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Published by Nina Cristine Lopez

A story of two girls who's souls switch body's. They must now find a way to switch back, but confront many complications, one of them being there different time frames.

A story of two girls who's souls switch body's. They must now find a way to switch back, but confront many complications, one of them being there different time frames.

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Published by: Nina Cristine Lopez on Feb 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lana Diego
I woke with a terrible burning pain in my chest. I felt like I’d fallen from the sky onto my body.I struggled to stand from what seemed like the most uncomfortable bed ever. The smell thatsurrounded me was a putrid smell. And as hard as I tried to look around me it seemedimpossible. I could not really recognize anything. Still I got up, and my whole body was soreas if something was not right in me, like my inner self was just getting used to my body. Itscared the hell out of me. That’s when I noticed my hands, they were not mine. Thepaleness of them suggested the ugly truth that was soon to hit me, but right then I wasstruck in the back. I fell right on my face, and while struggling to get up a jaggy voice calledfrom behind me:“Where do you think your going, eh?”“What, why, who are you”, except she did not answer at all, she seemed to have the sameraggedy clothes as me and her smell was of old lady mixed with years of incarceration.She tried to attack me again, this time with a piece of wooden chair she broke against myback earlier. But somehow I managed to block it. I did not know where I was or why, butone thing was clear this old SOB was not gonna ruin my chances of figuring it out. I blockedher constant attacks and managed to push her away, in a more civilized situation I wouldhave felt bad for that, but there was no time for that now, I had to get out. I moved in alldirections in my tiny cell and quickly realized there was no way out.“How do I get out of here?” I yelled in the most menacing tone I could. She giggled at myignorance.“You can’t get out fool, you’re locked in.”“Why? Where am I?” she quickly got up and reached for the wooden peace of chair, Igrabbed it before she could, and repeated myself: “WHERE AM I?!”“Why, you are in a castle...now if you behave I might be able to get you out of here.”“What!?, look lady you just tried to kill me, why the hell would you help me know?”“Because, now I know you are not her.” She smiled her toothless smile and said some
weird words, and suddenly everything went pitch black once again.
Fianna Avery
The screeching scream that escaped my mouth was something to remember. When Irealized what happened, that it had worked I was more than excited. The tears flowed freelyand I could not help jumping up out of pure joy and amazement. It seems that I was weaker than we thought. The room where I was awoken was quite extraordinary, nothing I had ever seen. Under me the ground was cold but warmed by rags, not the kind you see at thecastle, the kind that she likes, dead animals killed by her hand and then laid to dry in order to form the most gruesome welcoming rag. But instead it was of a bright color, green, likethe valleys in my home. Or should I say the home I used to know, the one taken from mymother and me. The home that was invaded and destroyed, memories of that night floodedthrough me and reminded me of the aching pain in my body. I knew that what I had donewould not be an easy task put upon my body and the consequences of it were just startingto strike me. I felt like ten barrels of the most expensive wine had fallen on my body, it wasnot only the pain, I also noticed something else. This body was not a dying body, nor was ita dead one. It was alive and healthy, so much so that, memories swarm within me, so vividand intense, of water, touch, warmth. Yes the spell had worked, but this was not what I hadexpected. I had successfully taken over a live body, of a person who most possibly had afulfilling life, a happy one. And I had stolen it, robbed it from her. The feeling of regret andguilt were finally starting to take it’s toll on me. And I felt my knees falter, falling on theground I clutched the edge of the bed and let the tears fall.
Okay, I’m still alive. That’s all I could think about. I had woken up to the old lady staring atme from across the room. She had on a green dress with what we would call an apron, itwas brown, but I am not sure if it was because of all the dirt she had or because it wasnaturally this color. I was strapped to a chair with a cheap excuse for rope, which wasprobably hand made, in the middle of this cottage style home; I swear it looked right out of a fairy tale. The wooden chairs and tables, dark yellow walls, pots hanging from the ceiling,a fireplace and the beds on a top floor. The most noticeable of all things was the amount of books and papers all over the house, in nets, bookshelves, floor, walls and even kitchen; toan extreme of using them as chairs. My thoughts were interrupted by the lady:“What do you know about your situation?” she said while cocking her head to one side.“What do you mean, I don’t know anything, and if this is your idea of helping your verymisguided, now get me out of here.” Normally I was just a little mean but given thesituation...“I can’t do that” She had a raspy voice with an accent, not sure though if it was British or Irish or god knows what.“What the hell, can you at least explain what the hell is going on?” I wanted to use other words, but I just could not think of any.“You are no longer who you where and are not who you are.”“Wait, what? No codes please”“Look at yourself in this mirror”, she brought me a mirror that looked to shiny and new toobelong to her, because judging by my surroundings, this lady must be really poor. She putthe mirror to my face. And that’s when I saw it, when I knew that this feeling was true, I justcould not accept it, it took everything that I had to not kick this lady, start screaming like amad man and possibly go crazy. Well, I did start screaming. The reflection I saw was of another girl, with dark brown hair, pale white skin and deep dark eyes, who was thisperson, and more importantly what kind of sick joke was this. I struggled with the chair,“What the hell is going on here, who are you? What’s happened to me?” A quick sobescaped my lips.“It is rather difficult to explain...”“WELL START EXPLAINING” I yelled.“Well first of all I would like to know if I were to unstrap you, will you run?”“No...I need to know what the hell is going on”“Could you stop saying that blasphemous word?” She said ever so patiently. “I will explain

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