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The Island Connection - January 11, 2013

The Island Connection - January 11, 2013

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Volume 6 Issue 19
Volume 6 Issue 19

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Published by: Lucky_Dog_Publishing on Feb 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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R S  OR S  NDRD U S  O S  GI  D C HR S  O N S  C RMI   N O 4 3 7  O S R O N
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ReadingTheir Way into 2013
 Volume 6 Issue 18January 11, 2013
resident Obama is reelected to a second term, Appleintroduces the iPhone 5, and Encyclopedia Britannica discontinues print circulation or the rst time in 244years. Gabby Douglas and the Fab 5 win hearts all over the world at the Summer Olympics in London and Charlestonis ranked Number 4 on
ravel + Leisure 
Magazine’s list o  America’s Most Attractive People.Needless to say, last year was lled with ups and downs,ins and outs, tears and triumphs, reminding us all o thebrevity and beauty o lie.2012 was not without heartbreaking tragedy. SuperstormSandy wreaks havoc on the Northeast, killing over 200people and costing billions o dollars in damage. A gunmanenters a Century 16 movie theater during a premier o 
Te Dark Knight Rises 
, killing twelve and injuring dozensothers. Te quiet town o Newtown, Connecticut is shakento its core when a gunman enters Sandy Hook Elementary School, killing 20 innocent students and six teachers. ear- jerking pictures ash across televisions and newspapersacross the United States, pulling at the very heartstrings o our nation, causing us to reexamine our own lives and cling to the ones we love just a little bit tighter.Our otherwise quiet little state made national headlinesin October when a breach in the South Carolina Departmento Revenue led to millions o Social Security numbers being stolen.Tings weren’t always so dismal in 2012 though. Inisland news, Kiawah elects our new aces to own Council,along with a new Mayor and is voted the “Happiest Seasideown” according to
Coastal Living 
Magazine. Seabrook celebrates her 25
anniversary with a special perormanceby the Charleston Symphony Orchestra. On August 9, thebiggest island event o the year kicks of, as Kiawah’s OceanCourse hosts the 94
PGA Championship. All communitiesin the greater Charleston area joined in to make this hugeevent a true success. And perhaps most exciting o all, the world doesn’t end on December 21.Flip through this special issue o the
Island Connection
as we take a look back at some o the most exciting andmemorable events o 2012. Happy New Year!
Timeline Continues on page 7
Fired Up for the New Year 
Sago’sand Snake Bites
The IslandConnection 
Lynn Pierottipublisher 
Hannah Dockerymanaging editor 
Swan Richardssenior graphic designer 
Lori McGeesales manager 
Jerry Plumbgraphic designer  jerry@luckydognews.comContributorsMarilyn BlizardPatty Bennett-UffeimanJanet SegalLegare FarmsLaura WilsonChad KellyMartha ZinkBob Hooper Mike MorrisBrenda TilsonCharleston CountyPublished byLucky Dog Publishingof South Carolina, LLCP.O. Box 837Sullivan’s Island, SC 29482843-886-NEWS
Future deadlines: January 16for submissionsfor the January 25 issue
Op-Ed articles and letters to the editor do not necessarily refect the opinion o  Lucky Dog News or its writers.
Lucky Dog Publishing, LLC
Publishers of 
 Island Eye News
The Island Connection
Civic Calendar 
21 Beachwalker DriveKiawah Island, SC 29455Phone: 768-9166Fax: 768-4764
2001 Seabrook Island RoadSeabrook Island, SC 29455Phone: 768-9121Fax: 768-9830Email:lmanning@townoseabrookisland.org 
Meetings are held at the Berkeley Electric Co-op located at3351 Maybank Hwy, Johns Island.Chairman Chris Cannon: 343-5113
4045 Bridge View Dr, N. Charleston958-4700t
75 Calhoun St.724-3745
January 9
Seabrook Planning Commission2:30 p.m.Seabrook own Hall
January 15
Kiawah Public Saety Committee3 p.m.Kiawah own Hall
January 22
Seabrook own Council2:30 p.m.Seabrook own Hall
January 29
Kiawah Ways & MeansCommittee2 p.m.Kiawah own Hall
eachers stand up to gunmen, but Congress won’tstand up to the NRA.” Tat’s what has us ask you,Lindsey Graham and im Scott to show us, yourconstituency and all o America who believes new gun laws mustbe passed, what are you doing to address the massacre at Sandy Hook? Ater the shooter Adam Lanza, no one is more to blame orthis massacre o 20 rst graders and six adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary School than the National Rie Association. In orderto stop the senseless killing we must rst stop what the NRA hasput upon this nation.Te National Rie Association is a powerul lobby thatpretends to represent gun owners. But it is known to representthe deadly interests o arms dealers and gun manuacturers. Andit has been astonishingly successul at blocking regulations that would keep our children sae rom gun violence.ell the NRA to stand down, and allow you and your ellow Senators to pass gun control legislation.1. Close the loophole where 40 percent o gun sales at gunshows are made with no background checks.2. Support the banning o semi-automatic assault weapons.3. Support legislation that requires health insurance plans(including the VA, Medicare and Medicaid) to providebetter coverage or mental health care (without a 50%co-pay) similar to standard medical care in a hospital,even including out-patient care.4. Require that gun owners pass a test (including saety