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Published by Nancy

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Published by: Nancy on Feb 04, 2013
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~:~'fr --- ."c
'?; ,
~;,ec"'" ;;~c: :~~ .
c .:?#-
n lneer
0;' :
. ~.c ,Februiiry 1~i.9'c o~,'. c ",VOLUME 1~ NUMBER I.
.:\RECORPS' - ,KIN(~
F()()l'\B"L\I...L (:H;\~IPS
~-- -Si~ Hundred and Fourth Engineers' Crack Eleven Plows Many Months of Unmolested Reign-His Nibs Dethroned byThrou~'h for 6-to-O Victory Over Headquarters Forces of the Red Triangle-FemiJtine Touch
Troop, 5th Army Corps.
Adorns Once Harren Walls.
~ ~--- - :'~ cc'" ~ "'-
'()f;F~T-J~,~-ljA.'i~!I;'Y. ,"'('!J. 1, }9..!.- .\,IJL""". vict~y -~~"~~ (;~~'::7fro;;; !\p"clal{Jorr".""pu""t.) ..
,,(Id," t:; !)"Lt:l:rseii:I"s ~1~a.F...ggi'e:gamn:otf{)otball at~l~tes" ,!I.'..J:IERS-SU~-SUJZE, Frall~e, Feb. .25, 1919.--VIl]I~rs-sur-
neing thethirif'succ~s~ive trimmin~ they have handed _amb~tlouS j Sulze IS all excIted and there IS
buzzing .atm~s.phere aroundaspir11nts for gridiron honors. H(,adquarters Tro~)p, ,)th ("orps, ' the ?Dteen that has not bee.n.wltne!!sed SInce It was st~rted.were the victims, 6-0 the score, The 604th t:ngineers are now
L~rge (orces of me~ are. pollcl~gthe place, and the ordinaryCOI'pS roop champions of the 5th (;orps, : b~rrenness so I~uch In evIdence I.n~h~ ,good,ol~ day~ has totally, 'raiued knee Rube did not get into the g1'ffie, hut' dJsappea,red, 1here are fancy CUI ams III the wI,Jldo~s, and large
LJ (
to he aquarterhack. of no
posters III gay colors adorn the same walls hJtherto decoratea
, Iia
,w 0 \\as SU)S I U e ,pr , .. i
' ,
WI co we S
mean ahility, The ,fiel(.l was in poor con Itlon, covere WI ;:
snow !Jut an enthusIastIc crowd was all present and accounted \ ,A Real Woman. ". for. ' This was on(' occasio!l when the lowest hnc~ priva!e ~
The veteran old Canteen Se1'geant Baucom has abd~cate~ In
;;, could sla) a colonc! 011 he back, yell "Don't them hlrds SboWi, tavor of the Y. M, C. A, !he new ruler of the canteen I~ a Jeal,
"" ld"t
honest-to-goodness AmerIcan woman-the first that we ve seeltC dSS, an "e a~~dV I I, , ,fhLdfJ
h- , smce wc Ie t t e an 0 "I erty, ISS Ive.. I lams IS er
And the Rand.
pame, and the place that used to require a shovel to force the-
What is a football game withont a b,~md? Even the loyal snp-
door is under new rule,pm'tcl's of the defeat.ed team found tI~te to, gathe~ '?roUl~d the: We will no longer have to use onr IlIt;SS kits for writing" tables,604th Engi1lcc~s Regllncntal Ijand whIle saId musIcIans Issued i nor will it be necessary to pull the time-honored alibi to theheaucoup mUSIC,
olks at home for not writing. The place can be swept with a
Thc EIlf{ineers outcl~!ssed and qutplaycd the He~ldquartcrs j liroom now, while ~ve all have memories of the days when
' Troop, and plowed their ~vay throu!{h the Hea(~quarters defense
nothing short of a Kansas cyclone could extract the cigarette
for ~1 ouchd')wn in the first quarter. Hall carrYIng the hall, \ butts, paper wrappers and the like from the corners of the old :;~'-{'
, : ,
;,::C! Schnltz Stars for Headquarters Troop. ~onarch's throne room. J - "'""..-~-.
