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Fitness equipment reviews 2013

Fitness equipment reviews 2013

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Published by ftequipmentreviews
Get in shape for Summer! Top rated fitness products reviewed and rated. Also, where to save as much as 40% on fitness products.
Get in shape for Summer! Top rated fitness products reviewed and rated. Also, where to save as much as 40% on fitness products.

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: ftequipmentreviews on Feb 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Product features:
t is extra comfortable and super-efficient because its pedal`sergonomic structure2.Keeping up with modern-daytechnology, the Schwinn 120 UprightExercise Bike provides audio supportand other media features like built-inspeakers and Ebook holders.3.The more authentic the experiencethe most relaxing – the Schwinn bikeoffers a real road-like feel4.It is fitted with levelers and stabilizersfor a strong workout5.It can offer users as much as 8different workouts6.It looks out for your health bymonitoring and providing importantheart rate and fitness informationdirectly on the LCD in front of you7.Transporting it is easy being fittedwith wheels in order to move itwherever you desire8.It also has a water bottle holderconstantly needing to be hydrated.
Customer scores & reviewsBeing reviewed by 18 customers,the Schwinn 120 Upright ExerciseBike (2012 Model) got a 4.1 outof 5 stars rating.They considered it easy toassemble, solid and very quiet. Itcan also accommodate biggerindividuals without any problem.Overall this is a highlyrecommended machine
Schwinn 120 UprightExercise Bike
With over 100 years of historydedicated to bikes, Schwinn is probably the best in the business.Starting off in 1895 as part of aracing program, the company became a real trend setter for thisindustry.Permanently ahead of times andyears in front of competitors, theymerged with fitness giant Bowflexalso known as Pacific Cycle to become later on Nautilus Inc. withname changes came the launch of the Evolution line that includedindoor cycling bikes.Maintaining their innovative spirit, progress is made every year andinvestments and hard work pay off when it comes to indoor fitness.
Living at an ever increasing pace,time is a great asset. Making themost out of it has become a realchallenge.The Schwinn 120 Upright ExerciseBike offers a great deal when itcomes to health and money saving.It is one of the best ways of releasing stress and tensionaccumulated during the day or evena great way to begin every morning. It offers the best cardio without ever leaving your house. Leading ahealthy life is the most importantaspect of an individual’s existence.Staying in great shape is essentialnowadays when our bodies are permanently exposed to negativeexterior factors.The people at Schwinn createdcutting edge products for people thatvalue their well-being. This machineis great no matter the point of view.Putting it together is effortless andfast. It is not complicated at all,developers even providing differenttools for a more pleasant experience.It is a simple one hour job.You will get the feel that everythingis in the right place and that your  bike was custom made to better reach your expectations.
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Pros of Product
The exercises for Total Gym XLSTrainer are very fun since it requiresthe individual to move.Another great thing about thisproduct is that it allows the person todo the things that he/she cannotnormally do, such as pushups with thewing attachment.This is possible due to the adjustableresistance and configuration of thedevice.With all these positive things aboutthe device, there is no wonder whypeople rated it with a perfect score.
Cons of Product
The only downside of this product isthat it is not as easy to use as what isimplied.However, aside from this there is noother downside that we can relate tothe Total Gym XLS Trainer.The positive things about the productstill outweigh its negative side
Who Should Buy This Product
Everyone who wants to acquire aperfect exercise equipment must buythis product.This device is something that benefitsmost parts of your body – upper partand lower part. Anyone can use thisdevice for their workout routines.
Conclusion and Recommendation
The Total Gym XLS Trainer is a goodinvestment for an exercise equipment.It does not just help you become morefit. It allows you to save space as wellsince it is not a large device.This is recommended to everyone whois interested in getting fitter.
The Total Gym XLS Trainer is afitness machine that does not hogyour entire space.It is a tool consists of a glide boardand other handy attachments. It helpsyou strengthen every muscle of your  body.The Total Gym XLS Trainer worksfor both upper and lower body of anindividual.It also works on your abdominals andcardiovascular system.The device has been acknowledged asone of the most helpful devices for  people who are recovering from physical injuries.
What Comes in the Box
The Total Gym XLS Trainer comeswith a cable system and a new pulley.It also includes an advanced squatstand and a padding. Blow are theother things included in the Total XLSTrainer package:Workout InstructionsExercise Wall ChartTraining Deck Meal Plan and Nutritional Program
Product Features
Features of the Total Gym XLSTrainer are the best. The device has agravity-based resistance system thatallows a smooth workout routine.It has an advanced pulley andimproved cable system that makes it better than other exercise devices.This device can carry up to 400 pounds. It includes workouts andworkout tools.
Short Summary of Feedback FromExisting Users
Users of the Total Gym XLS Trainer defined the device as a machine thatis definitely worth purchasing.They are very happy with theinclusions of the device. Theworkouts are very effective and theworkout tools are very easy to use.Users are more than just satisfied inusing the Total Gym XLS Trainer.This is the reason why they keep onusing the device for so long.
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