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The Story of Monique

The Story of Monique

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Published by ntop73

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Published by: ntop73 on Feb 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Story of Monique
by anonymous
The Story of Monique explores an underground society's clandestine rituals andscandalous encounters that reveals the sexual rituals that beckon the ripe and willingMonique.I think you get the picture. It has a great blend of all kinds of naughty yet fun fantasysituations that we could never have imagined on our own. There is a little of everything in this book. Usually published as a companion work to Lisette, yet itkeeps you very interested the entire time. We highly recommend it if you are lookingfor stimulating erotica.
Chapter 1
Monique stretched luxuriously on her bed, her tawny body writhing on the coolsheets, and glanced at the clock.Already eleven! She jumped up, put her bathrobe and slippers on, and shuffled downthe hail.It was quiet. Aunt Sonia had gone out; Monique couldn't remember if she'd mentionedshe'd be spending the day shopping. It didn't matter. . . the solitude was welcome andher aunt would return soon enough. And then...Monique swallowed a hastily prepared cup of tea before returning to her room to getdressed. She paused before the full-length mirror inside the door, admiring thereflection of her magnificent body as she removed the robe. She was tall and slim,though well-rounded at the hips and buttocks. Golden-blonde hair fell in anunrestrained cascade to her shoulders. Her face was porcelain fine-the eyes wide and blue, the cheekbones well-defined, the lips full and pouting. Her breasts were fullglobes that hung lush and firm and swayed when she walked. They were capped withrose-dark cones that covered the ends like snow on a mountain peak. Her torsotapered to a thin waist that flared to voluptuous hips. Below her belly a thin mossingof golden hair covered her mount; the inviting pink lips of her taut pussy peered shylyfrom beneath. Her legs were long and smooth and seemed to invite a caress.Sighing, Monique turned away and pulled on a shirt and shorts. The bottom line of her buttocks was just visible below the daring cut of the cloth. She had nothing planned for the day, other than to take a walk in the park, read, and perhaps grab a bite to eat. But even this became boring after an hour or two and she returned home totake a nap. Naked on the bed, on the verge of sleep, she thought about the breadth of her experiences since her precocious maturity. She was aware of a slight feeling of 
shame, but the recollection of the hours of sensuous pleasure she'd allowed herself supplanted any misgivings. She nodded off, a finger absently stroking the erect fleshof her clitoris.A kiss on her already throbbing nipples woke Monique. She opened her eyes to seeher aunt, naked as she, lying beside her and nibbling at the plump fruits. Her teethtugged the taut nippleflesh; the twin peaks rose to her prodding until they stoodengorged and quivering beneath the alternating nibbles and licks. Meanwhile, Sonia 'sfingers frantically explored Monique's young body as if trying to absorb some of itsyouth and vitality by mere contact.Monique eagerly surrendered herself to the invasion. Sonia's mouth covered her assenting mouth, prompting an exchange of twining tongues. Sonia's belly glued itself to her own in a long rotation that merged their pussy hairs. The pendulous breasts of her aunt hovered tantalizingly just out of tongue's reach, the dark nipples begging to be laved and raked.Eyes closed, tongues tied together, the two women abandoned themselves to the pleasures of their union. Sonia lifted Monique's legs, bending and spreading themapart while she brought them all the way up the girl's bosom. Then she squattedsideways between the upturned legs, straddling Monique so as to adapt her drippingcunt to her niece's yawning slit. Sonia's tits slid down along Monique's imprisonedthighs until the two women were cunt to cunt. Sonia seated herself more firmly, tryingto use her erect clit to penetrate the lips of Monique's gasping pussy. She bobbed upand down and rotated her bottom, feeling the pleasure intensify. Then she brought twofingers to the pink threshold and began to separate the moist flesh.Monique closed her eyes, arching her body more completely, offering herself to the penetration. Sonia teased the lips before her, running her fingertips over and along theslit, curling the golden hair along its border, and just barely darting within the orificeuntil Monique lay moaning and squirming beneath her. She made a cooing sound of sympathy before finally working one, then two, then another of her probing digits intothe opening.She plunged then in to the first joint, admiring the way the eager flesh of Monique'scunt grasped the intruders. She worked them around, revelling in the feel of theslippery membranes, before jamming them in as far as they would go.Monique gasped and jumped with the final penetration, moaning with mixeddiscomfort and ecstasy. She could feel her pearly sap starting to ooze out as Soniafinger-fucked her with brutal force. She could feel a tingling warmth building in her toes that rose up her legs and suffused her body with a languorous glow. Throughslitted eyes she could see Sonia's face above her, convulsed with pleasure, the head bending backwards, the lips slightly parted, the nipples dusky and erect. She had littletime to see anything else as the spasmodic contractions overwhelmed her and shegushed against her aunt's fingers.They remained motionless in the heavy silence that followed, Sonia sprawled acrossMonique's panting body. Then she resumed sucking Monique's titties. She lickedaround the darker rings of tender flesh, pausing to bite and scrape her teeth against the
hardened cones. She inhaled deeply, drawing as much of Monique's right breast intoher mouth as she could, then released it and licked the undersides before progressingonce again to the nipples. She rose up and straddled the young girl, only this time she placed herself higher. Monique, basking in the exhaustion following her orgasm, lether do whatever she wanted to do. Little by little Sonia moved up her chest. Her spread thighs came to cover the nipple of the left breast. It seemed that her pussy,gifted with some kind of self-thinking, hesitated a little. But a moment later the wetlips absorbed the turgid upstanding flesh of Monique's tit, bringing the hard peak of the nipple in contact with the sensitive bud of Sonia's cunt. Sonia's hands came to reston each side of Monique's head as she began to grind her hips in a circular motion."Darling, oh darling!" murmured Sonia, while her belly slid in all directions.Monique could feel the warmly grasping cunt lips rubbing against her erect nipple.Sonia pressed down harder to make the flesh penetrate more deeply in the flowingslit. The silence was punctuated by Sonia's loving sighs as she strove to impaleherself."How good it is," her aunt moaned. "My love.. .again. ..again. . .there. . .see how softyour breasts are..."Indeed, Monique could feel pleasurable sensations radiating from her bosom all theway to her own cunt. She hadn't thought such warm and delightful feelings were possible except by the promptings of a large and plunging cock. She closed her thighsunder the pressure of her response.Soon Sonia, entirely out of control, uttering senseless words, came in a paroxysm of convulsive joy that collapsed her onto Monique's quivering body. Monique lifted her  breast to her mouth and lapped at the juices that covered her nipple and dribbled intothe valley between her tits. She felt Sonia's lips wandering down her body. Moaningwith expectation, she parted her thighs, awaiting the delicate caress she knew wasforthcoming. Her pussy, already dripping from her previous orgasm, throbbed asSonia's roving tongue moved closer. When Sonia buried her head between the tanthighs, Monique scissored the burning cheeks, trapping the hungry mouth and tonguein her quivering muff.Sonia ate her expertly, licking the bedewed cunt lips, flicking at the inner conch-huedfolds, then turning the skin slightly outward so as to better nibble the enflamed clit.The feeling was indescribable; Monique shivered with each lashing, savoring thelevels of pleasure to which Sonia brought her, only to be surprised anew as her auntelevated her to a still higher plane of throbbing ecstasy. She felt as though her bellyand loins would explode as her orgasm overtook her. She came in great goutingspasms that made her cry out and left her breathless, but satisfied and fulfilled as well.Sonia raised her head when the throes subsided and smiled. "Well, I'm certainly gladyou accepted my invitation to spend your vacation with me." She licked Monique'screme from her lips. "How about you?"

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