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King Harper vs. The Revolting Poor

King Harper vs. The Revolting Poor

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Published by Rolf Auer
From one of my blogs, www.bubblicious42.wordpress.com, about the PM's imperious disdain for the poor
From one of my blogs, www.bubblicious42.wordpress.com, about the PM's imperious disdain for the poor

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Published by: Rolf Auer on Feb 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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King Harper vs. The Revolting Poor By Rolf Auer; March 15-16, 2012For, in a democracy, every citizen, regardless of his interest in politics, “holdsoffice”; every one of us is in a position of responsibility; and, in the final analysis,
the kind of government we get depends upon how we fulfill those responsibilities.”
(italics mine)—John F. Kennedy,
 Profiles In Courage,
“The Meaning of Courage,” p. 209, 1956Dear fellow Canadians: If you give the Harper neo-cons a majority government,you’ll lose much that you cherish, you’ll gain nothing worth having, and you’llnever, never forgive yourselves. — 
The Globe and Mail 
, “Anything but a Harper majority,” Margaret Atwood,October 6, 2008While Harper’s friends and insiders get rich, our society suffers from high rates of homelessness, record levels of student debt, a record number of seniors, aboriginal people, and Canadians with disabilities living in poverty, a deteriorating health caresystem and public infrastructure, and a declining environment. — 
, “Peter Julian: Stephen Harper doesn’t want you to vote,” Peter Julian, April 8, 2011
 At times we must reprove those in authority over us.
(italics, underlining mine)
 —  NIV Life Application Study Bible
, 2005, p.474, footnote 19:4-7reprove—synonyms: rebuke, reproof— 
Gage Canadian Thesaurus
, p.545, 1998All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, & is profitable for doctrine, for reproof,for correction, for instruction in righteousness,—II Timothy 3:16, original KingJames 1611 versionWhich things also we speak, not in the words which mans wisdom teacheth, butwhich the holy Ghost teacheth, comparing spiritual things with spiritual. —I Corinthians 2:13, original King James 1611 versionHe that loveth not, knoweth not God: for God is love.—I John 4:8, original KingJames 1611 versionKing Harper believes the poor are revolting. Or, if they’re not doing that already, they will bedoing it soon. That’s why his idea of housing them consists of building more prisons.Obviously, he does not love them. Here’s some evidence:Harper furthermore undermined all attempts to develop a rational child benefitssystem in favour of returning to an incoherent child tax benefit which helps the
 poorest families the least.— 
The Harper Record 
, downloadable .pdf, 2008, CanadianCentre for Policy Alternatives, p.14
While income supplementation of very low wages can indeed help people leavesocial assistance for paid work and raise the incomes of the working poor, suchschemes, according to the OECD, have the potential to function as a subsidy to low-wage employers unless they are twinned with a decent minimum wage floor. Yet theConservatives have failed to act on the recent recommendation of the FederalLabour Standards Review that the federal minimum wage should be reinstated at$10 per hour.—
The Harper Record 
, downloadable .pdf, 2008, Canadian Centre forPolicy Alternatives, p.65The most significant environmental measure in the March 2007 budget was ameasure that was met with general support from the public and all political parties atthe time, but is likely to be highly damaging for the environment and
very costly forthe poor:
regulations requiring a minimum percentage of ethanol, bio-diesel, orother “renewable fuels” content in gasoline, and direct federal subsidies to producersof these fuels. (italics mine)—
The Harper Record 
, downloadable .pdf, 2008,Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, pp.288-9In September 2006, nurses in Ontario warned the Harper government about itscutbacks to federally funded programs, including research programs on the health of visible minorities; programs aimed at improving adult literacy and workplace skills;and support for voluntary based programs. Such cutbacks, the nurses warned, wouldhave an adverse effect on the health of Canadians,
 particularly the poor and most vulnerable
.(italics mine)—
The Harper Record 
, downloadable .pdf, 2008, CanadianCentre for Policy Alternatives, p.362What is King Harper afraid of? He’s afraid of dissenters, for one thing.
These include writers, artists, and so on, as evidenced by his treatment of these Canadian citizens.
(They also quiteoften happen to be poor, perhaps a comment on the not uncommon consequence of choosingwriting as a paying profession in Canada. It is also commonplace in autocratic countries tothrow dissenters—such as writers—into prisons.)When we look around at the influence and strength of money, of armies, of legalofficials, or indeed at the ease with which writers are silenced through censorship,violence and imprisonment, it seems that the word is a fragile blossom. But one stepback from this immediacy is enough to reveal the power of language.
 Nothing frightens those in authority so much as criticism…
Language – not money or force – provides legitimacy. So long as military, political, religious or financial systemsdo not control language, the public’s imagination can move freely about with itsown ideas.
Uncontrolled words are consistently more dangerous to established authority than armed forces.
(italics, boldface mine)
John Ralston Saul,
Voltaire’s Bastards
, 1992, p.8
 The Harper chill effect is a by-product of an extreme Conservative running ademocratic country in which freedom of expression, as well as belief in a welfarestate that ensures government exists for the greater public good over individualbenefit, are still strongly held social values. The chill effect is a reflection of Harperthe man: authoritarian, controlling in style, distrusting of public institutions, andideological to the bone.
 Prime Minister, Harper has taken a few pages out of the American Republican playbook, where the leader of the country behaves like“father knows best” and does what it takes to bring dissenters in line
(italics,boldface mine)—
The Harper Record 
, downloadable .pdf, 2008, Canadian Centre forPolicy Alternatives, pp.52-3What does King Harper do to suppress dissent?
Any time a politician attempts to subvert freedom of expression, it is a matter thatshould be of concern to every Canadian… Reporters are appalled, but again notsurprised.
The reporters on the Hill are used to the PM’s bully tactics by now.
 (italics mine)— 
, “Media centre under PM's control would take a page from the Republican handbook,” National Press Gallery President RichardBrennan,http://www.harperindex.ca/ViewArticle.cfm?Ref=00106, October 16,2007[I]t is the voices that are at risk — that are being punished for the message they bring.
Voices are being defunded, sidelined, derided, fired, punished.
Not becausethey have wasted money or done their job poorly. Not because they have spread lies.
 But simply because they speak out about things the government does not want tohear 
(italics, boldface mine)
, “Basic freedoms of speech and advocacyare now under siege,” a periodical of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives(CCPA), Alex Neve, March 2011, p. 7Harper’s vision of government, the extreme conservative vision, is one of retribution, order, and civil obedience. It is more authoritarian in nature, lessdemocratic and more divisive: The kind that says you’re either with me or you’reagainst me.
 Harper also isn’t keen on open political debate. His government finds public debate a threat to its goal of majority government.
(italics, boldface mine) — 
The Harper Record 
, downloadable .pdf, “Chill Effect,” CCPA, Trish Hennessy,September 22, 2008, p. 42
Is there a better alternative?O that my ways were directed to keep thy statutes!—Psalmes 119:5, original KingJames 1611 version16: And behold, one came and said unto him, Good master, what good thing shall Ido, that I may have eternal life? 17: And he said unto him, Why callest thou me

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