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Activity Pack - Ch 1 Part 5: Useful Ways of Leading a Happy Life

Activity Pack - Ch 1 Part 5: Useful Ways of Leading a Happy Life

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Published by WingsofIslam

"Useful Ways of Leading a Happy Life" by Shaykh 'Abdur-Rahman ibn Nasir ibn 'Abdullah as-Sa'di

"Useful Ways of Leading a Happy Life" by Shaykh 'Abdur-Rahman ibn Nasir ibn 'Abdullah as-Sa'di

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Published by: WingsofIslam on Feb 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial No-derivs


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InstructionsPage 1
Quickly review previous reading.
Read Ch 1, Part 5. Adults can read aloud to younger children and may also re-word the informationusing words at the child's level of understanding.
Choose a project from below and base it on today's reading:
--Construct a bulletin board--Construct a mobile--Crossword puzzle(s) or vocabulary list(s)--Make an outline of the book --Make a poster, collage, photo board, or scrapbook page--Write a poem about an idea or concept from today's topic--Use a paragraph as copy work or calligraphy project----Make Quran card file: Copy the non-Arabic text to an index card with the title “Quran on HappyLife”. Then make a card holder to store the cards.--Or create a project of your own liking
Vocabulary Words
reward, immense, deed, charity
Choose one (1) of the items to answer in your Learning Journal:
What is your favorite part of today's reading? Why?What new thing did you learn that you would share with family or a friend?
Answer any three (3) of the following questions in your Learning Journal:
List the things we can do to get rid of worry and grief?How does doing good for someone sincerely for Allah's sake help a person?Explain one of the main points of Surah 4:114.Who gets just a reward for doing good for others and who gets an immense reward? And why is their adifference in the amount of the reward?What is an incentive to do good to others for the sake of Allah?What is the immense reward?Where can we find daleel (proof) that Allah gives a great reward for doing good?(c) Wings of Islam (http://www.scribd.com/WingsofIslam)
Activity Pack
“Useful Ways Of Leading A Happy Life”
'Abdur-RahmanibnNasir as-Sa'dialso based on lecture by same name given by Dr. Saleh as-Saleh
Ch. 1 Part 5 – Correct Faith and Righteous Deeds

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