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Published by gnwosisi

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Published by: gnwosisi on Feb 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Birds (1963)
(Figure 1)
Melanie Daniels, a young socialite, meets Mitch Brenner in a San Francisco birdshop. Melanie Daniels pretends to work in the bird shop but got out smarted by MitchBrenner as he was looking for
Love birds
. Melanie Daniel bought these love birds for MitchBrenner and surprisingly travelled all the way to drop it at his country house. From there onthis was how the birds started invading and attacking.
this movie
is one weird movie. I kind of like some parts and also dislike a couple, onceagain this movie was directed by Hitchcock and with all his movies this one I
really enjoy asmuch, quite confusing. If one was not to know the name of the movie and just sit down and watch,they would think
it’s a
love movie. At first the movie goes on for about 30 minutes how Melanie fallsin love, gets the bird and delivered it to Mitch
s house. The only time the Birds were introduced waswhen Melanie was in the shops and she was wondering why there were much birds flying.Then again even though there was no background music running all the way through like Psycho,this movie is full of suspense and silence. Even though CG was still upcoming during that time, themovie tried to show as many birds, eating humans and flying around with the heavenly squeaky birdnoise that does the trick of making the audience hearts pound because the sound effects of the birdswere
amazing “
 A breakthrough with regards to the use of trick shots and sound effects, TheBirds dazzles when there is suspense ripe for milking
(Dave. B)
What defines this movie the most is the way Hitchcock uses the camera shots to drive the audience,sometimes it really put you in the scene. There was a scene there Melanie and Mitch was locked inthe house to protect themselves from the birds. At some point the birth were quiet and thepositioning of the camera gives us a hint (worm eye) looking up to the selling telling the audiencethat the birds are upstairs. Another amazing shot was when the camera led Melanie upstairs
Thereare certain shots in
The Birds
that are instantly recognizable as Hitchcock. The tilting of thecamera when Mitch is tending to a hurt Melanie to show how the power in their relationshiphas now changed with Mitch on top.
(Bill. T, 2009)
Relating this to Psycho this movie contains the mother and son relationship was Mitch
s motherwants him only to herself as she
want to feel the need to be lonely. This adds anothertension to the drama, it left me at some point thinking whether she was going to kill Melanie but itleaves you hanging at the end at they all had a family hug, does this mean anything?.Also love the huge capturing at the ending scene withloads of bird as they escape from the house
That creative genius is captured for all to see in
. From its use of bird sounds in lieu of music toits disturbing closing shot,
The Birds
is an atypical Hitchcock film which finds the director in amischievous mood 
 (R. B Armstrong, 2011) What I
understand is how comes the birds
 attack them on the way out. In addition the way thescene ends was shocking it felt like Hitchcock could have added more to this movie.

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