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Published by msnedd
20 pages from feature screenplay.
20 pages from feature screenplay.

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Published by: msnedd on Jan 31, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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INT. RAGING COLLEGE PARTY - NIGHTWe get a close look at a GIRL and female FRIEND mixed in acrowd of twenty-somethings in a sloppy college house. TheGIRL is cute, but not hot. She plays with her choppy shorthaircut and tries to hide the hole in the armpit of herfavorite blouse.The friend protects a large case of beer the two take drinksfrom. In the distance, the girl spots the broad and handsomeROBBIE FLOWERS, who stands a head taller than everyone else.The girl swiftly turns to her friend. The two project theirconversation over the loud music.GIRLThere’s Robbie.The girl’s friend glances upward in the distance and smirks.FRIENDYeah, he blends in pretty well fora guy who is a decade older thaneveryone here.GIRLI wonder why he’s here.FRIENDIs that a serious question?Girl fixates her attention on Robbie with a dream-like haze.FRIEND (CONT’D)Wait, you’re not actually going togo talk to him, are you? He onlyhangs around heavy drugged outartists.GIRLI can be a stoner with profoundtalent if that’s what he wants meto be. I dont know what it isabout him, but I feel like I’mbeing pulled to him like a flowerleaning towards the sun.FRIENDThat’s a lyric from a song by anformer Spice Girl. That’s notprofound.(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2.GIRLDoesn’t make it any less true. Someforce beyond my control is tellingme that we need to meet tonight.The girl takes a beer from the case and advances through thecrowd. The friend yells at the girl as she walks away.FRIENDI take it back, you guys will beperfect for each other.The girl is wide-eyed as she approaches Robbie. She slylyhands him the unopened beer and winks. He takes it with afaint smile.ROBBIEThanks.The girl waits timidly. Robbie stands dazed, foreheadscrunched. He suddenly seems to register the situation andunsubtly looks the girl up and down. He leans down to herheight and introduces himself.ROBBIE (CONT’D)Robbie Flowers.He kisses her hand sloppily. He is very intoxicated. Thegirl froze, mouth agape. She stands there for severalmoments but he doesn’t react to it the extended pause; shefinally spits out a name.GIRLDecember Gallon.She winces. She glares back at her friend from across theroom who shoots her a confused look in return.ROBBIENice to meet you December. So whatare you studying at this fineinstitution?DECEMBER(speaking quickly)I’m a journalism major. What’s yourmaj- oh, silly me, you’re not astudent. I’ve seen your shows, Ialways thought you were incrediblyhandsome.(CONTINUED)

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