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Useful Mainframe Command List

Useful Mainframe Command List

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Published by: Anbazhagan Murugesan on Feb 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Useful Mainframe Command List
Command Description
 ACIDSWill allow you to find out the owner of an accessor ID ARLOGLog AR job Abends (PROD/UAT) Option 1: add abended job information. Option 2:search for a previously logged job. AUTHMenu of authorization common clistsBSTFILESAdd security and ownership to files. It builds the GDG bases for the new files for each of the test UAT regionsBSTRPTSAdd security and ownership to reportsCANIDCancel a user acid on a given systemCDIRAccess Connect Direct (NDM)CHECKDIGCheck to see if the provided account number is valid or notCLASSIFYCreates GDG bases for all the UAT regions and allows to define user parameters to the GDG.CMPRDRVRMiscellaneous "Compare" JCL generator (via %SYSDEVNV U.C)COMPAREVarious types of compares - SUPERC, FILEAID etc.- compares the dataCOMPILECompile/Assemble/pl1 programsCOPYCMNCopy load module from CMN staging to test environment & do new copyCOVDOCSee Pre and Post-reqs of Production Jobs based on OPCCOVUAT/ UATDOCSee Pre and Post-reqs of UAT Jobs based on OPCTCPRAnother form of comparison for PDS and librarianDATEDIFFDifference between 2 supplied datesDEFECTPulls a report on the defects assigned based on project number and the group assigned.DFRMMDetails on TAPE datasets/ VolumesDICT / DATADICTData dictionary support for CMF FieldsFINXPulls an account off the FIN file for any UAT test region or production. Enter a DSN or a list of account numbers.GREGCONVConvert a Gregorian DateICARDLook at Production CardICOPYLook at Production CopybookICUSTARTChangeman/Infoman/Source UtilitiesIJCLLook at Production JCLILIBLook at Production SourceISRFINDSearches all allocated PDSs for a specified member.JSCANScans JCL for errorsINFOREPCreate INFOMAN ReportsINTERTSTInvoke Batch IntertestIPROCLook at Production ProcJEMJCL/Proc test.JRNLSNSJournal 2 & 7 switching for UATJULIANGives the Julian/ Gregorian date for the input date. Example: TSO JULIAN YY.DDD OR YYDDD OR MM/DD/YYLOCATORSite, Stream, Transfer Flag, EC, Card ID of an acct #LOGRCaptures journal data for a period of time - within AUTH clist
Useful Mainframe Command List
LSCANTo Scan LibrariesNDMBATCHNDM batch JCL generator (via %SYSDEVNV U.N)NEWCOPYGenerates JCL to do CICS newcopies (in DATX00D.PB.DEV.CLIST)PCTSPCTS InformationPDSMANFor PDSMAN utilities menu. Useful for scans/ scan and replace etc.PREFIXProvides details of the PREFIX supplied - A/R prefix tablePRMOLOGAdd or update PROMO on-call log issuesQV/QVIEWUtility to browse datasets from a JCL without leaving your current session.QVIEW EUtility to edit datasets from JCLsRETROFIT Compares release modules with their production counterparts to ensure changes in production are also in the release.RMOBTAccess test SAR DatabaseSARAccess production SARSARJCLCreates JCL in PDS with the files from the selected jobSARTAccess UAT SARSASCOPYConverts COBOL Copybook to SAS LayoutSCHEDULETo run audit on a parent to verify the JOBDOC (Runs only on TSO12)SCMEC, SCMTPR,SCMAUDIT,SCMPRECG Used to coordinate multiple changes to various modules, copybooks, JCL, cards and PROCS.SEIGROUPSEIPROJ, SEIPROJBPCTS InformationSTANDARDJCL/PROC/NDM/VSAM StandardsSTCKYCommon Key InfoSTMPRINTStatement hardcopy request ATS systemTLook at Production Source; this is an edit macro.TABLEMNLoad/ Unload/ Print/ Compare/ Search Tablebase Table informationTB Starts the vendor supplied Tablebase macros = U.T.2TBATDRVRTBASE JCL utility generator (via %SYSDEVNV U.T.1)TBLEINFOProvides details on the Table along with associated CopybooksTOSFor Overnight Job Submission @10:00pm, 2:00am and 6:00amTRIADTo access AR Triad MenuTRIADMN Load, Unload, print triad tables.UATDOC / COVDOCObtain pre-reqs/post-reqs for specific UAT jobUSERSLook at complete list of User ID'sVMCF VPS Printer optionsWHOHASCheck for contention issues on a datasetWHOISFind the name of person tied to the Mainframe ACIDVIEWProvides a list of VIEW options available. (Ex: TSO VPROG program name - will display the Program from LIBR)XVIEWTo display the Changeman Production listing. You have to be in a PDS or dataset in View or EDIT mode to use this

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