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ustaad g (1)

ustaad g (1)

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Published by Gohar Qalam

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Published by: Gohar Qalam on Feb 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This agreement is made on 17
day of January, 2013 between:-
Mr. KHURSHID ALAM GUHAR s/o HAFIZ FAZAL ILAHI resident of HouseNo.107 Street No.4 Green Street-Clifton Colony Lahore hereinafter referred to asthe
, an expression which shall include all his assigns andsuccessors in interest
M/S Canvas world, a proprietary firm owned and represented by Ms. FAREEHAMOBIN, resident of 71/A, Balfour Road ig1 4 hr, Ilford Essex, London, UnitedKingdom, Hereinafter referred to as the SECOND PARTY, an Expression whichshall Include all its assigns and successor in interest; to be collectively called THEPARTIES wherever the context so means or arises;Whereas, the FIRST PARTY is a professional Calligrapher of Highest standardand repute and desirous of marketing his work internationally for betterrecognition, circulation and for generation additional income through sale of theseto interested buyers;AND whereas the SECOND PARTY is engaged in the business of marketing theworks of various Calligrapher, Painters etc to individual buyers, institutionalpurchasers, commercial organizations, retail outlets directly or through conduct of special sale promotion events like exhibitions, displays, window displays or anyother special or general course;And whereas the FIRST PARTY has agreed to allow marketing rights of his work solely the SECOND PARTY for all areas and territories except the geographicallimits of Pakistan through individual or institutional sales or organization of general or special events, as the case may be;
 Now, therefore, THE PARTIES have agreed as follows:-a)
That the FIRST PARTY has provided exclusive marketing rights of hisworks, more clearly detailed and described as follow, with a view to accessthe international market;Wonders of Calligraphy and Pearls of Calligraphyi)
SOORAH FATHA---water colorTHULTH calligraphy size 36 by 54 (cm) on water base sheet.ii)
SOORAH FALAQ---water colorTHULATH calligraphy size 36 by 54 (cm) on water base sheet.iii)
Stocks of Qalam---water colourWith inks size 36 by 54 (cm) on Wasli.iv)
SOORAH FATIHA--- water colorTHULUTH calligraphy size 36 by 54 (cm) on Wasli.v)
AYAT-UL- KURSI--- black ink and Gold leaf Size 36 by 54 (cm).vi)
BISMILLAH--- Black ink and Gold leaf THULTH calligraphy size 36 by 54 (cm).vii)
BALAGH-UL-OLA--- B lack ink and Gold leaf Size 36 by 54 (cm).viii)
AYAT KAREEMA (LAILAHA) --- Black ink and Gold leaf Size 36 by 54 (cm).
That the FIRST PARTY has agreed to leave the determination of anappropriate remuneration for each one of his works to the discretion of theSECOND PARTY in view of its vast experience in this field with anunderstanding that it will do that on best Effort basis;c)
That the FIRST PARTY has also agreed to allow the SECOND PARTY todeduct all reasonable charges for postage, dispatch or delivery of theseworks subject to the limitation that the FIRST PARTY shall not be liable forany claims arising out of such expenses by the SECOND PARTY eitherdirectly of indirectly;d)
That the FIRST PARTY has agreed to allow the SECOND PARTY to retain75% of the sale value after deducting expenses incurred at organizing thepromotional events like exhibitions, displays, postage, dispatch and deliveryetc;e)
That the SECOND PARTY has agreed to market these works on the above
terms and conditions on “BEST EFFORT BASIS” in the areas and territories
more clearly detailed and listed at ANNEX-B, which shall be construed asan integral part of this agreement for all acts and purposes;

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