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Fruit Paltters

Fruit Paltters

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Published by haltovsky

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Published by: haltovsky on Feb 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Starting with a well-peeled fruit will contribute
to  lss dsg.1. St t lo or trlo o ts sd o
top of the cutting board and slice away each
d.2. Std t lo prgt o o of t tds. Ts crts  stdy s. Plc o do t top of t lo for stlty d s totr to slc y t rd  1-c (2½-c)
vertical strips, holding the knife at a 60 degree
gl fro t frt. Yo r kg  logct do. Rpt ts ot rod tctlop tl ll t rd s rod.3. Slc  lf. For oyd orctlop, scoop ot t sds.For spl cks, ly frt o ord.Slc 1-c (2½-c) slcs, t ct1-c (2½-c) cs cross. Fortrlo, slc sctos trfor crtg cs.
FRuiT DeSign bY eliahu FRiShmanwRiTTen bY Chaia FRiShmanPhoTogRaPhY bY meiR halTovSkY
not yor stdrd
fare of driedfruits and nuts,these stunning
of assortedproduce are afun alternative tocarob and dried
prcot. Ty r
easy to create inyour own kitchenin honor of 
T b’St
w pld, ly pppl t-sd p octtg ord. Ct  lf dords. usg log cf’s kf, ct trog t cor ycrg ot  v sp fro t ctr. wlfll of r, ts cor s oft rd to dgst.
usg  3.5–5-c (9–12.5-c) ld prg kf, yoc prpr  v-ct ccts
fruit, kiwi, or blood orangeor navel orange to decorate
yor plttrs. hr’s t yo
need to do:
1. hold frt rtclly 
front of you, positioning yourparing knife to the left at a 60
dgr gl. mk  dp
cut into the direct center of 
t frt. Ro t kfd tr t qdstt fro
the left toward the right,
kg  v sp. Cotts ot ll rod t
fruit, until you reach the point
r yo strtd fro.2. Crflly sprt ttop d otto of t frt,crtg  or. usg lo llr, scoop ot 
bit of the center of the fruit
d ll t pogrt
arils, blueberries, or chopped
Cook cttrs r  sy y to cct y plttr. us trlo tt s ry r or  slgtly drrp lo to srtt t lttrs or dsgs do’t rk.us  lo slc tt s ½–
of  c tck. Tr t ts d tlttrs ll rk. Tckr lttrs y d p lookg odd, t lys rr o tsd of too tck. Yo c lys s t frt do ftrrd t  prgkf.
notg s lss pptzgt t d of  pppl. if 
you knew the trip that pineappletook to your table, you would onlyeat the parts that were safely
dr t sk. Tr’s otllg t’s dr tosls.
 January 23 2013
 January 23 2013
Yo ll d:
srp cf’s kf
cutting board
cantaloupe or honeydew, peeled (see
go, pttd
1. Plc yor frt t-sd do o tcttg ord.2. mk slcs
of  c tck.bg y plcg t sllst pcs of 
fruit down on the platter, on an angle,overlapping each additional piece in acircular pattern till you have a layered
crcl of frt.3. bld t ros rtclly, ddg otr
layer of fruit, positioning the slices halfway
log t os t t, lk rcksof  ldg. Dpdg o t sz yot, dd o or to or lyrs.4. no crt t ctr of t ros: Tkg
the longest pieces of fruit, fold four piecesinto a teardrop shape and place the point of each teardrop facing the center of the rose,
tl yo   clor-spd ddl. Roll
one long piece in a circle and stick in the
ctr of t clor.5. Fll ot t gps o t dg of t clory ddg otr trdrop-rolld slcs.6. Fll ot t otr ptls of t ros yddg xtr pcs of lo o t otrcrcfrc of t ros.For  xtr cllg, try ts sg  k.
Melon or Mango Rose
This is a beautiful addition to your fruit platter. Set up the other fruit rst, leaving space
in the middle of the platter 
to place the rose. If you have trouble making the delicate center of the rose, leave it empty and ll the petals with
Mango or Kiwi Hedgehogs
Yo ll d:
srp prg kf (3.5–4 c ld s t  s)
go, pttd d ld s o,
2 kiwis, sliced down the
ddl1. wt t frt’s t sd fcg yo, k  slc to t frt, gcrfl ot to ct to t pl. bg ot
of  c fro t
furthest edge of the fruit toward the center, slicing halfway deep into the
frt, strgt do tll lost t otto of t frt.2. Rpt ts ot ½ c (1¼ c) y fro t rst slc (dpdgo t sz of t frt), 6–8 ts.3. Tr frt orzotlly d k crsscross cts t s y, tlt rsls  cckrord.4. wt yor ts t t d d yor dx grs  t ddl
of the skin, gently push your fruit inside out until the crisscross
cos sqrs, stll ttcd to t sk.
Do’t pl t go prprg for  frt plttr. it’ll k
the fruit less slippery to work withand the red skin adds a contrast in
color.1. hold t go, kg  ct t st t t top. Yo ll t tpt, c s pproxtly 1 c(2½ c) tck.2. esttg ot ¼ c (
c)to t rgt, ct trog g. Ts
should enable you to cut a good
scto of t go, ypssg tpt. if yo t t pt, o t kfslgtly to t rgt tl yo’r lto slc ll t y trog.3. Yor pttd frt c o  trdto  ros or dgog.
When preparing a bowl of chunked
frt,r x  trlo.T
juice causes the other fruits to spoil
or qckly.if yo r gftd t plttr tt clds trlo,t t rst.
Plcg  tol drt yor
cutting board will not only catchall the juices,but will also keep
t ord or strdy.

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