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Published by: outdash on Feb 01, 2013
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Rav Baruch Simon, ShlitaHilchos Melicha, Shechita, and Assorted Topics, June Zman 5768
*Please note: These notes have not been reviewed by R’ Simon. They are the notes I took during theshiurim. Any mistakes should be attributed to me. Beni Krohn.
 #1-6.3.08/29 Iyar 5768 Issur Dam
I. Source of Issur A.
Gm Krisus 4b-
5 psukim that assur dam: Dam Chullin, Kodshim, Kisui, Eivarim, andTamtzis (blood that drains out after animal is already dead).B.
Mishna Krisus 20B-
machlokes whether chayav kareis for dam tamtzis. Chachamim-not chayav. R’ Yehuda is mechayev. We hold like chachamim.- Only chayav for dam shehaneshama is teluya bo (" in Kesubos: Issur of taking bloodon shabbos is netilas neshama b/c dam that taking out is shehaneshama teluya ba b/c person is alive).C.
Gm Krisus 21B-
Dam Eivarim, Heart, etc. only b’lav,
 b/c not dam hanefesh.-
 R’ Sheishes-
human blood isn’t nichlal in any of these issurim. Only time its assur iswhen its pireish (on piece of bread, in a cup). Lichora, problem of maris ayin.2.
' MA 6:4-
All these other kinds of dam (eivarim, tamtzis, etc.) not chayavkareis, but get malkus b/c not dam shehanefesh yotzei bo.II. Dam eivarim shelo piresh/ Is Melicha necessary even for raw meat?A.
Mishna Chullin 14A-
If shecht on shabbos or YK, Kosher Shechita.
Gm – 
this is accto R’ Yehuda, not R’ Shimon, who holds that food that isn’t muchan before shabbos isassur on shabbos altz muktza.1.
' Nisbin-
" can’t eat it, so who cares that it’s mutar!?2 Answers:- He was over the issur shabbos of meabeid and salted it.**- He eats it raw and no need to do melicha if want to eat meat raw b/c only issur dam is when it’s pireish: Gm Chullin 111A- can eat liver just by pouringhot water on it to keep dam inside. And 112A- if cut meat on bread and dam comes out,the bread is assur but meat is kosher.B.
Gm Chullin 113A-
If break the neck of the animal before the animal dies, the blooddoesn’t come gushing out, so gm says you are machbid es habasar, gozel es habrios, andare mavlia dam in the eivarim (b/c since it’s heavier, will sell it for more than its worth b/c a lot of that weight is dam, not meat). Gm wants to know is this only an issur gezel or even an issur to eat? And gm leaves it as a teiku.
* These notes have not been reviewed by R’ Simon. They are the notes I took during the shiurim.
" Thb-
Calls this dam shepeirish mimakom l’makom. And gm is askingif you can eat this meat raw. Mashma, that in normal situation can eat raw meat withoutmelicha, and only when dam has been peirush mimakom limakom do we assur it.However, if would do melicha, for sure it would be mutar.(Others have girsa, that gm wants to know if mutar to eat at all, and gm leaves that as ateiku, in which case this gm
telling us that generally it’s mutar to eat meat raw).2.
" – 
Davka dam shepiresh ligamrei is assur, but if it moves mimakomlimakom, not assur. B/c when are moleiach dam, obviously don’t get all of it out. Ela,we are moleiach basar to extent that after pouring boiling water on it it would stopcoming out (Check this). And even though for sure some dam is traveling on its way outwhen it is stopped. Ela vaday dam is only assur once its totally piresh.3.
" Chullin:
4 cases that have " based on this yesod.
(a) Case #1-
Piece of meat is red b/c the animal had gotten a
mechaim, not called dam evarim shepiresh.*Assuming that perish mimakom limakom is considered piresh.(b) Case #2-
Tzole basar 
, no need for melicha b/c the dam will comeout and fall to the ground. And the dam that is left inside and moves around inside, that’snot called dam eivarim shepiresh.**Apparently holding that piresh mimakom limakom is not called piresh!? What aboutin perek 7?!
- Drisha
: Makes chiluk that if it moved meChaim, called dam shepiresh, but if happens after death, not called dam shepiresh.(c) Case #3
- 8:45
 Basar nisbashel without any melicha
. Need 60 in thetavshil kineged the dam. What about the original piece?
1- Yesh omrim
b/c it was cooked without melicha.
2- "
b/c the dam was batel, and whatever dam moved around inside the basar isn’t a problem b/c its dam eivarim shelo piresh.(d) Case #4-
use kli she’eino menukav
to do melicha what’s din of meat?
1- Nimukei R’ Peretz:
Whole chaticha should be assur b/c dam can’t come out at all b/cthe whole area is backed up, and dam already started moving and couldn’t get out, so thewhole piece is assur.
2- "
: Only the part of the meat sitting in the dam/tzir will become assur b/c has dinkavush, and that which moves around inside doesn’t assur the whole piece b/c it’sdspmml”m.4.
' MA 6:12
– Chiyuv Melicha even by raw meat. Gm never says that don’tneed melicha by basar umtza. However, if chalto b’chometz, now can eat it w/outmelicha.
* These notes have not been reviewed by R’ Simon. They are the notes I took during the shiurim.
As long as the dam has the ability to be piresh, still assur until domelicha. Only once it loses the ability to come out, then mutar even without melicha.D. Halacha Limaaseh
> "67:1-
Only dam that’s assur is if it is yotzei lichutz or mimakom limakom(against " ,"). Can eat raw meat without melicha.>
Moleiach basar in kli she’eino menukav:-
Only part in tzir is assur.-
whole piece is assur, v’hachi nohagim.
> 69:11
- Bishul w/out melicha:
everything is mutar if there is 60 (").
: yesh osrim that piece, but can be meikil l’tzorech orchim or l’kavodshabbos (Nimukei R’ Peretz).III. Dam shebishloA.
Gm Chullin 109A
- not over on dam shebishlo, only issur dirabanan.B. " Denies this halacha in 2 places:1.
Chullin 109A
- Cooked the heart with the dam inside. "- Case where notchayav kareis is when it’s oaf (no kizayis). But if it was beheima, would be chayav. But", how can you be chayav kareish, you cooked it?!2.
Chullin 120A-
Hardened heart ": by cooking it until it gets gelled, getkareis. ': cooked it b’chama.*So what’s pshat in "?C.
Maadanei Asher-
" thought that gm was only a HA. But acc to the maskana, onlytalking about dam that is karush, that’s when eino over alav b/c can’t dip anything into it(see inside). But just being mivushal is not enough.
 #2-6.04.08" / Sivan 5768 Hadacha Kamaysa
I. Source of dinA.
Gm Chullin 113A-
R’ Huna:
Basar can only get rid of its dam w/ melicha andhadacha. Braisa says to do hadacha before
after melicha. But gm says not amachlokes, R’ Huna was talking about a case where the butcher already did the hadachakamaysa, and if he didn’t then you have to do it yourself.
 But " are modim that neehadacha b4 and after.
' MA 6:10-
says do hadacha before and after, and then put it in boiling water.II. Reasons for this din (at least 5 Pshatim)A.
" Chullin 42A
- Always assume that whenever a piece of meat is being poleit, itcannot be boleia at the same time. Quotes two reasons for hadacha kamaysa:
* These notes have not been reviewed by R’ Simon. They are the notes I took during the shiurim.

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