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Published by glennpease

By Rev. Louis Albert Banks, D.D

Hosea xiv.

By Rev. Louis Albert Banks, D.D

Hosea xiv.

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Published by: glennpease on Feb 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SPIRITUAL CULTURE.By Rev. Louis Albert Banks, D.D
Hosea xiv.This is the time of year when culture speaks foritself in the green world of the fields and the gar-dens. The plowing, the harrowing, the fertilizing,and all the toil of autumn, winter, and spring, allthe hours and days of anxious planning, all the in-telligence brought to bear by the farmer in thechoosing of machinery, the selection of certain seedfor certain soil, and the grafting of trees— all thisis coming back now in wheat and barley, in peasand potatoes, in apples and pears, and in all theglory of the fragrant blossoms.But there is another kind of gardening, a higherform of culture, going on all the while in the mindsand hearts of every one of us. What kind of cul-ture are we giving to the spiritual possibilities of our souls? That is a question of the very greatestinterest. Paul says, "Ye are God's tilled land."If we submit ourselves to him with loving obedience138Spiritual Culture, 139lie will superintend the culture of our spiritual life,and will bring forth as a result something far morebeautiful and splendid than we had dared hope for.Through the mouth of Hosea the Lord says he willbe " as the dew" upon his people. The dew comesin the dry season when the showers are lacking.God does not forget those who trust him in timesof drought. His dew will keep the green branchesfrom withering and fainting in the midst of thesummer.It is a characteristic of Christian character thatit is a growing, ever-enlarging character. "Heshall grow as the lily." The lily grows rapidlyand blooms in fragrance ; so those who trust Godshall have abundant growth.The Christian is a well-rooted man in his convic-tions and confidence. "He shall cast forth hisroots as Lebanon." Lebanon was the place of thegreat cedar forest. Those tall, splendid trees hadgreat roots to run deep underground and hold thetree secure in time of storm. The roots serve stillanother purpose : they run far down below the sur-

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