerges from hishole, and, legend has it that if he sees hisshadow six more weeks of frigid weather will prevail. If, however, the day is cloudy andovercast and if Phil doesn’t see his shadow,Spring is just around the corner.But, lest you think that our Phil isthe only groundhog who predicts the weather,you’re sadly mistaken. There is also Dunkirk Dave, Shubenacadle Sam, Wharton Willie,General Beauregard Lee, Peewee the Wood-chuck and Staten Island Chuck. Oh, and let’snot forget Balzac Billy, also known as thePrairie Prognosticator – a young upstart whohails from Alberta, Canada.All Groundhogs look alike, how-ever. They are 20 inches long and can weighanywhere from 12 to 15 pounds. Our friend,Phil, however, weighs a hefty 20 pounds andis longer than your average groundhog at 22inches. Most of them are covered with coarsegrayish hairs, tipped with brown, or some-times red. They have short ears, a short tail,short legs, and are very quick movers. Theyhave exceptionally strong jaws. Groundhogseat mostly greens, fruits and vegetables, butdon’t drink a lot of water, getting their mois-ture from dewy leaves. Groundhogs can whis-tle when they are alarmed, they can alsowhistle in the Spring, when they are courting.Phil is also long-living, being able to survivefor seven more years due to a special liquidwhich he is fed by members of his elite club.There is only one PunxsutawneyPhil, however. He has been used for offeringsupport of political events, to rooting for areasports teams, to having a movie made of himthat starred Bill Murray, and many other events to which he has lent his famous nameand presence. Today’s celebration which hon-ors Phil on Feb. 2 each year attracts tens of thousands of fans from all over the world.They are as excited about viewing Phil’semerging from his underground lair, as theyare in viewing their favorite rock stars. Thefirst observance of Phil is credited with anewspaper called the Punxsutawney Spiritwho first recorded the appearance of the fa-mous rodent. Throughout the years, Phil has been part and parcel of some famous events,including:
*During Prohibition, Phil threatenedto impose 60 more weeks of winter ifhe wasn’t allowed a drink;*In 1958, Phil announced that it wasa “United States Chucknik rather thana Soviet Sputnik that circled theearth for the first time*In1981, Phil wore a yellow ribbon inhonor of the American hostages inIran;*Phil travelled to Washington D.C. in1986 to meet with President RonaldReagan;*Phil appeared on the Oprah Win-frey Show in 1995;*In 2001, Phil’s prediction was shownlive on the JumboTron at TimesSquare in New York City. Pennsylva-nia Governor Ed Rendell attendedthe ceremonies, becoming the firstgovernor to ever do so.
By Joe Olvera ©, 2013
   P   H   O   T   O    F   O   R   I   L   L   U   S   T   R   A   T   I   O   N   P   U   R   P   O   S   E   S   O   N   L   Y
Gov. Perry: We Must Continue Working to Make Abortion a Thing of the Past
AUSTIN - Gov. Rick Perry today gave thekeynote address at the annual Texas Alliancefor Life Rally, highlighting his proposals for the 83rd Legislative Session to strengthenTexas' protections on life."As supporters of life, Texas will continue totake the necessary steps to protect unbornchildren who are capable of feeling pain, inhopes of one day making abortion at anystage a thing of the past," Gov. Perry said."Unfortunately abortion is the second mostcommon surgical procedure in America, soour work to protect life is far from over. To-gether we will continue working tostrengthen Texas' protections on life and pro-tect the health of both women and their un- born children."Gov. Perry continues to be a strong advocatefor protecting innocent life, calling on theLegislature to pass measures to ban abortionsonce a baby can feel pain, and strengthenstandards of care for women seeking abor-tions, including requiring physicians who perform abortions to have admitting privi-leges at a hospital, and requiring abortionclinics to meet the same standards as ambula-tory surgical centers. He has also signed both parental notification and parental consentlaws...Continues on next page

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