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We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank - Digital Booklet

We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank - Digital Booklet

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Published by Panaman
We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank by Modest Mouse
Digital Booklet
We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank by Modest Mouse
Digital Booklet

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Published by: Panaman on Feb 14, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Iffood needed pleasing you’d suck all the seasoning off!Suck it off! Well treat me like the disease like the rats andthe fleas, a-ha-ha! Bang your head like a gong ’cuz it’sfilled with all wrong! A-ha-ha. If you think you know enough to know you know you’ve had enough. And if youthink you don’t you probably will. Our tails wagged andthen fell off, but we just turned back marched into thesea. Well treat me like the sea oh so salty and mean, ah-ha-hah-ha! Well treat me like the disease like the rats andthe fleas, ah-ha-ha! I’ll be beating my heart’s record for speeding. I’ll be beating the record for hearts skipping inthe dark. Our tails wagged and then fell off but we just turned back marched into the sea, well we just turnedback marched into the sea. Take all that you need likemy sign says for free, till it’s gone! Till it’s gone! Well dis-cardwhom you please like the leaves off a tree, ah-ha-ha!Let’s shake hands if you want but soon both hands aregone, ha-ha-ha! Well treat me like the sea oh so salty andmean. Oh treat me like the sea oh so salty and mean. Treat me like disease like the rats and the fleas. Bang your head like a gong ’cuz you call it all wrong, move your tongue. Klang! Klank! Klang! Klang! Klang! Klang!Cut me down like a tree like the lumber or weeds, welldiscardwhoyou please like the leaves offatree. Dragme out of the sea and then teach me to breathe. Give meforced health till I wish death on myself. Ah! Ha! Ha! Well we all stumbled round tangled up in the cords from our phones, V.C.R. and our worldly woes. Ah! Ha! Ha! Marchon! March on! March on! March on! March on!
 Well it would’ve been, could’ve been worse than you would ever know. Oh the dashboard melted but we stillhad the radio. Oh it would’ve been, should have been worse than you would ever know. Well you told me ’bout nowhere well it sounds like some place I’d like to go. Ohit could’ve been, should have been worse than you wouldever know. Oh the windshield was broken but I love thefresh air you know. Well it would’ve been could’ve been worse than you would ever know. Well you talked about nothing which was more than I wanted to know. Well it  would’ve been could’ve been worse than it had evengone. Well the car was on blocks but I was already whereIwant. Why should we ever even ever even really get toknow.Oh if the world don’t like us it’ll shake us just like we were a cold. Well we schemed and we schemed but  would always blow it. We’ve yet to crash but still might as well tow it. Standin’ at a light switch, to each east and west horizon. Everydawn one yells surprise and in theevening one’s consoling, sayin’, “See it wasn’t quite asbad as IT COULD’VE BEEN.” Well it would’ve beencould’ve been worse than you would ever know, I waspatiently erasing and recording the wrong episodes. After  you had proved my point wrong it wasn’t like I would let it go. I just wanted to catch the last laugh of this show. Well it would’ve been could’ve been worse than you would ever know, oh the dashboard melted but we stillhad the radio. Hardwired to conceive so much we had tostow it even needs have needs, tiny giants made out of tinier giants. Cut off our eyelids so we don’t miss a sec-ond of the show. Well it would’ve been could’ve been worse than you would ever know, well you told me ’bout nowhere well it sounds like the place I’d like to go. Well we schemed and we schemed but would always blow it. We’ve yet to crash but still might as well tow it. Standin’at a light switch, to each east and west horizon. Every dawn one yells, “Surprise,” and in the evening one’sconsoling, sayin’, “See it wasn’t quite as bad as IT COULD’VE BEEN.” Well it would’ve been, could’ve been worse than you will ever know.(Shaker: Clay Jones, Programming:Kyle “Slick” Johnson)
Etceteranough. Fire it up. Fire it up. When we finally turnit over make a beeline towards the border, have a drink you’ve had enough. Fire it up. Fire it up. If you needsome conversation bring a magazine to read around our broke-down transportation. Fire it up. Etceteranough.Fireit up. Fireit up. When we find the perfect water, we’llhang out on the shore just, just long enough to leave our clothes there. Fine enough. Fine enough. Oh we ate all of the oranges off the navels of our lovers, grabbed a bookand read the cover. It honestly was beautifully done. We’dtried to hide the daylight from the sun. Even if we hadbeen sure enough it’s true we really didn’t know. Even if  we knew which way to head, but still we probably would-n’t go. Fire it up. Fire it up. We push off we are rollingborders, crashing down the mirrored stairways. Two of life’s best mine canaries. Fire it up. Fire it up. When wefix the carburetor,then we’ll push off once again in anhour or so later. It honestly was beautifully bold. Liketrying to save an ice cube from the cold. Even if we hadbeen sureenough, it’s true we really didn’t know.Even if  we knew which way to head, but still we probably  wouldn’t go. Well we always had it all. (Background Vocals: Naheed Simjee, Programming: Kyle“Slick” Johnson)
