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The Essential Titus Burckhardt Reflections on Sacred Art Faiths and Civilizations Perennial Philosophy

The Essential Titus Burckhardt Reflections on Sacred Art Faiths and Civilizations Perennial Philosophy

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Published by: Jorge Eduardo Santander Ruiz on Feb 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 About the Author and this Book
“One finds new insights on every page, and what is more, finds that thesebecome more profound with each reading.”
, University of Michigan“One of the leading authorities of the Perennialist School, TitusBurckhardt brought a unique combination of gifts to the exposition of the world’s great wisdom traditions. Burckhardt was at home in a variety of religious worlds and able to speak with authority on many wide-rangingsubjects. His eloquently written and beautifully crafted books are anenduring treasure.”
, University of South Carolina, author of 
Paths to the Heart: Sufism and the Christian East 
“Two words spring to mind on reading
The Essential Titus Burckhardt 
: aweand gratitude. Awe because of the extraordinary perception and beauty of his writing—from his masterly analysis of Christian art and his profoundand penetrating understanding of the Renaissance, to short pieces such as‘The Wooden Chest’ or ‘Bathing in the Ganges’ in which he opens oureyes to the language of sacred symbolism as no other author has succeed-ed in doing. And gratitude, such tremendous gratitude that we now haveat our disposal writings of such caliber to guide us through not just sacredand traditional art but through so much else besides (for example, evolu-tion and modern psychology). With the sharp sword of Truth he seesthrough the illusions of modern art as few other writers have done, as wellas giving us such beautiful poetic writing as in, to give one of many exam-ples, his book on Fez.“As a teacher of the principles of traditional art this book will be my pri-mary sourcebook! It is a treasure and should be on the shelves of every teacher of art and every art student today.”
, author of 
Underneath Which Rivers Flow: The Symbolism of the Islamic Garden 
“Mr. Burckhardt has attended our Indian ceremonies, including the SunDance, and he has learned our legends and our sacred ways around thecampfires. He knows and understands the spirit of the olden-day Indians.”
, Crow Sun Dance Chief “As a writer and thinker on a wide range of topics integral to the sacred tra-ditions, Titus Burckhardt has an unerring ability to reach to the essentialtruths and to speak persuasively of their relevance and importance to thecontemporary mind.”
, author of 
Art: For Whom and For What? 
“René Guénon remarked that it is frequently easier to understand first principles than the countless intermediate degrees which lie betweenmankind’s ultimate metaphysical Goal and our present existential aware-ness. Otherwise stated, cosmology can be and often is more complex thanmetaphysic. Nevertheless, it is in the nature of human intelligence to seeka unified and comprehensive world-view in which to situate oneself, takeone’s bearing, and follow a saving orientation. Titus Burckhardt, lifelongfriend of Frithjof Schuon, certainly did not neglect metaphysic but hispredilection was cosmology. The great merit of 
The Essential Titus Burckhardt 
is that it provides lucid and salutary insights into many cosmo-logical enigmas and into moot questions of human nature which is so inti-mately related to cosmology. In addition, the reader will find in this bookunequivocal refutations of many of the false notions intrinsic to moderni-ty. William Stoddart, the anthologist, has made excellent choices from theextensive Burckhardt oeuvre, and the book is highly recommended foranyone who does or would like to take seriously the human vocation totranscend oneself.”
, editor of 
Selected Letters of Ananda K.Coomaraswamy 
“Titus Burckhardt has always been a primary inspiration to me. I had theprivilege of meeting him in London in the 1970s, with S. H. Nasr. His bear-ing, modesty and natural reticence hid his great stature as an artist, schol-ar, and man of wisdom. I recommend this book to all today.”
author of 
Islamic Patterns: An Analytical and Cosmological Approach 

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