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Changing Tides Newsletter - Fall 2013

Changing Tides Newsletter - Fall 2013

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Published by jarrett_dooley
Changing Tides newsletter is a tri-annual online publication written and edited for the needs of our high school community.
Changing Tides newsletter is a tri-annual online publication written and edited for the needs of our high school community.

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Published by: jarrett_dooley on Feb 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Principal’s Message
Changing Tides Newsletter
ter, Naviance is a school- wide college and careerreadiness program that helpsconnect academic achieve-ment to post-secondarygoals. A one-stop shop forstudents and families, Navi-ance helps connect what stu-dents do in the classroom totheir life goals. This compre-hensive college and careerplanning solution optimizesstudent success, enhancesschool counselor productiv-ity, and tracks results forschool administrators. Foreven more information, seethe article in the “CounselingCorner”.I am looking forward to ourupcoming Campus Beautifi-cation Day on Saturday, Feb-ruary 2
from 7-3. This is thefinal clean-up day prior toour WASC accreditation visi-tation.The accreditation committee will be visiting us fromMarch 3 - 6. This processbegan one and one half years ago and will culminatein what we hope will be a six-year clear accreditation. Formore information on WASCand the importance of schoolaccreditation, please readour article on page two writ-ten by our WASC coordina-tor Patty Clavijo.To another great semester of academics, athletics, citizen-ship, and music on the coast!Cheers,Ms. SilvestriPrincipal 
Dear Cougar Students, Par-ents, Guardians, and Com-munity Members:
Happy 2013 Cougar familymembers and supporters! Icannot believe that we arealready in the throes of sec-ond semester and that stu-dents are registering forcourses for 2013-2014. Ourfirst semester passed quicklyand senioritis has already setin.The Class of 2013 is goingfar. Students have been ac-cepted early to many col-leges including the follow-ing: Loyola Marymount Uni- versity, MIT, Gonzaga Uni- versity, Southern MethodistUniversity, CSU Stanislaus,CSU San Jose, CSU San Fran-cisco, Cal Poly, Penn State,University of Colorado atBoulder, San Diego StateUniversity, University of Port-land just to mention a few.Keeping in mind that regis-tration has begun, it is a cru-cial time to give to the Aca-demic Fund/Cougar Scholas-tic Excellence Fund (CSEF).Despite state budget cutsover the past four years, wehave still been able to ac-complish the following:
Add 17 Elective and AdvancedPlacement course offerings overthree years
Decrease class sizes
Increase the number of studentseligible to attend the UC/CSU’s by23%
Increase the number of studentsattending 4-year colleges anduniversities by 13%
Everyday we open the doorsof possibility for college andcareer pathways after highschool because of your sup-port!We need your contri-bution to the AcademicFund/CSEFto help advancethe education for your coast-side youth. For additionalinformation, go to the PACsite athttp:// www.hmbhspac.com/scholastic-fund.htmland con-tribute online via credit card.There will be upcoming fire-side chats hosted by ChrisDobbrow and me. Join us tolearn more about the Aca-demic Fund and how it has aprofound impact on all of ourstudents.On January 14
, we hostedour second annual ChallengeDay. Approximately 100students and 30 adults par-ticipated in this powerfulretreat dedicated to promot-ing social justice, empathy,and respect for others on ourcampus and in the world. Tolearn more about this power-ful experience, please checkout the article in the“Counseling Corner” of thenewsletter on page 3.This academic year bringsmuch change and new ideasthanks to the experience andinnovation of counselors,teachers, and departmentchairs. Four new courses were just approved by theCabrillo Board of Educationas well as five novels in theWorld Language Depart-ment. Our Parent AdvisoryCouncil approved the fund-ing of Naviance. As I re-ported in the PAC newslet-
Inside this issue:
Demystifying WASCby Patty Clavijo
Cougar Counseling Corner& The Paw Print
Curriculum & Instruction -Upcoming Test Dates
Interview with the Principal -A Childhood Dream Realized
Dooley’s Roundup, ConstructionUpdate & Athletics
Departmental News - Art,Biology, French & Music
Grad Night Needs You!& PAC
Special points of interest:
Centoni Wins Award
Students Create Online News Site
Award-winning Personal Learning Plansconducted for all grades
We asked Principal Silvestri, “How didyour first semester go?”
