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SoS US - Sanctity of Spirit Under Siege

SoS US - Sanctity of Spirit Under Siege

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Published by Frank Gallagher
It is time for minds cocoon to open allowing consciousness then conscience and only the heavens know what next
It is time for minds cocoon to open allowing consciousness then conscience and only the heavens know what next

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Published by: Frank Gallagher on Feb 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SOS US Sanctity of Spirit Under Siegewww.SoS-Us13.com OWEOne Way EscapeUsUnited sanity
Eccentrics nightmare soon to pass as the zombies awaken the SIN Satanic Inevitable Nightmare
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZaMY-R8Rxg Consciousness coming despite passive MOI- Majority Oscillating IgnoranceCivilization impossible with the wherewithal in all countries gained in satanic way forgreat pay populace no say may pray and bray passed old and gray indebting heirs to sway
The following was extracted from the LawSociety of Upper Canada - Lawyers Rulesof Conduct103) Interpretation(f) rules of professional conduct
cannot address every situation
,and a lawyer should observe the rules
in the spirit
as well as in
the letter.
 In the Spiritwww.ItIs13.com Invincible Triad Inalienable Spirit
 Fiduciary Establishment Accountably Responsible
 Sanctity of SpiritAce in the hole every individual holds when with IT
Ad hoc
Arguing deviates house of cards
Armed with IT - Invincible TriadWhen an individuals guaranteed equalrights have been compromised the FEARmust be able to demonstrate due diligencehas been applied throughout the system tothe Legal Certainty of theSOSSanctity of Spirit
The SOS states or implies a TIED environment to which every individual is equally bound and presumed innocent in the absence of reasonableevidence to suggest otherwise
When such reasonable evidence is provided to the policing authorities
it is every individual’s accountable responsibility to cooperate and support the authorities,
the very means priority one that we depend on to the Legal Certainty of the SOS
Sanctity of Spirit.An innocent individual would be pleased for the immediate opportunity to have the police investigate and document their innocence. To refuse a search of personor property when the reasonable evidence against would be refuted is firstly adverse to material structure intended to materialize and maintain the consistency of the SOS
Sanctity of Spirit being no less than a traitor to humanity while observation alone an OJ
Obstruct Justice which we all depend on
The Court Jester jests with wild card bluffs believing can outsmart professional religious believersDe facto
Eualit Undeniable Consecrated Humanit Resonsible Establishments Sanctit Terres-Trials Reckonin Induction Of Natural Sciences
Sirit Suremac of God and the Rule of Law Letter
 SOS USSanctity of Spirit Under SiegeDNA OFFENSE
Deliberate Neglect Apparent Open Faced Fiduciary Exploitation Non-debatable Self Evident
 Fiduciary Opulent Conspiracy Under SiegePick your Knowswww.SoS-US13.com 
Sanctity of Spirit15. (1) Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law
without discrimination
 and, in particular,
without discrimination
 based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.An important part of the Crown's - and thus the Attorney General's -
 in conducting criminal prosecutions is associated with the
 to represent the public interest which includes not only
the community as a whole
the victim,
 but also
the accused.
The Crown has a distinct responsibility to the court to present all the credible evidence available.
The complicated Struggle of Humankind begins to end through attentiveness to theSpiritSESSEpitome Simplistic SanityBeginning at the bottom we gnaw at the ROE
Root of Evil family tree rotten to the coreUntil timber Humpty Dumpty is no moreIt is a Maze ing how simple when you go around itFreedom means free efficient effective
 justice financed through fair taxation apportioned as to one’s ability
to pay above and beyond that which is rationally considered necessary to exist in a comfortableenvironment conducive to a tranquil aura in which to contemplate advancement of quality of life as perguarantee made by the establishment that is ultimately accountably responsible to structure a system adeptto consistently support the contract upon receipt of financial benefits to materialize the Legal Certainty of the Guarantee1. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it
subject only
to such reasonable limits prescribed by law
 as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.A person is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a fair trial administered by aCOC JIJCourt of Competent Jurisdiction Independent JudiciaryPriority one is to establish a Legal De jure replacing the De factoCOC JIJIt is due the obvious absentia of the Alleged Counsel that we know we have a De facto COC JIJ imposter
and the Crown’s blatant refusal to provide such counsel and the judge’s assertion the evidence I provide in
my defense will not be permitted, being hung up on De facto I will experience the blunt of it while thetaxpayers continue to eat shit

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