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Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal Alliance: February 2013 Update

Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal Alliance: February 2013 Update

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"Marching Orders" to contact your US legislators, and more!
"Marching Orders" to contact your US legislators, and more!

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gressional Gold Medal for theBorinqueneers requiresapproval by Congress. Links tothe Congressional directoriesare below.
Please heed this
important “Call to Action”
AHORA! Muchas Gracias!
 Today, a nationwide, all-volunteer group of individualsand organizations, known asthe
BorinqueneersCongressional Gold Med-al Alliance
, has formed andis dedicated to achieving theCongressional Gold Medalfor the
.The Congressional GoldMedal has been awarded toother minority veterans whoserved in
mili-tary units, including the Na-tive American Navajo CodeTalkers, the African-AmericanTuskegee Airmen, the Japanese-American Nisei, andthe African-AmericanMontford Point Marines. Allof these are well-deservedhonors, and
theBorinqueneers must beadded to this list NOW!
The Borinqueneers served,gallantly fought, and manydied, as members of this seg-regated unit of the regularArmy during WWI, WWII,and the Korean War.
They were unarguably the larg-est and longest standingsegregated Latino-American unit of its kindin US history.
This unitwas made up of native
Puer-to Ricans
, but also includedsome recruits with otherLatino backgrounds.Currently, the BorinqueneersCongressional Gold MedalAlliance
is asking all like-minded Americans to write to or email their two US Senators and oneUS House of Representa-tives member and ask for their support.
The Con-
Your “Marching Orders!”
NationalBorinqueneersCongressionalGold MedalAlliance
Borinqueneers CGM Alliance
They have merited the Congressional Gold Medal!
February 2013
Contact your (2)US Senators!
Contact your (1)US House of 
Rep’s. member!
National Media Partners:
Contact your (2) U.S. Sena-tors and your (1) US Houseof Representatives member.The adoption of theBorinqueneers Congres-sional Gold Medal will re-quire the vote/support froma majority of our US legisla-tors. Contact them prefer-ably via letter or email. Inmost cases, the email meth-od consists of completing asimple web form.
US Senators list:
US House of Representatives list:
A sample letter/email is availablehere:
Residents of Puerto Ricoshould contact the ResidentCommissioner, the Hon.Pedro Pierluisi.
National Partners:
BorinqueneersCongressional Gold MedalAlliance:
Sponsored by the65th InfantryVeteransAssociation, Inc.
 Members of the
65th Infantry 
Regiment, the
serving in the
Korean War.

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