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I Miss Baan Wang Kra Jae School By Jump in 6SS

I Miss Baan Wang Kra Jae School By Jump in 6SS

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Published by 20jumpb
This is my reflection of the school my class went in the Yr.6 Camp!!!!!!!
This is my reflection of the school my class went in the Yr.6 Camp!!!!!!!

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Published by: 20jumpb on Feb 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I Miss Baan Wang Kra Jae School !!!By Jump B.
On Wednesday the 21
of November all of the Year 6 students went toall the 5 school in Kanchanaburi province. The 6SS got to one of theschool named Baan Wang Kra Jae School (BWKJ). I was so excited tosee the kids there because Ian and I would be teaching thembadminton. When we got to the school in the morning, the studentswere singing a National Anthem and then Mr. Sam would like us to chatwith the kids ( it was a miracle !!!) and Mr. Sam want us to presentourselves by telling our names to them Brian and I were assigned to bea Thai translators for Daniel, Ethan and Cameron. Then we have beentold to line up in a mix order with both NIST and the BWKJ students topick up a bag of rice from the NIST school bus. These rice came fromthe money that we raise from many activities at school during the past
few months. One teacher said “ OMG so much rice!!!”. Then we headoff to the cafeteria. Mr. Sam told Ms. Warunee to say Everybody,
please sit with the other school students to help us know them ore andbe friends with them. When we finished talking to each others, we
heard Mr. Sam said “we are going to do the NIST activities first”. My
activity was Badminton. Ian and I were doing this activity together.First we ran to set up the net between the two trees. Then I told themthat I would be teaching them and these rackets will be given for themto play with later on. First Ian and I taught them how to serve and thenhow to do both forehand and back hand strokes. Then we played agame of badminton by arranging a mix team between Jump and Ton VSIan and Motdang. We had a great time with them. Then we swapped
the activities and I participate to be making Somtam with Sunshine,Pan, Gift and Michelle. First we all make Somtam with the followingingredients :
Ingredients of making Somtam (for kids: not really spicy)1.
You need to chop and slice the papaya, carrots and cucumber tolittle string shape2.
Thai Chili (prick)3.
2 little garlic pieces4.
4 pieces of little tomato5.
Lime juices (1 spoon or more)7.
Fish sauce8.
Palm sugar9.
Mix them from 2-8 all together10.
Put the cucumber, carrot that is cut little string into the bowlwith all mix items11.
Mix them again12.
Taste it (Hope that it
’s yummy)
 Sunshine and I were the cook; Pan, Gift and Michelle were the peoplewho make cucumbers and carrots. Miss Warunee had asked us(Somtam group) to make three full plates of Somtam. When wefinished making Somtam, we went for lunch and I got a chance to sitright next to Motdang and see of how they enjoyed the Somtam. I amglad to see that they were enjoying so much. Next, we head off to playbecause it was a time to play after lunch. While we were eating lunch, I
asked them something about
Are you friends with the girls?” Theboy from their school answered with a very happy face, “Yes,everybody here are friends” Then I asked them a second question “If you can choose to go to a good school, would you like to go thereHe

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