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Published by Drakooola

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Published by: Drakooola on Feb 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Digital Climate Control -Climatronic
General information
Climatronic is a fully automatic climate controlsystem. The temperature of the interior air supply, fresh air blower speeds and passenger compartment air distribution are regulatedautomatically. The system features fully digitalelectronic circuitry and On Board Diagnostic(OBD) capability.In addition to fully automatic function, air distribution settings and fresh air blower speedscan be selected manually to suit individualneeds.The Climatronic control module -J255- is theheart of the system. It receives input informationfrom the A/C control head -E87- and variouselectronic components (sensors and switches).This information is processed by the controlmodule in accordance with specified values andprovides corresponding output signals thatcontrol electrical components (actuators).The system controls interior air temperature anddistribution. The system continually samples andcompares the selected interior air temperature
with the actual air temperature measured by thesystem. Blower speeds, air temperature anddistribution are then adjusted and regulatedaccordingly.The A/C control head -E87- contains all controlsand relevant displays needed to operate theClimatronic system. The system's functionalstatus (mode selection, temperature and air distribution) is displayed in a LCD readoutPage 87-59.
 All automatic or manual function selections areinput into the A/C control head via buttonslocated below the display.When AUTO mode is selected, fresh air blower speed and air distribution signals are provided bythe A/C control head -E87-. The fresh air blower speed is high when there is a large differencebetween the selected temperature and the actualinterior temperature, and low when the differenceis small or the same.The interior temperature setting, operationmodes, approximate outside temperature andblower speed are indicated on the A/C controlhead display at all times. The defrost, vent andfootwell air distribution symbols only appear inthe display when air distribution is selectedmanually (AUTO function override). Duringmanual air distribution, the "AUTO" displayremains off until such time the "AUTO" button ispressed.The system can be switched off completely bypressing the front passenger "decrease fanspeed" button until "OFF" appears in the display.
Climate control options
 Automatic temperature and fan speed mode

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