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International Business Online Quiz

International Business Online Quiz

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Published by Nurul Iman

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Published by: Nurul Iman on Feb 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1.Which of the following is not one of the main instruments of trade policy?
a.Credit portfolios
b.Administrative policiesc.Local content requirementsd.Tariffs2.After the Uruguay Round of GATT extended global trading rules to cover trade inservices, the first two industries targeted for reform by the WTO were
Telecommunications and financial services
 Automotives and aerospace
Textiles and technology
 Agriculture and consulting services3.Identify the incorrect statement pertaining to trade barriers.a.They raise the costs of exporting products to a countryb.To conform to local content regulations, a firm may have to locate moreproduction activities in a given market than it would otherwisec.They may put a firm at a competitive advantage to indigenous competitors
d.They may limit a firm's ability to serve a country from locations outsideof that country
4.In the 1986 Uruguay Round, GATT members sought to write rules for promotingall of the following excepta.Agricultural subsidiesb.GATT's monitoring and enforcement mechanisms
c.GATT rules to cover trade in services
d.Intellectual property protection5.This is levied as a proportion of the value of the imported good.
a.Ad valorem tariff 
b.Specific tariff c.Special tarifd.Tariff quota6.Foreign producers typically agree to voluntary export restrictions because
a.They fear far more damaging punitive tariffs or import quotas mightfollow if they do not
b.Their manufacturing capacity is limitedc.They can divert their exports to other countries and charge more for their productsd.They are required to by the World Trade Organization7._____ has occurred when foreign goods are being sold cheaper than at home or below their cost of production.a.Production efficiency
b.Market saturation
d.Price elasticity8.The EU's Common Agricultural Policy is an example of a tax policy designed toa.Benefit consumersb.Benefit taxpayers
c.Benefit special interest politics
d.Benefit free trade in a developed country9._____ suggests that a government should use subsidies to support promisingfirms that are active in newly emerging industries.a.The national security argumentb.The infant industry argument
c.Strategic trade policy
d.Retaliation policy10.A common hybrid of a quota and a tariff is known as a
a.Tariff rate quota

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