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Erotic Novels 21[1]

Erotic Novels 21[1]

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Published by Tom

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Published by: Tom on Feb 13, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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TEASE ME!!!"Vance, stop that," Jeanne admonished her husband, "the children will hearus!!!" "Stop what," he teased, while continuing to ram his index finger inand out of his wife's fat pussy!!! "That," she said in an exasperated voice,"you know that in another minute I'll be climbing the walls and begging youto fuck me!!!" He laughed an evil chuckle and replied, "That my dear, isjust what I had in mind," while all the time twisting his finger harder andharder in her molten crack!!! "Ohhhhhhh," she sighed, "that feels so good,you know how much I love getting fingered!!!" "It's your own fault," heretorted, "if you wouldn't wear those low cut bras and bikini panties Icould probably control myself!!!"It was a game they played almost every night, Jeanne would purposely undressnext to the bed so her husband Vance would get and eyeful of tits and ass,and invariably, he couldn't resist the temptation, and like Pavlov's dog,she had him conditioned to use his fingers on her very hairy pussy!!! Ifthere was one thing that turned her on, it was having a man stick his handinside of her panties and feel her up!!! Maybe it was from when she was inhigh school and getting felt up was about as far as you went, but forwhatever the reason, having a man's hand inside of her panties and justprobing around was the ultimate turn on for her!!! The big differencebetween high school and now, however, was that when she got hot enough, shecould climb on top of Vance's eight inches and just let it sink into slowlyinch by inch until she was consumed by a blinding orgasm, and even thoughthey were almost forty, they still did "it" about as often as a couple ofteenagers!!!"Are you hard yet," she gasped, as his fingers brushed over the glans of hererect little clitoris!?! "What do you think," he whispered, while throwingback the covers to expose his fully erect penis to his turned on wife!?!"Oh, jesus," she moaned when she saw it, it's always hard, you never let medown, I can't believe how you can do that every night for me, I'm such a badgirl!!!" "Mmmmm, you are a bad girl," he playfully admonished her, "butsometimes it feels good to be bad, right!?!" "You're teasing me, now" shepanted, "I'm gonna get on now, okay!?!" Making a move to climb on top ofhim, with his insistent finger was still up her pussy holding her in placenext to the bed he said innocently, "Come on now, Jeanne, really now, youdon't seem that turned on to me!!!" "Don't fuck around," she begged,"p-please let me have it!!!" "Such language," he said while shaking his headfrom side to side, "maybe I should make you wait until tomorrow night!!!""Y-you can't do that," she stammered as he gave her three or four quickstrokes in succession, "it's my cock, and if I want it you have to give itto me!!!" "Maybe," he teased, but you have to take off your panties, do youthink you can do that for me?!?" Jeanne didn't even answer, she just grabbedher panties with each hand and gave a hard jerk, tearing them away from herpussy and leaving her naked below the waist! "My, my," he replied, "I dobelieve little Jeanne is getting anxious!!!" Now almost beside herself withlust, the hot pussied bitch pulled away from her tormentor and quick as acat hopped up and with one fluid motion, grabbed his cock and guided it intoher steaming cunt!!! "Oooomph," she sighed as all eight inches slid smoothlyinside of her, "oh, how I needed to be filled up!!!""Jeanne," he asked his wife, "do you love my pecker?!? "Oh, yes," shestammered while sliding up and down on his fuck pole, "I love your prickmore than anything in the whole world!!!" Would you do me a favor, please,"
he asked?!? "Anything," she gasped, "anything, just don't take it away fromme, please!!!" "Oh, I don't have any plans to take it away from you, but ifyou would, could you please take off your bra so I can suck on yournipples!?!" "Oh, jesus," she moaned while reaching around to unhook her bra,"I almost forgot, I'm so sorry, here they are, honey, suck them for me,please!!!" Vance looked on as his bouncing wife reached around her back, andwith one practiced hand, deftly unhooked the D-cup monster and let it falleasily from her shoulders!!! Now it was his turn to moan, as the twin globesof perfectly formed female flesh sagged heavily towards his open mouth!!!"Mmmmmm, ohhhhhh, yeah, that's it," she panted, while guiding a turgidnipple to his sucking mouth, "that's it, baby, nurse on mommy's big nipple,oh yessssssss, mommy loves it when her big baby suckles on her chest!!! Andshe did, too, because like a lightning rod directs the current into theground, Jeanne's nipples directed the "current" directly to her throbbingclit!!!Vance alternated his tongue from one nipple to the other, sometimes suckingand other times just licking, but his lips were always in contact with oneof Jeanne's big nipples!!! Jeanne had always been attracted to "tit men",probably because with a chest her size, men who loved busty women justnaturally flocked to her, hoping against all hope of getting a chance to seeand taste what was filling out that bra so fully!!! The first time Vance gothis hands on them, Jeanne was sure that she was going to have to pry hismouth off with pliers he was so enamored with them!!! It was the ultimatecompliment, really, a man so in love with her chest that when ever they weretogether he spent at least half the evening with his head in her lap nursingon her!!! They were made for each other, really, in that both of them hadenormous appetites for long sessions of non stop sex!!! Many a time whenthey were traveling in the car, Jeanne would put her head in Vance's lap andsuck him to completion, while on the other hand, Vance would take his hand,stick it inside of her panties, and finger her for hours on end, the resultalways being the same, his wife having an orgasm that would almost shake thecar!!!It was always fun, however, they always made it like it was a little game,Vance would tease her until she couldn't stand it anymore, and then, ofcourse, he would relent and give her what she wanted, his hard erection inher pussy!!! She on the other hand, knew exactly how much he needed to be ather breast, and so always made a big thing out of displaying her chest toturn him on to the maximum!!! Once she had his cock in her pussy and he hadher nipples in his mouth, it was just a matter of time until their orgasmscollided together inside of Jeanne's very wet vagina!!! Now bouncing up anddown on his shaft like it was a pogo stick, Jeanne was getting the boningshe needed to push her over the edge!!! "Boning," she thought to herself,"that sounds so sexy, I have his big bone in my pussy and he's fucking me todeath with it, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, baby," she moaned, " I'm going over theedge, I'm cummmmmmmmmmmmmming!!!" Hearing and feeling his wife climax, Vancetried desperately to suck her nipples all of the way into his mouth, just ashis pecker stiffened and ejaculated another huge load into his wife'sravenous vagina!!!Jeanne collapsed forward onto Vance's chest with his now deflating peckerstill in her well fucked pussy, and sighed, "God, I just love it when youbone me like that, you are such a stud for me!!!" Caressing his wife's cheekhe replied, "And I always will be, you can count on it!!!" Just then fromthe other room a small voice called out, "Mommy, I heard a noise, I'mscared!!!" Both Jeanne and Vance just looked at each other and laughed!!!

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