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Research best practice providers assessment

Research best practice providers assessment

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Published by adbwaterforall
Research best practice providers assessment
Research best practice providers assessment

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Published by: adbwaterforall on Feb 01, 2013
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Continuous Improvement & Benchmarking
Research best practice providers - Assessment
Please print these two pages and complete the following blocks. When you have finished, submit these two pages and your Record of satisfactory CIB learning to your Facilitator for their assessment and endorsement.
Your CIB project team has completed the Analysis phase of the service Cash receipting of property tax. This process happens in the main City Hall and at regional City offices. Thecustomers enter the building, queue and then hand over cash and checks to pay their propertytax account. Your team is looking at innovative cash receipting processes that may include directdebit to bank accounts, payment using debit cards and credit cards, installment payments andperiodical direct debit transactions to private accounts.The team is now looking at possible Benchmarking partners that may offer some of theseinnovative facilities for cash receipting. Your task is to brainstorm a selection of potentialBenchmarking partners in your city that you can put forward for evaluation.
Potential Benchmarking partner businesses that may be considered for Benchmarkingthe cash receipting process
e.g. the Federal Government tax office
234567Lets assume that you have come up with a list of fifty potential Benchmarking partners. Some willbe from the public sector, and some from the private sector. Your task is now to sift through thefifty nominations, and to select say five potential partners that you can directly approach for their participation. What criteria would you use, to cull the list of fifty nominations down to the bestfive ?
Criteria I would use to select the five best potential Benchmarking partners
e.g. The partner should be close to our office, and within walking distance
127129989.doc Created: 17-Nov-04 Revised: 14-Mar-05 © 2004 ADB Institute1 of 4
Continuous Improvement & Benchmarking
127129989.doc Created: 17-Nov-04 Revised: 14-Mar-05 © 2004 ADB Institute2 of 4
Continuous Improvement & Benchmarking
Lets assume that your 
Cash receipting
CIB team has selected the following potential Benchmarking partners (listed in the first column below.Your task is to now look at each nomination, and score this potential partner using the criteria set out in the adjacent columns.
Benchmarking Partner Assessment Scoresheet
Benchmarking Partner 
Establishedrelationshipwithgovernment5-1Close bylocation5-1Opennessand noconflict of interest5-1Comparable size5-1Wellknown for its bestpractices5-1Aggregatescore
1. Federal tax office that is located in the next street2. City Hall in the adjacent municipality, that is the same size as our municipalitythat is 50 kilometers away3. Marriott Hotel that is 2 blocks away and we have used their conference facilities4. Adventure airlines, that has an office in our City and our councilors use this airlinewhen they visit our capital city5. Our sister city in a neighboring country, that is 1500 KM away, is similar in size,uses very advanced technology and we have been “sister city partners” for ten years6. The Riskless Insurance Company that has many policy holders that payinsurance premiums using very modern methods. The Insurance company office isin our city and has many smaller agency offices. They have 70% of the houseinsurance market.
Name………………………………………………………………..Date submitted for assessment:………………………………………………
127129989.doc Created: 17-Nov-04 Revised: 14-Mar-05 © 2004 ADB Institute3 of 4

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