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Trip or Journey PDF

Trip or Journey PDF

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Published by Malvarosa
Learn how to use these two words: trip and journey
Learn how to use these two words: trip and journey

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Published by: Malvarosa on Feb 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Complete withjourney or trip:If we say Enjoyyour journey! this would only apply to the travelportion of the trip, so it is better to sayEnjoy yourtrip! 
Journey, it refers to:- travelling a long distance-travelling regularly,emphasizing on the ideaof travelling itself --usually not used for shortand unimortant mattersTripit refers to:-travelling a short distanceand coming back again- an unusual journeyemphasizing on the place orreason of travelling- it involves more than oneSingle journey, we talk aboutday trips, round trips andbusiness tripsWe MAKE journeysWe GO Otris
1- The__________________fromLondon to Newcastle was great2-They talked about_____________ For a long time3-Mary is on a business___________ 4- My________________to work takesan hour5- We went on a day_____________ To see Stonehenge6- The______________by road is veryslow7- What animals did you see on your ______________to Africa?8- He fell asleep during thetrain_________________ 9- Did you have a good__________?10- I was thinking we might go on ashopping___________to Harrods onSaturday11- He´s away on abusiness__________ 12-My friend can´t affordanother___________________ abroadthis year13- Have a safe_______________ 14- I love going on along____________ 15- It´s one hourtrain_______________ 16- During our stay in Paris wewent on a day______________toDisneyland17- Our sightseeing ____________ around Rome was very informative18- What´s the longest train_______  ____________you´ve ever had?19- How long did your____________ Take?20-I go to work by train, and the ______ takes half an hour.

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