training and that all parents be required to lock up allguns rom minors).5. Require that gun owners have a license that can be revokedor legal violations (similar to having a driver’s license).6. Sign onto Senator Feinstein›s bill to re-instate a ban onassault weapons.No one needs military-grade assault weapons to hunt, and noone needs Rambo-style high capacity magazines to protect theiramily rom intruders.Te acts are simple: 83 Americans die every day rom gunviolence in America. Eight o those people are children orteenagers. Eight a day, every day -- thousands a year, tens o thousands in the last decade.Senator Lindsey Graham and Senate Appointee im Scott,consider i this Sandy Hook School assault and others like it were ‘terrorist acts’ wouldn’t we be astounded into action? Tus we urge you to do all that you can to attend to this matter. Techildren o our nation deserve your best eort in their behal.
Dear Editor,
Refections on Sandy Hook 
No one o us could escape the tears as we witnessed the tragedy o Sandy Hook Elementary School unold beore our V glued eyes. Te slaughter o innocentchildren and devoted teachers was beyondbelie and comprehension. Tis horriblecrime would scar the lives o husbands,parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents,and riends. What will happen to theseloved ones? Depression and despair willtake its toll. Grie unable to be shaken will cause unending strie among amily members. Prayer, aith, and love are theonly tools to ease the tension.Many V commentators raised theollowing questions: How could thishappen? Why did this happen? Where was God and we did he not prevent it? A Rabbi, a Priest, and a Minister gavethe best answer. We humans have beenendowed by God with ree will. We canchoose to do good or evil. Unortunately,evil is pervasive in our world, our culture,and our society. Evil is not a dark cloudhovering over us, nor is it a kind o mistrolling in rom the sea. It is an intelligentbeing(s) roaming the earth in searcho awed or weak minds. Once ound,the awed or weak mind is aced withalluring oers: wealth, power, control.Te Scriptures reer to this evil as Satanand his colleagues. Te intent o evil is tocause havoc and discord so that the seedso doubt about God are planted. Look at the evil caused by Hitler and Stalin.Look at the evil killings at Virginia ech, Aurora, Columbine, and Ft. Hood exas. Where is God in all o these tragedies?He begins the process o healing. He works on the hearts and minds o thegrieving instilling hope and renewedaith. He reaches out to people o good will to have them assist in the healing process by compassion, prayer, assistance,and i possible, by their presence. He may not be able to heal all the sorrow but he will do his best to ease the burden. He will touch the hearts and minds o theaficted. I apologize or this intrusion, butto write about Sandy Hook helps to easethe sorrow.
William Duggan 
Seabrook Island 
Letter to the Editor An appeal to Senator Lindsey Grahamand Senate Appointee Tim Scott
Te start o a new year is a wonderul time to takestock and measure progress, and 2012 was a huge year orBegin With Books. Our enrollment more than doubled,increasing rom 513 children in January 2012 to ourcurrent 1,343 children.In November, we openedenrollment in Charleston’sUpper Peninsula (zips29403 and 29409) andhave already enrolled over100 children rom thisnew service community.BWB volunteersparticipated in 76outreach events in 2012,averaging over 6 eventsper month. Each eventspreads our message aboutthe importance o reading to young children and givesmore amilies the opportunity to enroll in the program.I you’d like to help, email us at beginwithbooks@gmail.com.In 2012, BWB delivered 9,505 books to children’shomes, bringing our total to 15,584 books delivered.In November and December our children were reading these beloved classics and new treasures:2007 birthdays:
Wanted: Te Perect Pet AND Look Out,Kindergarten, Here I Come! 
2008 birthdays:
Grandather Bufalo AND Snowy Day 
2009 birthdays:
 Madeline AND Little Monkey Lost 
2010 birthdays:
Rhymes ‘Round the World AND omie dePaola’s Mother Goose 
2011 birthdays:
Sleep, Baby,Sleep AND A-B-C Look at  Me 
2012 birthdays:
Whose Baby Am I? AND Where’s Spot? 
 Welcome book:
Te Little Engine Tat Could 
Tese book deliveries were made possibleby gits rom Holy Spirit CatholicChurch (Sponsoro the Month-November), Christopher Rose Architects, P.A. (Sponsor o the Month-December),and many, many individual gits. Tank you. We are looking orward to 2013! Our enrollmentsaturation is increasing: Average enrollment is over50 percent o the age-eligible population in ourestablished service areas, and we are over or nearour target enrollment o 70 percent in Edisto,McClellanville, and Wadmalaw. We’re just getting started in the Upper Peninsula, and plan to add atleast 500 more children rom zip 29403 this year.Tis update is ull o numbers, but every numberrepresents a very important child or a very importantbook that can make a real dierence in a child’s lie.BEGIN WIH BOOKS runs on volunteer power, ueledby generous donations rom our community and beyond. We make every dollar count, so that BWB is still justabout the best value you can fnd: One book, delivered:$2.75. One child, sponsored to receive 12 books/year:$33.Tank you so much or your support in 2012, and wehope you’ll join us or the ride in 2013. Best wishes or a  wonderul New Year!
Reading Their Way into 2013
 January 11, 2013

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