'T,,', """:;":':;'~!o:"" ,;"",!".,~~u...r~a-"m':'\c"\1~. . ..~-~
"' , .~u~, whoproveil'w be the star of that team, "WWn now. but beauty first, last and always, -:it;' but there were to() u'an~' Cll!(illeers in his way, It was s~c' c Hero Baucom. 'game, and the boys me~~Sllr('~1 up be~llltifully to the standa~)
\ W? rem~mher the ?ays when it ne~1!:,ly ost a man his life to
set by the 604th J.:ngineers ill ~!thlctic, as w('ll as the pick and f\!.il I~to line for a pIece of ,choc~late, and when the boy~ ~asedshovel, ~ack III the line 10 or 15, times the old ,:,_et faced the barrage-; , lIke a hero, There were times when we dIdn't know the mean-The lineup: ing of the word chocolate-much less buying it-but we mustf]\J-Ith ENOINFJERS-(6)" HEADQUARTIj]RS T~OOP-(O). !{ive I3aucom credit for estahlishing our first over~eas canteen,
Davis ..., , 'c,;I..rn,...".., ,..., " GriltJth
land whie he took a great pleasure in rimming us of our hard-~', \ler.son " ,.,..~L.T , Lesl!11reanled fr~ics, remember that between the wne sho and him
~c DoyJ"
", ,...,L, G " ,..., OJ_o!!"." P
ii:'~~ ~l:rphY .", , ,...0"..,.,.""., "..:,." Lea:u ;_the ch,olcc was pretty thIn; the francs eventually went to one;;~--, ~~;;:'r..~~"...'.'.'.'...'...'.'...:'...','...'...' '.~..;:..:::::::::..::..::::::::::::.~~~~~' ..~~cecortheoth~r, t' I h tk' d f I':;1 ftall , ,." c..,.R.FJ : " ,. Stanfoi'tll- aucomwasntparlcuarwa In 0 money we gave llm--
::-' Jonos
""""""""" Q.II.." """",:""" Hur~ey ;..;Iranes, dollars or pounds, it was all the same, Someofthew!~e:"0 r.awrouee """"""""""'" .R, H... ,.., ... .. Schultz ,Icnptam! . ones tried cashing old rent Jeceipts and Chinese laundry tickets.C'~j Kamoron ".,.., ""_."...",L.R,,,...,,;c; , ,.,.. Lashway.",", '
c " ,., ~UL I ~von n wor, en e men ave recovere rom e.,..; cR"autb ~.." ""' , ,R GO'd..mlthc;initial sl.lock of having a place to write and read it ~s generally!"'c ; believed that th~ regiment will settle down to take things asANOTHER WAR HORROR. ,they come, ~IS of old,
. ,Mothers, fathers, sweethe~lrts and wives may have their own
'-', -
- p~lrticular reasqJlS for thankfulnes~ that ~he wa~ is ,over, ,b~' -,A NEW RECRUIT FOR UNCLE SAM'S ENGINEERS."~' ,,:,e,of the A, E, F. b,reathed a specIal find v~ry bIg sIgh at ~~. c';c,~- '" ~~,~ -~~.c. , -.'" llcf \,'hen Bloodv 13111 hook the du,t of ()erm~IIJV fr(,m hIs On '~rJ' "'9, l!11"!1':~lftlers-snr-Sulze, France, the bee
~, Number. Elevens: For we are slowly being freed' of one of
got In everybody's bonnet tllat a regimental paper would fill
~~. the war's most terrible horrqrs-the magazine cover soldier! a long-felt want. As a result. "The 604th Engineer" makes itsFor m~InY months have we shivered when he went "over the initial bow in this issue. Th~ policy of this paper-for a shortc:. to.p," atlireg in the late lamented campaign hat and canv_as :1; me at least-wil] be that of humor, good (ell°wshiP: ,w,hat;, leggings-neither of which have ever been seen in the A, E, F, flews we can gather, and perhaps som~ collstructlve crItIcIsme;cept on the person of some i~norant gink in the S, 0, s,
I or the organization members: Of course, cboi
THE 604th"ENGINEER ';,;
--~~~ ~ i-~-
The 60~ th Bngine Society
It is being whispered around in social clrcles that Mademoiselleji,'~ -
- Madeline and Sgt. Caldwell are about to be engaged!.
