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Published by Zoran Danilov
Plastic belts
Plastic belts

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Published by: Zoran Danilov on Feb 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ALPHAbelt S2400
:The installation procedure of the conveyor belts ALPHAbelt 2400 is simple and fast.
Step 1:
On the drive shaft and on the idle shaft put theneeded amount of sprockets ALPHAbelt S2400.The teeth of all the sprockets must be in the samestraight line (drawing 1).The middle sprocket of the drive shaft and themiddle sprocket of the idle shaft, must, as well, bein the same straight line (drawing 2).Lock on the shafts the two middle sprockets(drawing 2).
Step 2:
You receive each belt in one or roles.Connect the end of the one role with thebeginning of the other. Never connect the end of the one role with the end of the other or thebegiining of the one with the beginning of theother. Insert the connection rod through the holesof the segments, and cut it 1 cm shorther than the
belt’s width
. By using a thermal device
, «
create ahead
(make the diameter smaller) of the twoedge holes of the segments, in order to preventany possible extraction of the connection rod fromthe segments.
Step 3:
Put the conveyor belt on the conveyor and theteeth of the sprockets in the insertions of the belt.The belt which is under the metallic construction(to the return of the belt), is not obligatory to bestreched (drawing 3).
Step 4:
The belt is ready to function. Attention: The middle should be in the middle (inrelation to the width) of the metallic constructionand should touch any point of it, because this willcause its early damage or even break of the belt.Give motion to the belt and watch, for a whole turnof the belt, first the sprockets on the drive shaftand then on the idle shaft, to be in the proper insertions of the belt.If this is not happen, repeat the steps 1 & 3.When you need to uninstall the belt, just extractone or more plastic connection rods, in order todivide the belt in smaller pieces.
Drawing 1Drawing 2Drawing 3
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