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Published by blue33melisa
week 2 assignment
week 2 assignment

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: blue33melisa on Feb 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Business Ethics ReflectionMelissa EavesXMGT/21601/20/2013John Goller
2Business Ethics ReflectionIn this journal entry I am going to discuss an ethical dilemma that I encountered sometime ago in my place of employment. I will also discuss how the dilemma was handled at thatpoint in time and I will discuss how I would handle the dilemma now that I have become muchwiser to the part that ethics really plays in the business world. Throughout this entry I am goingto talk about three main points. The first point is that I will be describing the relationshipamong the virtues, values, and moral concepts regarding the dilemma. The second point I willdiscuss is how external social pressures influenced business ethics in this situation, and thethird main point of discussion will be the recommendation that I would give someone if theywere faced with the same ethical dilemma as I faced and if I were to face this dilemma again,how I would deal with the situation this time around.Let me start by describing this dilemma that I encountered. A few years ago I was a
manager/head waitress at a gentleman’s club. We started to get short staffed on our busy
nights because one of the waitresses quit. At this point, it was my job to find good candidatesfor the opening. I found two girls. One had quite a few years waitressing experience and theother only had a couple of months experience in a waitressing setting. The girl with the more
experience, we will call her “Brenda”, was about ten years older than the
other applicant. We
will call the second girl “Candy”. Candy did not have much experience but was much younger
and more of what the gentleman would enjoy as far as looks. Brenda had a great personalitybut was not quite as pretty as Candy and I knew that once I interviewed them and passed their
3Business Ethics Reflectionapplications on to the owner, whom makes the final decision and does the hiring, that he wouldmost likely pick Candy to hire rather than Brenda. Now I myself know that this sort of thing isunethical but when word of mouth gets around from the one who is more qualified and did notget the job, it will also be bad for business.The relationship among virtue, values, and morals are very simple in this scenario. Atthe time that this dilemma occurred, I said and did nothing about these things taking place. Ithink that the biggest thing was that I could not afford to lose my job just trying to do the rightthing. If I would have used my virtue, my values, and my morals in this situation, this would nothave been happening. The right thing for me to do was to confront the owner and tell him that Idid not feel that he should be basing his decisions on looks and age. I also had no way of proving that he was doing this accept that he did discuss it with me a couple of times. Eventhough my values and morals were being tested, I still said and did nothing to fix this problem.If you think about external social pressures, they have a connection to all businesses. Ifeel that they affect small businesses in communities much more than larger companies, but allbusinesses are affected by external social pressures in some way or another. The way thatexternal social pressures influenced business ethics in this situation is that in one sense theyaffected the business in a good way and in another sense they may have caused a bad reaction.The way that external social pressures influenced this situation in a way that could have been

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