All things French by Patty Clavijo andAnne Ryckebusch
See photos of the Curtains’ cast as theyrehearse for spring musical
Op Ed on Sports and Community
Get your Yearbook now!
Publication for our Cougar Community
Winter 2013
Half Moon Bay High School
Changing Tides Newsletter 
HMBHS Spring Musical“Curtains”
Sports - Good for the Soul andCommunity
 Who is the visiting committee?
The visiting committee consists of seven to nine educators from all overthe state of California. They will readthe report prior to visiting the schoolsite, analyze what the school site’sself-study reports, and come to visitthe school site for three and a half days to authenticate the report. The visit is a chance for the team to gettheir questions answered and see if they can verify the evidence stated inthe school’s self-study.
 When is the HMBHS’s WASC visitation?
March 3-6, 2013
 Who is the WASC Coordinator at HMBHS?
Patty Clavijo and you may reach her at:clavijop@cabrillo.k12.ca.us
Credit to: http://www.lbschools.net/Main_Offices/High_Schools/wasc_visitation.cfm
Demystifying WASC
“This accreditation process is extremely important for students who want to go on to 4-year colleges and universities,” Principal Allison Silvestri said. “They do note if we’re WASC accredited or not.”
Page 2
Changing Tides Newsletter 
WASC Visiting Committee Chair Doug Jones speak-ing to faculty on how to prepare for upcomingWASC visitation.HMBHS faculty listened to WASC Chair Doug Jonesand prepared for upcoming visitation
Through the completion of the self-study process, the school will have accom-plished:
* The involvement of all staff and other stakeholders to support student achievement.* The clarification and measurement of what all students should know, understand, and beable to do through expected schoolwide learning results and academic standards.* The gathering and analyzing of data about students and student achievement.* The assessment of the entire school program and its impact on student learning.* The alignment of a long-range action plan to the school’s areas of need; the development of and implementation of an accountability system for monitoring the accomplishment of the plan.
Over the course of two years (beginning Fall 2011), the school has convened a se-ries of meetings with various stakeholders to present information, to gather theirinterpretation of the data, and to identify areas of strength and needs for improve-ment at the school.The two school-based groups that have done the majority of the data and informa-tion gathering, as well as the writing of the actual WASC document include:
Home Group
 —A group in which the participants all represent the same contentarea, Smaller Learning Community, or interest group.
Focus Group
 —A group which ties together representatives from differenthome groups to look at the school’s data and issues. The focus group meetingsoften take place during our teachers’ conference period meetings or at afterschool meetings. If a member cannot attend a meeting, input is submitted viaemail. The focus group topics include:
Standards-Based Student Learning: Assessment & Accountability
School Culture & Support for Student Personal & Academic Growth
Standards-Based Student Learning: Instruction
Standards-Based Student Learning: Curriculum
Vision & Purpose, Governance, Leadership & Staff, & ResourcesThis year is very important as we un-dergo our WASC accreditation fromMarch 3 - 6, 2013. Read all about WASCand why it is important for your student'scollege and career readiness:
 What is WASC?
WASC stands for Western Association of Schools and Colleges. This association isone of six regional accrediting associa-tions within the United States.
 Why is accreditation important?
 Accreditation shows that a school pro- vides its students with quality educa-tional programs. Accreditation estab-lishes a standard across high schools toensure that credits earned in highschool are transferable and thatgraduation diplomas signify eligibilityfor colleges and universities. An accredited school is focused on amission and goals for students; it is stu-dent-oriented and examines its stu-dents' performance continuously; itaccepts objective evaluation from ateam of outside peer professionalstrained by WASC; it maintains a quali-fied faculty within an effectively organ-ized school; it collaboratively assessesthe quality of its educational programson a regular basis; and it plans for thefuture.The self-study process, leading to ac-creditation, requires school stake-holders (administrators, teachers,counselors, classified staff, parents,students, community members, andothers) to examine their data, policies/procedures, and curriculum and in-struction to determine the strengths of the school and the areas in need of im-provement. The self-study then re-quires that the school determine howthe areas of need will be addressed inan action plan.