Published for Ilnll; by
Memi;)ers of The 604th Bngineor-~' Major Young, Capt. Meloy, the abbey of Villers-sur-Suize, and
_:0 ~c
Chaplain Kemp were entertained at dinner by the abbey of
Marac la"t week.
Published Every OnJ;e n a While. Never Entered a Post Offl"e Capt. Barton was agreeably surprised to have Sgt. 1st CI.PRICE. BEAUCOVP FRANCS. ,-::: Pardec of the 27th Engineers drop in on him the other day.
They were old friends backin1he states.
--~ ~
~- C'",-~,;:_",,:~ ~~
"oc ,"When areyo~ coming hom:?'~ ~1 our;:~tters ~r~.~~~~~~:'Doberty~~ea~IY, surp~ised }~st ~aturday;;"~ l~~g T,anrl, ~_c- - ~-,."1":..;;:;:;:~~~;:,:;.,,,,r:'e;:.c':: at Il1SpectIon tv find every. pIece I~ good condI~Ion. But he
I:' ~ ;;'- -Cc- ~\$i!":1 remarked there ,va,,:-,. reason; Fuotball game-dIrty bore, nopass-compree.
Enginccrs repair roadS. We are engineers. Ther~ are one- ---,-million miles of war-rutted roads in France. That.'s the. -' - " "'. ..answer. Before we finisb there is no doubt that the tWIll cas- Capt. MeloJ s Alrdale D.e~k!s a ~eteran. of ~hls great war.-tles, thc traditional ellgineer sYlnbol, will be replaced by a more, ~e lost an e~e, I\lost of h~s haIr a!ld ~ll hIs frIends; he runssuitahle cmblelll~two slwvels crossed above an Irish chariot. " sIdeways, whIch the captall1 explaIns IS due to the fact that
the hind legs travel faster than ,the front ones.
~ --"-!' -~
Everybody ls glad toc~ee Lieut. Frank Roderer back after t~~ ",-7-", DANCE AT THE HOTEL DU COMMERCE.weeks in the hospital. j. - , A few of the elite of "(:" Company- attended the hobnail ball.., at the fashionable Hotel duCommercie Monday evening. Amongthe guests \vere Sgt. Toms, beautifully attired in his eveningF~rloughs are bei~g granted, hu~ the one all ~he fellows ~ ~~uit (fatigue). He spoke fluently and fluidly to the FrenchlookIng forward to IS an ocean trlp~e way tIcket, please. maidens 011 such appropriate topics as "oui, mademoiselle,""cognac finis." Another was Sgt. Lang; professor of French.The orchestra featured the "Coru Willie" one-step.Rumor has it that theA. E. F: is to he paid off with cognac'01~ hereafter. The Government figures there is only about three'~:.. hours difference anyway. E OLD !)O4TH.
~~~--,~-., "~ -~-~-"~- ",:?c._!~:,J- , ,,'-,.. ,0, Some enterprising jeweler.could make a small fortune reI There's a soldier hoy who's blue~ ing watches, for about 75 per cent of the tinlepieces ar When he looks back':'n his stay in France..;j;~ sick c:Jll-shell shock, you know. And the things that he's gone through.
