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Problems at JetBlue

Problems at JetBlue

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Published by blue33melisa

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Published by: blue33melisa on Feb 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1Problems at JetBlueMelissa EavesXBIS/21911/23/2012Julia Kennedy
2Problems at JetBlueJetBlue was an airline company that made a very critical mistake that caused the end of thecompany. I believe that the problem that occurred was the cause of both the management and the ITdepartments of the company. Both departments contributed to the fact that there was not a back-upsystem in case of an emergency. If the two departments would have worked together on special ITsystems for this particular event or any others like it that may have happened, the problem could havebeen easily avoided.Within the management department, the employees should have been trained to handle asituation like the one that happened. Management did not properly train their employees. When itcomes to the IT department, they should have made sure that there was a back-up plan in case of asituation like that. I do not feel that just one department of the company should take the blame for thewhole thing. A company needs to have a plan for every situation. When you open a company every littledetail needs to be covered because anything can happen. Not being prepared is what caused thedownfall of this entire company and all because they simply were not prepared.If I were the one to be opening a company, I would have to be prepared for anything to happen.If you have a back-up plan for everything then situations like this would not occur. When owning abusiness you have to cover all your bases. Anything type of disaster can have any time of any day. I feelthat if the JetBlue Company would have been even half more prepared then they were that theircompany may have been able to survive this disaster. It is not just something that can be blamed on onedepartment because the whole company was at fault. When a company crashes it is because they arenot prepared.
3Problems at JetBlueI feel that both management and IT departments are definitely both at fault for many reasons.Some of the reasons I feel this way are that management should have trained there employees tohandle a situation like the one that occurred. I also feel that IT has to take a lot of the blame alsobecause they should have had a back-up plan in case this type of situation occurred as it did. These arethe main two reasons that I believe the JetBlue Company crashed.

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