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March 2013 BARSP Newsletter

March 2013 BARSP Newsletter

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Published by Philip Paulus
March 2013 BARSP Newsletter
March 2013 BARSP Newsletter

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Published by: Philip Paulus on Feb 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Volume 21
Issue 4 March 2013
Bay AreaRetired School Personnel
Sandy DeWaele
1st Vice President
2nd Vice President
Betty DefrainJanet Brandt
Joyce Sigelko
Phil Bosco
Past President
Dr. Mary Boettger 
Luncheon Meetings
DoubleTree Hotel
One Wenona ParkBay City, MichiganMarch 11, 2013 April 8, 2013May 13, 2013
President’s Message…….
From “What Our Little Red School House Logo Means” by Betty Abbs , the
Twin Circles of Fidelity encircling our name (BARSP
,that we’llmake it together whatever life’s game
. The purpose of BARSP is to pro-mote the economic, social and professional status of retired school employ-ees. I appreciate how our members have stepped up to help us achieve this purpose byvolunteering to serve ; in the community, as greeters, as voting delegates, on callingcommittees and as BARSP program presenters.
t is not good that BARSP has been withouta Vice President/President Elect since August 2012. This is an important position thatneeds to be filled. The BARSP by-laws state the duties of this position are: (1) Performthe duties of the President in the absence of that officer, (2) Act in an advisory capacitywith the President, (3) Assist the President on request, (4) Act as legislative and publicrelations chairperson (5) Become President in case of death or illness of the actingPresident (6) Be expected to succeed to the Presidency. I know when Dr. Mary ap-proached me about taking the Presidency in 2010, I was reluctant at first. I had only
been a BARSP member for three years and I didn’t know many people because I taught
for Saginaw Public Schools not the Bay City Area Schools. Dr. Mary assured me shewould help me as long as needed, and she did. I will do the same. Our secretary, JoyceSigelko has agreed to accept the position President or Vice President/President Elect for 2013-2015. I
will not
leave her without a VP/President Elect! As of this date no one hasvolunteered to accept this position. Our by-laws state that the election of officers shall bepublished in the March newsletter. Elections are held in April, with an opportunity for fur-ther nominations from the floor in April. Our solution is that I will agree to continue asBARSP President with Joyce as VP/President Elect unless there are other nominationsfrom the floor in April. This will give Joyce time to gain experience and hopefully time for one of our 500+ members to volunteer to be VP/President Elect.
It is important to read your Vanguard! The Jan./Feb. issue hasarticles relating to AARP Tax Aid help, SB1040 update, MARSP scholarship information,Eye Med vision information for aging eyes, health insurance questions (if you are turning65 soon be sure to read this), and updates on the busy 2021 Lame Duck session inLansing. If you have computer access you can also register with
. MARSPand other important numbers are in our directory on page 8 if you prefer to use thephone.
The fund was established to provide finan-cial assistance for MARSP members expressing needs.
Chapters can apply for thegrant (up to $500 per year) and declare whether they plan to match the funds receivedfrom the Foundation. Suggestions of needs for which Smith funds may be applied: medi-cal emergency needs, prescriptions payment, long-term care needs, transplants, major medical supplement, costs of transportation services, paying taxes, dental costs, mort-gage payments, house repairs, costs to attend MARSP meetings (transportation,meals), utility bills, clothing costs. Please let me know if you or someone you know is inneed. Names will be kept confidential.
Dr. Mary Boettger Cindy BoscoPhil BoscoGrace Chevalier Bonnie Clevenger Betty CliffordSandy DeWaeleJanet DixonFranklin GrantRosanne HemeJoan Hildinger Ron Hildinger Carl LearmanInez LuceMildred Nuffer Sue PostPeggy SullivanJoAnn Vanover 
Phyllis Woody
Thanks! Carl Learman 
In Memoriam
Rose Simons
June 13, 2012 
BARSP BALLOT (election to take place at April meeting)
For 2 year termPresident- Sandra DeWaeleVice President/ President Elect
Joyce SigelkoSecretary
Ann WatermanTreasurer- Felix BoscoProgram Vice-Presidents
Betty Defrain Janet BrandtNominating committee: Bill Jones, Gloria Bublitz, Win Grobbel
Membership News
Dues are Due!
• 2013
-14 MARSP renewal forms were sent to you in
February. If MARSP has your email address, theform will be on-line at MARSP.org rather than snailmailed. Your record number on the renewal formshould match the one on the address label of thisnewsletter. Call or email if the record numbers aredifferent. (989-892-9923) p-c-bosco@sbcglobal.net
• Please encourage newly retired friends to join us
NOW! By joining now, memberships are good until
June 30, 2014. That’s four extra months! By waitinguntil next fall, they get less than a year’s membership
