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Elements of Style

Elements of Style

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Published by sandeshshiva
Writing Skil
Writing Skil

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Published by: sandeshshiva on Feb 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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William Strunk, Jr. (1869–1946). The Elements of Style. 1918. !T"#$% Strunk, William, 1869–1946. T&T'E% The elements of style, y William Strunk, Jr. E&T&#*% 1st e+. !-'&S"E% &thaa, *./.% ri0. rint. 23ene0a, *./.% ress of W.. "umhrey, 1918. "/S&5' ET&'S% 4 .7 19 m. &S-*% 18:4;6;:. 5&TT&#*% Strunk, William.
Elements of Style.
 &thaa, *./.% ri0. rint. 23ene0a, *./.% ress of W.. "umhrey, 19187 -artley.om, 1999. <<<.artley.om=141=. 2ate of rintout. #*'&*E E.% >irst ulishe+ ?ay 1997 ulishe+ July 1999 y -artley.om7 @ 5oyriAht -artley.om, &n. (Terms of !se).
I. I
 This ook is inten+e+ for use in EnAlish ourses in <hih the ratie of omosition is omine+ <ith the stu+y of literature. &t aims to Ai0e in rief sae the rinial reBuirements of lain EnAlish style. &t aims to liAhten the task of instrutor an+ stu+ent y onentratinA attention (in 5haters && an+ &&&) on a fe< essentials, the rules of usaAe an+ riniles of omosition most ommonly 0iolate+. The numers of the setions may e use+ as referenes in orretinA manusrit. The ook o0ers only a small ortion of the fiel+ of EnAlish style, ut the eCeriene of its <riter has een that one ast the essentials, stu+ents rofit most y in+i0i+ual instrution ase+ on the rolems of their o<n <ork, an+ that eah instrutor has his o<n o+y of theory, <hih he refers to that offere+ y any teCtook. The <riterDs olleaAues in the eartment of EnAlish in 5ornell !ni0ersity ha0e Areatly hele+ him in the rearation of his manusrit. ?r. 3eorAe ?'ane Woo+ has kin+ly onsente+ to the inlusion un+er $ule 11 of some material from his
Suggestions to Authors.
 The follo<inA ooks are reommen+e+ for referene or further stu+y% in onnetion <ith 5haters && an+ &, >. "o<ar+ 5ollins,
 Author and Printer 
 ("enry >ro<+e)7 5hiaAo !ni0ersity ress,
Manual of Style;
 T. '. e inne
Correct Composition
 (The 5entury 5omany)7 "orae "art,
Rules for Compositors and Printers
 (#Cfor+ !ni0ersity ress)7 3eorAe ?'ane Woo+,
Extracts from the Style-Boo of the !o"ernment Printing #ffice
 (!nite+ States 3eoloAial Sur0ey)7 in onnetion <ith 5haters &&& an+ , Sir rthur Fuiller5ouh,
 (utnams), eseially the hater, &nterlu+e on JarAon7 3eorAe ?'ane Woo+,
Suggestions to Authors
(!nite+ States 3eoloAial Sur0ey)7 John 'eslie "all,
English &sage
 (Sott, >oresman an+ 5o.)7 James . Gelly,
%ormanship in %ords
 ('ittle, -ro<n an+ 5o.). &t is an ol+ oser0ation that the est <riters sometimes +isreAar+ the rules of rhetori. When they +o so, ho<e0er, the rea+er <ill usually fin+ in the sentene some omensatinA merit, attaine+ at the ost of the 0iolation. !nless he is ertain of +oinA as <ell, he <ill roaly +o est to follo< the rules. fter he has learne+, y their Aui+ane, to <rite lain EnAlish a+eBuate for e0ery+ay uses, let him look, for the serets of style, to the stu+y of the masters of literature.
Form the possessive singu!r o" nouns #ith $s.
 >ollo< this rule <hate0er the final onsonant. Thus <rite, 5harlesDs frien+ -urnsDs oems the <ithDs malie This is the usaAe of the !nite+ States 3o0ernment rintinA #ffie an+ of the #Cfor+ !ni0ersity ress. ECetions are the ossessi0es of anient roer names in
 the ossessi0e
 an+ suh forms as
for conscience) sae' for righteousness) sae.
 -ut suh forms as
 Achilles) heel' Moses) la*s' +sis) temple
 are ommonly relae+ y the heel of hilles the la<s of ?oses the temle of &sis The ronominal ossessi0es
hers' its' theirs' yours'
 ha0e no aostrohe. H.
In ! series o" three or more terms #ith ! singe %on&un%tion' use ! %omm! !"ter e!%h term e(%ept the !st.
 Thus <rite, re+, <hite, an+ lue honest, enerAeti, ut hea+stronA "e oene+ the letter, rea+ it, an+ ma+e a note of its ontents. This is also the usaAe of the 3o0ernment rintinA #ffie an+ of the #Cfor+ !ni0ersity ress. &n the names of usiness firms the last omma is omitte+, as -ro<n, Shiley an+ 5omany The are0iation
 e0en if only a sinAle term omes efore it, is al<ays ree+e+ y a omma.
En%ose p!rentheti% e(pressions )et#een %omm!s.

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