Cougar Counseling Corner
by Kira Gangsei, Department Chair 
This year’s new Journalism class took onan exciting and challenging task as thefounders of 
The Paw Print 
, HMBHS’s offi-cial student news site. Students spentfirst semester building the website fromthe ground up, choosing everythingfrom the name of the paper to its missionstatement. Each week, students brain-storm topics that concern the studentbody, select their own news to cover, write articles, and collaborate to turntheir classroom into a functioning news-room.Now that second semester is well on its way, students are focusing on utilizingtheir social media expertise to helpbranch out to more readers and gainmore student input for the paper. Thereis a place on the website to write Lettersto the Editor, submit photos and artwork,or ask questions for our resident advicecolumnist, and
The Paw Print 
staff en-courages you to contact them with youropinions. We look forward to producingour first print edition soon, so keep youreyes peeled!
Students Create Online News Site for HMBHS
by Alyssa Neilsen, Journalism Teacher
Page 3
Winter 2013
 Paw Print 
Editor in Chief 
: Domenica Domiray
Copy Editor
: Anya Skinner
 Web Master
: Marci Springer
Krishan Mithal, Stephen Yogi,Kyla Kemp, Chelsea Cardenas, HaileyThrone, Grace Lundberg
Alicia Laos, Stephanie Pe-rez, Liliana Chavarin, Carla Moya-Ramirez, Maria Martinez, Monica Maya-Lopez, Elizabeth Acosta, Emma Andrei-ni, Haley James, Eliana Torres, BrandonInglis, James Cartwright, Summer Haa-taja, Haley Novarina, Amy Simanek,Sandra Sencion, Elizabeth Abarca, Amanda Berke, Angelica Jaramillo
Spotlight: New HMBHS Counselingdepartment programs
The counseling department has been working diligently to expand the caliberof services that we provide for our stu-dents. We are pleased to announce theintroduction of 2 new programs and thecontinuation of another that continue to/ will greatly benefit our school commu-nity.
A comprehensive college,career, and future planning data systemthat will revolutionize the services thatHMBHS counselors provide for our stu-dents. All students will have an account with Naviance and will have the ability toplan for their futures using this excep-tional tool.
Students will learn organizationaland study skills, work on critical think-ing, receive academic help, and partici-pate in enrichment activities that makecollege seem attainable. As studentsprogress in AVID, their self-images im-prove, and they become academicallysuccessful leaders and role models.
Challenge Day-
On Jan 14 HMBHShosted our second annual ChallengeDay. 90+ students participated in this oncampus field trip that addresses bully-ing, school climate, and the emotional &personal needs of students. Thank you toall students, faculty, and communitymembers involved.
 Many thanks to PAC, School Site Council,and CEF for funding, consideration, and ongoing support.
HMBHS Course Selection 2013-14
Please refer to the following scheduleand note due dates – forms must be re-ceived on time with parent/guardiansignature. Please keep in mind thatschedule changes cannot be accommo-dated.
Important Note:
We will not be distrib-uting hard copies of the Student PlanningGuide. A complete version of this guidecan be found on the counseling websitelisted under Forms at:
Course Selection PLPs:
Freshmen – Wednesday, January 23DUE: Monday, January 28Sophomores – Friday, January 25DUE: Wednesday, January 30Juniors –Wednesday, January 30DUE: Monday, February 4Cunha 8
Grade – Tuesday, January 29DUE: Monday, February 4
SENIORS! Financial Aid Season ishere
Counselors met with all seniors on Janu-ary 16
to go over financial aid proc-esses and timelines. Copies of the docu-ments distributed are available in thecounseling center.
Complete the Free Applicationfor Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) onlineat www.fafsa.ed.govFAFSA is due onSaturday, March 2, 2013 but someschools are requesting the informationsooner.
Complete the FAFSA with esti-mated figures rather than turning it inlate.
Cal Grant GPA Verification:
Seniorsshould have submitted Cal Grant GPA Release forms to their counselors. CalGrant GPA information will be sent elec-tronically for those who submitted theform.
Financial Aid Workshops:
Jan 26
, 9-11am HMBHS Library (Both Eng & Spansessions offered)
Upcoming Counseling DepartmentEvents January 26
 – FAFSA financial aid work-shops in English & Spanish – 9am inthe HMBHS library
Freshmen students
and their families will begin meeting with their coun-selors on Mondays beginning Feb 4for freshman family PLP meetings toreview progress, create 4-yearplans, and discuss future opportuni-ties. Look for invitations in the mail.
February 28
- FREE SAT prep crashcourse offered by Pete Fingerhut.3:15-4:15pm, D5.
March 20
 – Senior PLP (Community Col-lege Application Workshop)
May 30
- Local Scholarship Night

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