for the same price. Pick up membership forms for them at our next meeting. Members 90 + years arehonorary members and BARSP waives their dues.
• Next month (April) “return service requested” will be
printed on the newsletter. PLEASE, call Cindy Bosco@ 989.892.9923 if you will be living away from your residence at that time. We can temporarily hold your newsletter or send it to an alternate address. Often20-30 newsletters are returned to us at an additionalcost of $.46 per newsletter. So please contact meeither at the March meeting or before mid
March if you will be away (even temporarily and even if thePost Office is holding your mail).
-Cindy Bosco Membership 
How does Moses make his tea? Hebrews it. Venison for dinner again? Oh deer! A cartoonist was found dead in hishome. Details are sketchy.
March 2013
Deborah Bula, Eileen PartloLavona Styn
April 2013
Marty Gilkey, Florine Schutkowski
May 2013
Eileen Czerwinski, Lavona StynDorothy Massoll
Thanks ! JoAnn Vanover 
Welcome Aboard !!
Patricia AndersonRebecca Felmlee Aladia MaziqueThomas Osborne
From the Editor….
We are looking for biographies of members to include in future is-sues.
Don’t be shy! 
If your story hasn’t
been included in the past, pleasemail or e-
mail me a brief “story of your life” (100
-150 words) to beincluded in future issues.
Smith, Editor 
♥ Take bananas apart
when you get home fromthe store. If you leavethem connected, theyripen faster.
♥ Peppers with 3 bumps
on the bottom aresweeter and better for eating. 4 bumps arefirmer for cooking.
♥ Add a teaspoon of wa-
ter when frying groundbeef; it helps to pullgrease away from themeat.
BARSP Minutes
November 10, 2012
eeting was called to order by President Sandra DeWaele.The Pledge of Allegiance was recited followed with the
singing of “America the Beautiful” and “Happy Birthday” to
those with November birthdays. Both led by Cindy Bosco.
We remember our colleagues with prayersand thoughts of their selfless giving to education and their 
Deceased members remembered: RoseSimons .
: 553 with four new members: Patricia Ander-son, Rebecca Felmlee, Aladia Mazique, Thomas Osborne.Two guests were in attendance and were introduced.
Les Nixon, President of MARSP. He gave infor-mation on the people who serve us at MARSP office inLansing and reported on his visits to the 84 chapters of MARSP. President DeWaele presented Les with a certifi-cate of appreciation.
Secretary’s Report:
Motion was made to accept the min-utes of the October, 2012 by Mary Ida Doan and secondedby Bill Jones. Motion carried.
Treasurer’s Report:
Phil BoscoMotion was made by Grace Chevalier and seconded by Jo
 Ann Vanover to accept the treasurer’s report as presented.
carried. Carl Learman reported 78 reservations for 
today’s meeting.
Insurance Report:
Wellness letters have been delayed toour homes. If you care to receive a $100.00 deduction inyour health care premium, remember to fill out the formand return. Members will receive a letter on individual newhealth care premiums for 2013.
Scholarship Report:
Grace Chevalier reported therewere no applications received from Bangor or PinconningSchool Districts. Five scholarships were awarded. Jill Mo-reno, Cramer Jr. High, Essexville; Karen Rauschenberger, Auburn Elementary; Pamela Simon, Auburn Elementary;Sharon Lupo, Hampton Elementary, and Mark Piotrowski,Handy Intermediate.
President’s Report:
Sandra DeWaele read a letter fromCharles Brunner thanking us for the voting support he re-ceived in the past State election.Thanks was given to all who supported the food collection.It is important to support our community.
Old Business:
New Business:
Nominations for officers of BARSP aredue for our March meeting. If you are interested in runningfor office or would like to nominate someone, please con-tact Bill Jones. We are in need of a President-Elect andPresidentMarch blessing to be given by Joan Hildinger. Next meet-ing is Monday, March 11, 2013 at 11 a.m. at the Double-Tree Hotel.Motion to adjourn was made by Nancy Kasperski and sec-onded by Phil Bosco. Motion carried.50/50 winners: $ 35 Rosanne Heme, $10 Wilma Black-more and Phyllis Woody.Submitted by: Joyce Sigelko, Secretary
Make check payable to
BARSP and 
mail by March 6.Carl Learman
 6353 Lawndale RoadSaginaw, MI 48604-9457989-793-8089
A Theatrical Gem…...
Bay City Players Turning 100
Leeds Bird, Bay City Players
BARSP Meeting Reservation FormMonday March 11, 2013
$9.50 per personName (s)_________________________________________________________________________________ 
No. Attending________________ Amount Enclosed __________________________( please do not staple
Income $1,192.50Expenses $1,451.30Checking Acct. $5,382.42Savings Acct. $2,047.56CD $7,468.63Life Acct CD $7,468.63
Every year many MARSP members take vacation timein a warmer climate. MARSP has 21 out of state chap-ters that meet throughout the year. They welcome visi-tors with open arms.To attend contact local chapters and let them know.For information and contact information check page 4

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