 Although we’d often wondered, it was no thing of wonder the shit that flew from our minds. While wearing stains of fresh fruit and riding on shoes of horse glue. On thisridiculous climb. With great tunnel vision we’d built our-selves a mission, to ride on bullets inside. Oh what a vaindescription of what we had been missing, so why wouldanyone try? It was always worth it. That’s the part I seemto hide, and the busy ant empire had all deserted hive. I wasn’t always cargo. I was once kind of my own. I guessI’ll pack up my mind. It took so much effort not to makean effort. Oh what a flawless design. It was always worthit. That’s the part I seem to hide and the busy ant empireput up the closing sign. Even as I hadleft Florida. Even as I had left Florida, far enough, far enough wasn’t far enough. Couldn’t quiteseem to escape myself. Far enough, far enough, far fromFlorida. We were all drowsing in cruise control. Far enough, far enough wasn’t far enough. I stood on my heart’s porch thinking, “Oh my god I probably have tocarry this whole load.” I couldn’t remember if I tried. Icouldn’t remember if I took my brain out through it sodirectly at the goal. I couldn’t remember if I tried. I couldhave my mind erased and still not know exactly what Idon’t already know. Even as I had left Florida.(Background Vocals: James Mercer,Programming: Clay Jones)
 There’s no work in walking and it fueled the talk. I wouldgrab my shoes and then away I’d walk through all thestubborn beauty I’d start at the dawn until the sun hadfully stopped, never walking away from just a way to pullapart, dehydrate back into minerals. A lifelong walk tothe same exact spot. Carbon’s anniversary. The parting of the sensory. It’s old, old news to read. The parting of thesensory. Who the hell made you the boss? We placed our chips in all the right spots, but still lost! Any shithead who had ever walked could take this ship and do a muchfiner job. This fits like clothes made out of wasps! Ohfuck it, I guess I lost. The parting of the sensory.Carbon’s anniversary. Just part of the game, if you please.Carbon’s anniversary. Who the hell made you the boss? If  you say what to do I know what not to stop. With you asthe ship who would ever get on?! The weather changedand for the worse. It came down on us like it had beenrehearsed! Not like you’d hoped but change will come,and be awful for most and really good for some. We’dpulled the trigger but forgot to cock. Oh fuck it I guess we lost! Someday you will die somehow and some thingsgonna steal you carbon. Someday you will die and some-how some thing or someone steals your carbon.Someday you will die and somehow you will figure out how often... something will die and you aregoing to stealits carbon. Somehow and somewhere you’re gonna lose your carbon.(Claps & Stomps: Naheed Simjee & DennisHerring, Programming: Kyle“Slick” Johnson)
 While we’reon the subject could we change the subject now, I was knockin’ on your ear’s door but you werealways out. Lookin’ towards the future we were beggingfor the past well we know we’d had the good things but those never seem to last, oh please just last. Everyone’sunhappy everyone’s ashamed, well we all just got caught lookin’ at somebody else’s page. Well nothin’ ever went quite exactly as we’d planned, our ideas held no water but  we used ’em like a dam. Oh and we carried it all so wellas if we’d got a new position. Oh and I’ll laugh all the way to hell saying, “Yes this is a fine promotion.” Oh and I’lllaugh all the way to hell. Everyone goes crazy over suchand such and such, well we’d made ourselves a pillar,but  just used it as a crutch. We are certainly uncertain at least I’m pretty sure I am, well we didn’t need the water but we stillbuilt that good goddamn! Oh and I know thisof myself, I assume as much for other people. Oh and Iknow this of myself, we’ve listened more to life’s endgong than the sound of life’s sweet bells. Was it even worth it? Was there all that much to gain? Well we knew  we’d miss the boat and we’d already missed the plane. We didn’t read the invite we just danced at our own wake. All our favorites were playin’ so we could shake, shake!Shake, Shake, Shake! Tiny curtains opened then, weheard the tiny clap of tiny hands, a tiny man would tell a little joke and get a tiny laugh from all them folks, sittingdrifting round on bubbles then (thinking it was us that carried them), when we finally got it figured out, that wehad truly missed the boat. Oh and we carried it all so wellas if we’d got a new position. Oh and we owned all thetools ourselves without the skills to make a shelf with. Oh what useless tools ourselves. (Background Vocals: JamesMercer, Acoustic Guitar: Clay Jones)
 We’ve got everything. We’ve got everything. We’ve got everything down to a science, so I guess we know every-thing! We know everything. We know everything. Weknow everything was built to expireso I guess we’vedone everything. If we’d carried it out to sea, pushed it over the edge we’d have all been through. Well, “First off,” Gary got drunk, fell asleep in his car till about noon. Awe! “Flat-top.” Tony got all messed up, split his lip chas-ing cheap perfume. Well look at our boat in the bay it, it looks like some sad-ass little canoe. We’ve done every-thing. We’ve done everything. We’ve done everythinglike trial by fire, so I guess we’ll stop trying now. We’vetried everything. We’ve tried everything. We’ve triedeverything half-assed and as liars. That’s how we got everything. If we carried it out to sea, pushed it over theedge, we could have all been through. Well no one evenbothered showin’ up so we still did what we should’vethought through. Wecrashed in like waves into the store.Didn’t want it, didn’t need it but we knew that we couldsee it so we opened up the door. We receded like wavesout of the store. Didn’t want it didn’t need it but we knew that we could steal it. Left you dying on the floor.We’vegot everything. We know everything. We’ve done every-thing. We’ve tried everything.(Background Vocals: James Mercer)
 All part and parcel, we were already dead. Well it’s proba-bly been said, that one wing isn’t even enough. It isn’t even enough, it isn’t even enough to leave. Yeah gonna let myself right out the door. I’m gonna thank myself  when it’s finally over, oh I’m a gonna let my old bad self take over. I’m gonna move my arm out with my shoulder.One wing wasn’t even enough, it wasn’t even enough. It  wasn’t even enough to leave. First-off.” Gary was on dry and drunk before we’d even left our beds. As things got bad it wasn’t hardto say that he had no idea. Well I had-n’t noticed but the people really noticed that they really 

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