- We came overseas in SeptemberWe have a number of traveling salesmenm the company, And were eager to enter the fray, most of them are out on the road, hut)nstead of selling g To "do our bit" and help win the warthey are making little 0)1.5 out/ of big on6S. For the good old U. S. A.~ -" But orders were slow in coming,It will be noticed that the editorial box of this paper doe& After we came to Francenot contain the stereotyped phrase, "Entered in the Umpty-Ump 'Ve were billeted here and billeted there,post office as second class matter. Once and for all we want it . And never seemed to advance.distinctly understood that the 60-l'th Engincer is strictly fir6tclass matter!!!But finally there came an order
T'was back at Auzeville,
. .. .. .
That we were going up to the frontSgt. Bill Resser IS still ?untIng for the guy at First A And would surely !(et our fill.Headquarters who told hIm "on the level" that- the 6would be in the States by Febmary 1. Pretty tough. Bill, !... -we admire your nerve for backing your optimism with "e dJd our bit. m the Argonnecash. Bcats the pussyfooting of'tb~e "Russia" cre )t'han / :~n_daccomplJshed all our.workI, "\, e tought through mud, wlth rats 311dsl1llle-~==:::-~~ - An&iiOThing did ,,'e snlrk. '
-- - I~oredo Taft urges all AI\lerican soldiers without fail to se~
- '. . . .
the \\"onders and beauties of French and Italian architecture:' 10\' \\e t.oJS ha\c bucked our non-corns.
before ~oing back. He sa.y~ his is a great opportunity. Wi! S "'. And-ha\~ talked of our officers, too,
agree. All we now ask IS for the distinguished sculptor to Bu! ",hen It c~mes to :J good real test, ';1show us some means of getting loose.to see said architecture. , \ onll find \\e are all true blue.
",,; We have grousedand talked and had our quarl"el8
Trips are certainly hell. Sgt. Bickhart returns frOlll school";
And have also bee? h~ppy and gay, ,at Chaumont and Sgt. Johnson from furlough-only to find But.now that the st.rlfe IS endedtheir luxurious steam-heated apartment on the Rue No Com- ': ' '\e all see a happIer day.pray occupied by a couple: of new offic~rs. We welcome bothof you cx-luxury lovers to the society of those who :Jwake in For we are on the homeward lapthe morning with icicles on the eyebrows and a ton of hav And we're going back with a smile
. .
beneath the undershirt. Brethren of the Hayloft and Cowshed And twill be only a few months more,witness two new neophytes to our high and holy member. When we can laugh at that "last rong mile."ship!
\F' -~Ild we'll make a pledge and keep it,
No matter what comes betwecn,P,t. ..Tamcs Drury, A Company, considers himself the! The 604th has some of the finest men,iest man in the outfit. He receiv~d t\VO packages fron; Old France has ever seen.rePs, in I~ondon, and neither one contained a can of sardine PVT C A GRACEhardtack. . .. - ," Med. Det., 604th Engrs.~~~_2=,~-, "'- ,~"Cf;~;,,~i;':,"~~""~-~;;:';c': :,"~p~~~.. .c :"c
MUD-BATTLERS GET LONG-D~FERRED CREDIT.During the past month this outfit has been a busy bunch. Truck and Cycle Drivers Given Boost.Evcty man did a stipulated amount of athletics, and then wehad some enjoyable practice hikes in heavy marching order. .There was the jump from the upper Argonne down to where Now.let's tak,e a look ~t one o( the harde~t workIng and l~astwe now are located, traveling by the conventional means of appr~clated Units of thIs out~t~the Motol Tra?sport sectI.on.transportation, 40 hommees, 8 ch.eveaux. Arriving in Villiers-sur- Day I~ and day out the bunch sits down to gr~ without stoppl~gSuize, we got busy and rebuilt some barracks, in order to make to thIng that tr.uck ~nen have been ou! ~attlmg the snow, ramourselves comfortable. This finished, we immediat-ely started and mud, a~d n!ne tImes out 0.