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Published by losplanetas

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Published by: losplanetas on Feb 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Project Gutenberg EBook of Roman Farm Management, by Marcus Porcius CatoThis eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and withalmost no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy it, give it away orre-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License includedwith this eBook or online at www.gutenberg.netTitle: Roman Farm ManagementThe Treatises Of Cato And VarroAuthor: Marcus Porcius CatoRelease Date: April 25, 2004 [EBook #12140]Language: EnglishCharacter set encoding: ISO-8859-1*** START OF THIS PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK ROMAN FARM MANAGEMENT ***Produced by Ted Garvin, Josephine Paolucci and the Online DistributedProofreading Team.[Transcriber's note: The extensive and lengthy footnotes have beenrenumbered and placed at the end of the book.]ROMAN FARM MANAGEMENTTHE TREATISES OF CATO AND VARRODONE INTO ENGLISH, WITH NOTES OF MODERN INSTANCESBY A VIRGINIA FARMER1918PREFACEThe present editor made the acquaintance of Cato and Varro standing ata book stall on the Quai Voltaire in Paris, and they carried him awayin imagination, during a pleasant half hour, not to the vineyards andolive yards of Roman Italy, but to the blue hills of a far distantVirginia where the corn was beginning to tassel and the fat cattlewere loafing in the pastures. Subsequently, when it appeared thatthere was then no readily available English version of the Romanagronomists, this translation was made, in the spirit of old PieroVettori, the kindly Florentine scholar, whose portrait was painted byTitian and whose monument may still be seen in the Church of SantoSpirito: in the preface of his edition of Varro he says that heundertook the work, not for the purpose of displaying his learning,
but to aid others in the study of an excellent author. Victorius wasjustified by his scholarship and the present editor has no suchclaim to attention: he, therefore, makes the confession frankly (toanticipate perhaps such criticism as Bentley's "a very pretty poem,Mr. Pope, but don't call it Homer") and offers the little book tothose who love the country, and to read about the country amidst thecrowded life of towns, with the hope that they may find in it somemeasure of the pleasure it has afforded the editor.The texts and commentaries used have been those of Schneider and Keil,the latter more accurate but the former more sympathetic.F.H. BELVOIR,Fauquier County,Virginia.December, 1912.FOREWORD TO SECOND EDITIONThe call for a reprint of this book has afforded the opportunity tocorrect some errors and to make several additions to the notes.In withholding his name from the title page the editor sought not somuch to conceal his identity as to avoid the appearance of a parade inwhat was to him the unwonted field of polite literature. As, however,he is neither ashamed of the book nor essays the _rôle_ ofA violet by a mossy stoneHalf hidden from the eye,he now and here signs his name.FAIRFAX HARRISON.BELVOIR HOUSE,Christmas, 1917.CONTENTSNOTE UPON THE ROMAN AGRONOMISTSNOTE ON THE OBLIGATION OF VIRGIL TO VARRO* * * * *CATO'S _DE AGRICULTURA_ SYNOPSISIntroduction: Of the Dignity of the FarmerOf Buying a FarmOf the Duties of the OwnerOf Laying out the FarmOf Stocking the FarmOf the Duties of the OverseerOf the Duties of the HousekeeperOf the Hands
Of DrainingOf Preparing the Seed BedOf ManureOf Soil ImprovementOf Forage CropsOf PlantingOf PasturesOf Feeding Live StockOf the Care of Live StockOf Cakes and SaladOf Curing HamsVARRO'S _RERUM RUSTICARUM LIBRI TRES_ SYNOPSISBOOK ITHE HUSBANDRY OF AGRICULTURECHAPTERI. Introduction: the literary tradition of country lifeOf the definition of Agriculture:II. a. What it is notIII. b. What it isIV. The purposes of Agriculture are profit and pleasureV. The four-fold division of the study of Agriculture _I° Concerning the farm itself_:VI. How conformation of the land affects AgricultureVII. How character of soil affects AgricultureVIII. (A digression on the maintenance of vineyards)IX. Of the different kinds of soilsX. Of the units of area used in measuring landOf the considerations on building a steading:XI. a. Sizeb. Water supplyXII. c. Location, with regard to healthXIII. d. ArrangementOf the protection of farm boundaries:XIV. a. FencesXV. b. MonumentsXVI. Of the considerations of neighbourhood _2° Concerning the equipment of a farm_:XVII. }& }Of agricultural labourersXVIII.}XIX. }& }Of draught animalsXX. }XXI. Of watch dogsXXII. Of farming implements _3° Concerning the operation of a farm_:XXIII. Of planting field crops

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