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Skype conversations August - December

Skype conversations August - December

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Published by Craven Bird
Copied and pasted all conversations from Skype into word document.
Copied and pasted all conversations from Skype into word document.

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Published by: Craven Bird on Feb 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 [8/9/12 8:18:00 PM] Carlos Seplveda: ¡Hola drvalerie1! Me gustaría añadirte aSkype. Carlos Seplveda. Carlos[8/10/12 10:10:55 AM] Valerie: Valerie has shared contact details with Carlos.[8/10/12 2:32:59 PM] Carlos: hi Valerie, are you there?[8/10/12 2:40:04 PM] Carlos: you look so strange to me with the blond hair, evenpretty but strange, are you the same Valerie I met in Aruba?[8/10/12 3:49:41 PM] Valerie: hi![8/10/12 3:49:48 PM] Valerie: of course![8/10/12 3:49:54 PM] Valerie: i just got home[8/10/12 3:50:21 PM] Valerie: it's nice to see u here :)[8/10/12 4:03:05 PM] Valerie: This message has been removed.[8/10/12 4:05:00 PM] Valerie: This message has been removed.[8/10/12 4:07:13 PM] Carlos: this other Valerie looks more familiar to me[8/10/12 4:07:18 PM] Valerie: haha[8/10/12 4:07:38 PM] Carlos: (hug)[8/10/12 4:07:39 PM] Valerie: i was a blonde until 2 years ago[8/10/12 4:07:47 PM] Valerie: thank u :):)[8/10/12 4:08:05 PM] Valerie: (sun)[8/10/12 4:08:20 PM] Carlos: you know, that´s the first time I us skype...[8/10/12 4:08:33 PM] Valerie: exciting, no?[8/10/12 4:08:37 PM] Carlos: I like doing things for the first time with you[8/10/12 4:08:53 PM] Valerie: (call) ?[8/10/12 4:09:33 PM] Valerie: it's nice[8/10/12 4:09:47 PM] Carlos: I´m afraid to connect with you...[8/10/12 4:09:51 PM] Valerie: i understand[8/10/12 4:09:58 PM] Valerie: ur supposed to be working, too[8/10/12 4:10:27 PM] Carlos: I was sleeping for a while...[8/10/12 4:10:42 PM] Carlos: and I am totally nude[8/10/12 4:10:52 PM] Valerie: ok now u have to call me![8/10/12 4:11:08 PM] Valerie: me too![8/10/12 4:11:18 PM] Valerie: ok just kidding[8/10/12 4:11:36 PM] Carlos: ja, ja, ja...[8/10/12 4:11:49 PM] Valerie: not much of a siesta now, it's like i never left![8/10/12 4:12:20 PM] Carlos: I try to call you[8/10/12 4:12:30 PM] Carlos: This message has been removed.[8/10/12 4:15:52 PM] Valerie: This message has been removed.[8/10/12 4:16:02 PM] Carlos: This message has been removed.[8/10/12 4:31:26 PM] Valerie: This message has been removed.[8/10/12 4:31:46 PM] Carlos: It was really pornographic...[8/10/12 4:31:52 PM] Carlos: Now <i ca[8/10/12 4:31:55 PM] Carlos: <n[8/10/12 4:32:15 PM] Carlos: Now I don´t know if I will be able to work...[8/10/12 4:32:22 PM] Valerie: you will have a lot more fun at work[8/10/12 4:32:32 PM] Valerie: you will smile a lot ;)
[8/10/12 4:32:33 PM] Carlos: sure...bye[8/10/12 4:32:41 PM] Valerie: (wave)[8/10/12 4:32:50 PM] Carlos: \o/[8/10/12 5:37:58 PM] Carlos: still there?[8/10/12 5:38:43 PM] Carlos: toc toc toc[8/10/12 5:40:24 PM] Valerie: This message has been removed.[8/10/12 5:45:05 PM] Valerie: This message has been removed.[8/10/12 5:45:25 PM] Valerie: This message has been removed.[8/10/12 5:48:01 PM] Valerie: This message has been removed.[8/10/12 9:56:11 PM] Carlos: hi miss ferragamo[8/10/12 9:56:34 PM] Carlos: i invite you to have dinner with me ok'[8/10/12 9:56:34 PM] Valerie: haha[8/10/12 9:56:37 PM] Valerie: sure[8/10/12 9:56:57 PM] Carlos: This message has been removed.[8/10/12 10:00:30 PM] Valerie: spaetzle[8/10/12 10:04:02 PM] Valerie: This message has been removed.