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TEPU Constitution

TEPU Constitution

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Published by poojasikka1963

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Published by: poojasikka1963 on Feb 13, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Central Head Quarters
D-4, Atul Grove RoadBehind Eastern CourtNew Delhi 110 001
 Name & Head Quarters
a) The Name of the Union shall be called in Tamil as
Tholai Thodarbu OoliyarMunnetra Sangam
and in English as
“Telecommunication EmployeesProgressive Union”.
b) The Head Quarters / Registered Office of the Union shall be at Sree SivamApartments, old No: 5/4, New No: 36/4, Vellala Street, Kodambakkam, Chennai600 024 and the Administrative Office of the Union shall be at Delhi.
 Aims & Objects
1 To regulate the relations between the members and their employers2 To render help to the members by constitutional methods3 To secure to them fair conditions of life and work4 To endeavor to redress their grievances5 To provide relief to members against sickness, old age, unemploymentand death6 To endeavor to settle disputes between the members and theiremployers7 To promote the civic and political interests of members8 To co-operate and federate with organizations of workers’ having similarobjects9 To render efficient service to the Nation, and to actively participate inbuilding a society which is conscious of Duty, Dignity and Discipline?
 All Employees / Workers in the establishment of BSNL, MTNL, VSNL and anyother Telecom Installations owned by Government of India, GovernmentUndertaking, and, other Private Telecom Installation on Basic Services.
 4 Honorary Members
Persons not actually engaged or employed in the Industry with which the Union isconnected may be admitted as honorary members of the Union for the purposeof serving in the executive of the Union. The number of such honorary membersshall be less than half of the number of members in the Executive Committee ofthe Union.
5 Subscription / Failure to Pay Subscription /Restoration of Membership
a) Every ordinary member shall pay the subscription to the Union fixed bythe Head Quarters from timer to time. Any member who fails to pay thissubscription for three consecutive months shall cease to be a memberand shall forfeit his claims to any benefit from the Union from the date ofhis ceasing to be a member. The Executive Committee may, however,restore the membership of such a person if he pays off his arrears ofsubscription.b) The Subscription so paid by the members will be collected by the HeadQuarters of the Union and apportioned between various levels of theUnion in a ratio fixed by the Central Executive Committee.
6 Benefit to Members
With reference to the financial position of the Union, the Executive Committee shalldecide from time to time the benefits to be given to the members. A member shall beentitled to the benefits of the Union only if he has been a member for at least six monthsand if he has paid his subscriptions to the union up to date.
7 Removal from Membership
Any Office Bearer or Member of the Union found working against the interest of the Unionmay be removed from the Union or otherwise punished on a resolution to that effectpassed at the Executive Committee Meeting of the Union held for the purpose at which atleast 60% of those present vote in favour of the resolution, provided that the Member orOffice Bearer concerned is given adequate prior notice of the action proposed to be takenagainst him.
8 Penalty on Member
If a Member goes on strike without the sanction of the Union, he shall not be entitled toany benefit from the Union from the date on which he has so struck work. This is inaddition to any other penalty which may be imposed on him under the previous rule.
9 Strike / Notice there upon
No member of the union employed in an undertaking shall go on strike without havinggiven to his employer within six weeks before striking not less than 14 days previousnotice in writing of his intention to do so. No notice of strike shall be given by any memberof the Union to his employer unless in a ballot conducted for the purpose, two thirds ofthe total number of members of the union employed in the undertaking has voted infavour of a strike.
A Register of members, account books and other prescribed registers and books shall bekept at the registered office of the Union and properly maintained by the office bearersresponsible. The registers and books shall be open to inspection by any office bearer ormember of the Union at the registered office on all working days during the hours of 1000to 1700 when the registered office is open.
 A Organisation
The Union shall be governed in the following mannera Central Unionb State / Circle Unionc District Uniond Local / Unit Union
B Grant of Recognition
a State / Circle Union shall be recognized by Central Unionb District Union, Local/Unit Union shall be recognized by the State/CircleUnion with the approval of Central Union
C Disputes

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