£ ten mlssm~ one or two meals :tb 'Iding and repairing roads. Some of the outfit were put to day or gettIng m to a meal of cold chow m order to have theq~:rrying rock, making road surveys, and lIumerous military "Willie" and beans at the mess h~l~s in ample time. And whenand technical schools were established. I.: I.:ompany was put ,you .get good news from home It s easy to for~et the motoron detached service, at 5th Corps Headquarters, Nogent, build- ..~ourlers who h.ave plo~ed through ~hc slush to !;IrIng the all t'?.~lllg barracks, repairing roads, and erecting hangers alld gr~nd- mfrequent mall: Motor transport In French wl.nter weather I"stands for the Corps Horse Show. Everybody has a job now-
no sloucb of a Jo.b, and the g.ents, who are battling the ruts ~e-adays, and no one would be surprised to see the" hand quit se1:Y;~ ~Il.,.t~e credIt that's cornIng I,) them,. Amolll( the "~as?lme!ioing bunk fatigue and playing some real musi,. 1 ::~~rts of the 604!)) ~,be mentIoned Master ,EllglUeerAbout 10tJ men and offit'ers didu't 4ave anything to do, so t~,' Allen, Sergeant Peter~on, Sergea~t f~ogall. (,,)rporal,s ~eff, Ken-:.commanding officer sent them away 011 furlough. and now they] .dall, Bara:, Matson, PIerce; Courler~ Lowe, Stefanclh and Des-are busily engai!ed in amusing thewselves duwn near the Swiss forge; PrIvates ~dmonds, ~~gley, f!IPP and Br'Jwnlee. I.ast butb der !lot least comes Dare DevIl' Magson, wh,) does Barlley Oldfieldor
:itunts between here and Nogent with tiw ~fa.ior's favorite nodg",benzine buggy.Two hullo:he" are 110"" among the furloughers from the 604th.The first ]00, who went to Aix.les-Bains, have already returned.\\'ht6"4th
WhtkthdfII.. -b
.' '
110 a, ,u. . Y 110 eep up e goo e ow.The second erew weill to Nlee. whele the\ ar~ askIng In t e
d,.: , , SJlp we ave enJove as an armv organlza Ion. astlng rlen -Medierranean sunshIne IInd castmg longing eyes at emlcmg '.' " . ..
tdSttshIps ha\e been fornled between m~n who were emlre stranger,
on e ~ar 0, w IC IS a ,),) or/so lers 0 e nI e a es
Ihe ore JoIning e ou
Army. A lot e te ows w 0 lave een a or e ur oug QppOr-, , , .tunity under the go.vernmem's plan of sending the men on duty ~,,4 604th Uuh would he the hest possIble means of keepIngstatus al1d paying their transportation al1d hotel. bills are de- f{)I'ever alive the spl~ndid fellowship generated during our
lighted with this mO:it thoughtful arrangemem 011 the part of
oj'Jurn in the land of mud.
General Pershing and his staff. It gives the enlisted men the The cluh would he practically lIatiol1 wide in it:i scope.maximunl of a good vacatiol1 on a minimwn of frano:s. \Vith a l:nJike draft and Xational Guard organizations, its nlemher-majority of the mel1 ,'arrying heavy allotmems for dependem, in .;hiJ) has heen drawn from a wide, rather than a restricted, area.addition to insurano:e. a ,'ao:ation. much-lleeded as suo:h a rest -is
' '
, . . . , --h I ~s ) .an ,0 course, wou Je Ie wIn CI le~ 0
over here, would be prohlllltl\"O: to mall\" \\"el'", It uot for thl'i i '
]' I' Inneapo IS an ,.,!. au,)U ere are ~cores 0 men rom e "
mllO: -to- Je commen" p a 11 1
' ,i .
