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Prices in Middle Earth

Prices in Middle Earth

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Published by donmarcos36
How much does things costs in Middle Earth?
How much does things costs in Middle Earth?

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Published by: donmarcos36 on Feb 02, 2013
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 Middle-earth in Prices
Mostly just silver and copper coins are used: 1 sp = 100 cp
Smallest change are tin coins: 1 cp = 10 tp
Gold coins are quite rare: 1 gp = 10 sp
Mithril coins are extremely rare:
1 mp = 10 - 100 gp
Value varies, official price is 10 gp.
I don't bother to use the other Rolemaster coins (10 bp (bronze) = 1 sp,10 ip (iron) = 1 tp)
, if given, is the average work-hours to manufacture the item.
Lodging for one person for one night (costs vary a lot locally):Suite (they might simply refuse to rent it to you) 4 spPrivate Room 2 spTwo Persons' Room, per person 50 cpCommon Room (no beds, no locked door nor closets) 7 cpCommon Floor (just a roof; heating costs extra) 2 cpCoal/wood for one night 2 cpStable (for one horse, sometimes one person, includes feed) 8 cp+ Oats 2 cpFoor for one person (includes a pint of beer/ale, * = must pre-order):*Slaughter (one whole animal, plenty for many) 5-20 sp*Feast (several dishes, fine cutlery and service) 2-8 spBig Meal (meat and/or fish, vegetables) 1 spNormal Meal (bread/porridge, some vegetables, fish maybe) 20 cpLight Breakfast/Light Meal (no meat) 10 cpPoor Meal (bread, water, very little vegetables) 2 cp1 pound of bread 2 cpRations, dried, 1 person, 1 day, preserves a month 20 cpGreatbread, 1 day for 1 person, preserves a year 50 cpWaybread (not Lembas, but very good), 1 day/1 person 1 spDrinks (costs vary a great deal):Large mug of beer (1.5 liters) 15 cpSmall mug of beer (a pint/0.5 liters) 5 cpJug of cheap wine (a pint/0.5 liters) 10 cpCup of cheap wine 5 cpCup of hard liquor (80% of volume is alcohol) 15 cpCup of good brandy (40%) 30 cpCup of Highland Whiskey (Dunlendings' mighty product) 2 spBottle of Highland Whiskey (one liter) 24 sp
(Cheaper in Dunland:Cup of Highland Whiskey costs 25 cp, one-liter bottle 3 sp.)Sauna, Baths and Laundry (often combined):Simple Bath 1 cpSauna and Bath 2 cp+ Service 10 cp+ Service of a Pretty Washer 40 cp+ Service of a Pretty and Generous Washer (See 'Brothel')Laundry (one set of clothes) 15 cp+ quick dry (may leave burns or holes) 5 cpBarber, rough haircut or shaving 5 cpBarber, professional haircut and/or shaving 20 cpBarber, fine cut and shaving 150 cpHairdresser, everyday coiffure 100 cpHairdresser, fine coiffure, finest powders etc. 3+ spOrdinary Clothes (Professionally Made): Cost TimeDress (woman's), common 500 cp 40 hDress (woman's), rich 1200+cp 80 hPanties/knickers, fine (silk etc.) 200 cp 16 hPanties/knickers, ordinary 75 cp 8 hPants, leather 200 cp 16 hPants, linen 200 cp 16 hRobes, ceremonial/magician's fine 2000+cp 80 hScarf 50 cp 4 hShirt, linen 150 cp 16 hShirt, woolen 100 cp 16 hSkirt 200 cp 16 hSocks or foot clothes, pair of 20 cp 4 hStockings, fine (silk etc.) 300 cp 32 hUnderpants 50 cp 8 hUtensils: Cost TimeBottle, glass, 0.5 liter 50 cp 6 hBottle, glass, 1 liter 75 cp 6 hSilver goblet (small, 0.2 liter) 400 cp 52 hWooden plate (1' in diameter) 10 cp 4 hWooden spoon 5 cp 4 hMending Clothes, per piece:Amateur (work quality varies a lot) 20 cpTailor 50 cpStoring goods (one trunk, per month, storage not warmed):Innkeeper (not all are honest) 20 cpGuardhouse (much better) 1 spDoctor:Amateur/Quack (no magic, poor herbs if any) 20 cpPoors' Doctor (no magic, poor herbs if any) 50 cpDoctor (no magic, herbs are paid separately) 2 spMiscellaneous:Porter (two hours job) 10 cp
Brothel: (Civilized city brothel; there certainly are cheaper options)Admission fee (varies a lot) 1 spOld or ugly gigolo/prostitute 50 cpAverage 2 spGood-looking 5 spBeautiful/Handsome or Best of the House 5 spAdditional services (often illegal, not always available):Virgin, as above, plus additional cost at least 20 spNon-human humanoid (additional cost depends on race) -2..50+ spThreesome (two paid participants), additional cost 2 spBondage, additional cost 10 spBad stuff (evil _and_ very probably very illegal):Minor, add per each year of age below 16 years (if human) 2+ spPerversions, additional cost 20 spEducation:University, one academic term (must pass entrance exam) 200+ spThere are 32 weeks of effective study on one term.It is equal to 1000 hours of studying - if thestudent works hard. Usually there is no magic norcombat/physical skills, just knowledges and somesocial skills. Cost includes free use of librariesand turns at laboratories etc. Only part of studyis lectures, also there are "homework", talks,exams, essays, debates, speeches, etc.Fighting school, one month (100 hours of study) 25 spRare skills or famous schools/dojos/teachersmay cost a lot more.Book, printed (if available) 50+ spBook, handworked 100+ spCost of studying other skills:For these costs, we assume it is some rather common skill, suchas leatherworking or riding. Teacher is average, and there isa small school or workshop to study at.Studying gives additional DP to spend on the skill, as muchas the student wants, as long as he/she has the time and money.Studying also gives experience, usually 32 points per day.Basics for a skill:The very basics (allowing further study): 25 hours á 20 cp = 5 spAdditional course (first rank for skill): 75 hours á 20 cp = 15 spAdditional study:1 point of DP to the skill: 50 hours á 20 cp = 10 spIf the character is working and studying, he/she can onlystudy effectively 2 hours per day. Otherwise, the maximumamount is usually 25 hours per week - most teachers willnot agree to teach more. Studying includes practice etc.2 hours per day, but it is not counted to study time.

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