[8/10/12 10:55:49 PM] Carlos: (angel)[8/10/12 10:56:07 PM] Valerie: (devil)[8/10/12 10:56:28 PM] Carlos: Uh i am scare[8/10/12 10:56:35 PM] Valerie: ur scared? haha[8/10/12 10:56:42 PM] Valerie: or you're scary... ;)[8/10/12 10:57:10 PM] Carlos: stop LAUGHING about my english¡[8/10/12 10:57:15 PM] Valerie: ahahahahah[8/10/12 10:57:21 PM] Carlos: I try to do my best, you devil[8/10/12 10:57:26 PM] Valerie: hahahaahahah[8/10/12 10:57:39 PM] Carlos: ok bye[8/10/12 10:57:42 PM] Valerie: your ! is upside down![8/10/12 10:58:04 PM] Valerie: why do spaniards turn their punctuation upsidedown at the end of a sentence?[8/10/12 10:58:24 PM] Carlos: what it means[8/10/12 10:58:36 PM] Valerie: ¡ instead of ![8/10/12 10:58:55 PM] Carlos: because we use both[8/10/12 10:59:01 PM] Valerie: it's too confusing![8/10/12 10:59:07 PM] Carlos: example ¡guau![8/10/12 10:59:13 PM] Valerie: hahahahaa[8/10/12 10:59:23 PM] Valerie: so... you don't want to see me?[8/10/12 10:59:33 PM] Carlos: I am not sure...[8/10/12 10:59:48 PM] Carlos: I never had video sex[8/10/12 10:59:54 PM] Valerie: who said anything about sex?[8/10/12 10:59:58 PM] Carlos: me[8/10/12 11:00:01 PM] Valerie: hahaha[8/10/12 11:00:27 PM] Carlos: we use to laugh like this...ja, ja,ja[8/10/12 11:00:28 PM] Valerie: you are a very decent man[8/10/12 11:00:35 PM] Valerie: ja, ja, ja[8/10/12 11:00:42 PM] Valerie: lol = laugh out loud[8/10/12 11:00:43 PM] Valerie: lol
[8/10/12 11:00:57 PM] Valerie: jajajajaja[8/10/12 11:01:12 PM] Carlos: you are my private teacher[8/10/12 11:01:19 PM] Valerie: you are an excellent pupil[8/10/12 11:01:24 PM] Carlos: I learn a lot with you[8/10/12 11:01:29 PM] Valerie: yes i see[8/10/12 11:01:52 PM] Carlos: ok, you don´t have any suggestion for me today?[8/10/12 11:01:58 PM] Valerie: yes of course[8/10/12 11:02:57 PM] Carlos: what about my clothes, the way I walk or the colorof my eyes[8/10/12 11:03:05 PM] Valerie: oh baby[8/10/12 11:03:07 PM] Valerie: i'm sorry[8/10/12 11:03:07 PM] Carlos: may I change something?[8/10/12 11:03:27 PM] Valerie: you don't need to change anything at all[8/10/12 11:03:32 PM] Valerie: i'm sorry i brought it up[8/10/12 11:03:35 PM] Valerie: it was stupid and unkind[8/10/12 11:03:38 PM] Valerie: please forgive me[8/10/12 11:03:44 PM] Carlos: i´m kidding[8/10/12 11:03:51 PM] Valerie: there is always truth in jest [8/10/12 11:04:13 PM] Carlos: i can´t be upset with you after all you was able toforgive me[8/10/12 11:04:23 PM] Valerie: it's not the same thing![8/10/12 11:04:43 PM] Carlos: what are you wearing?[8/10/12 11:04:46 PM] Valerie: nothing.[8/10/12 11:05:12 PM] Carlos: It sound spicy, but I am not sure to connect thevideo...[8/10/12 11:05:24 PM] Valerie: spicy... ha[8/10/12 11:05:39 PM] Carlos: ok lets try[8/10/12 11:06:01 PM] Carlos: This message has been removed.[8/10/12 11:09:24 PM] Valerie: This message has been removed.[8/10/12 11:10:54 PM] Carlos: This message has been removed.[8/10/12 11:33:42 PM] Valerie: This message has been removed.[8/10/12 11:34:34 PM] Carlos: Hi again[8/10/12 11:38:06 PM] Carlos: It was like a coitus interruptus...[8/10/12 11:38:11 PM] Valerie: oh my god[8/10/12 11:38:15 PM] Valerie: you're awful![8/10/12 11:38:18 PM] Valerie: hahahaha[8/10/12 11:38:24 PM] Valerie: why do you know that?[8/10/12 11:38:47 PM] Carlos: Tomorrow i will complain to the hotel GM about thisinternet conexion[8/10/12 11:38:56 PM] Valerie: i think you should[8/10/12 11:39:10 PM] Valerie: maybe all those birds are eating all the wiresinstead of the mosquitoes[8/10/12 11:39:29 PM] Carlos: You should know him...[8/10/12 11:39:45 PM] Valerie: i know him a little bit, i can put in a good word foryou...[8/10/12 11:39:54 PM] Valerie: so..... two women propositioned you today?

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