~: memher of the 604th C:luh tourillg the Luited States \vith'-a roster of the old regiment in his possession \vould be able,
--"1 to,find "pa]s" ofh,is life in the A, E, F. in every state iu thePri\.ate Growdy, the .'I{emingtou Kid,.' indignantly denies tl~ ' rllion, ~c_--' _.' ,
report that he imbibed freely of the cup that cheers while at Aix- The idea of this club originated.in a rather uo\"el but typical"les-Bains. But he does charge certail1 ul1scrupulous young Ellfieid A. E. F. fas~ion. A hunch of "bucks" were sitting around atoters of a plot to dislodge him from the higher heights of \irtue l.hy. 2 sto,.e In a barn loft dowu in "C" C:ompauy just peddlillgand purity, It seems that the cup which he was led 10 believe t4e "bull." Well, they peddled alld peddled till they peddledcomained nothing mure harmless than French lemonade really "out the idea.held a generous bumper of Mr. Hennessey's famous Three Star It:i rapidly assliming shape; lets make it a reality.Cognac. The military police records at Aix show no reeordof the arrest of any 6/)4th man, so we are led to believe Growdy'~story that he reached hIs roonl without further mishap. althoughthe sky and pa\'ement did appear to tilt a hit!Some time ago the warning was .sounded to all mess ser-,./- . f!,eants ahout me:iS and compan')' funds, but the warning must.\, NEWCOMER-;.t!ORE CORN WILLY. have heen sounded by Bugler Murphy, for they didn't seem to!
bear it. Xo~. it's all right to he philanthropic, and the
Q.M. C.
Lieut. Bevill has been attached to this organization as regi- i~ deser\ing, bllt that don't fill the helts of the 604th Enf;i-memal demal surgeoll, much to the joy of a great many. The neers. and the old saying is, "Charity starts at home."
lieutellam is a thorough soldier, and those who have had oc- \Ve must expend these funds on this side. \Vhy prolong the -,"c,-ocasioll '10 be on his report say he's an artist with the wheel 'Igony of a real feed? -
al!d pullicans, .' T~ " ""~'~_?I"'!' c:
Our boxers didn't have a chance to sliow their mettle at th'e' ~ill-fated championships at Nogem the other night, but their 1 SHpply Sergeam Adams-Sa\", Swen:ion, what al;out mv allot-time is corning. Saturday night, at Bourhone-les-Bains, an- mem'? My folks say the~are.not getting it, and I \vantvotI toother atteml>t will be made to rllU through he schedule of straightelJ it out. . .bouts. We exp,ect that Battling Sumall, Philadelphia Kid - Persolmel Sergeant Swenson-\Vell, I'll tell you what TlldoO'Donnell al1d Battling La\vrence ,,"ill bring home a large share Adams; you give me a new pair of breeches nnd I'll fix vou;of the bacon, Foxy Peters of .'C" Company is managing the ailotment. .gang and he has a great faculty for getting the omfit all that iscorning to us-and then SOME.. It is reported that Miss Williams of the ")'" has requested the
services of SergeaJJt :lla,ior Himes to :iillg il! the choir she is.
All "top cutters" are busy nowadays with service records. l"-orming for Sunday purposes. Some poor "simp" told her thatSergeant Olsen, "A" Com,pany, is fast g~tting gray, while ")fiek" is a bear 011 singing hymns. But unfortunately ":Irick"l\fc(:ormick, "B" (;ompany, is getting grouchy. Heasley of "C" fJnly knows one-the famous "Onward, Christian Soldiers."(~ompaI1Y, is getting forty-year wril1kles around the eyes, and The old Vancouver gang can remember that his nibs sure foreMcGaughey of Headquarters went to Paris to recuperate. Go to foose with the harmollY on olle memorable night. The questionit. .vou areh demons: you used to make us work. is, ~II :lliss Williams j)rovide the ITecessaary luhricam to pro----,,--- duce this desired musieal effect?\\"t. T:arl(in Owens has infurmcd us that he has Dlade a,pp'- ;;;='ClitlOI1 tor re-enlistment as soon as he ohtailJS his dis':'.Say. B.,. you must ha,:e a soft job. 'Vhat are you. K '--'"t'Obber? --

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