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Silent Cuban Political Transparency is Deafening

Silent Cuban Political Transparency is Deafening

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Business as Usual in Cuba Guards Hugo Chavez and Aids Castro

Business as Usual in Cuba Guards Hugo Chavez and Aids Castro

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Published by: Jerry E. Brewer, Sr. on Feb 05, 2013
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Column 020413 Brewer
Monday, February , 2013
Business as Usual in Cuba Guards HugoChavez and Aids CastroBy Jerry Brewer
 At the Sixth Summit of the Americas in April 2012, inCartagena, Colombia, the moniker "Connecting the Americas" that was created as its theme appears toremain somewhat fragmented with the oppressedisland of Cuba.Perhaps one issue was to be the denial and continuedexclusion of Cuba from Organization of AmericanStates (OAS) sponsored meetings, "including theprevious five Summits of the Americas."The U.S. and Canada continue to staunchly opposeCuba's participation in OAS activities, and they continue to support and maintain the U.S. embargoagainst Cuba.Previously, as an Illinois state senator, Barack Obamacited his support for ending the U.S. embargo againstCuba. Recently, U.S. President Barack Obama saidthe government of Cuba "has shown no interest inchanging their relationship with the United States,nor any willingness to respect the democratic humanrights of the Cuban people," or a basic structure of government for the Cuban people that is stable andsecure.
Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper haspreviously stated that "... we can't turn a blind eye tothe fact that Cuba is a communist nation, and we want to see progress on freedom, democracy andhuman rights, as well as on economic matters."
It is abundantly clear that current and former Cubancitizens of the world continue to speak out against theCastro regime, citing executions, torture and anoppression that has held and degraded the Cubanhomeland since Fidel Castro came to power with hisrevolution in 1959.
 As leftist leaders, such as the currently silentPresident Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, claim adevotion, emulating and glorifying Castro'srevolution as their own, the Castro brother's tenure with their dictatorial lack of humane leadership andruin of the Cuban homeland remains constant worldchatter by those that live and have lived thenightmare. And now, in their midst the Castro's have HugoChavez recuperating -- assuming he is really alive --anew from cancer surgery, surrounded by an air of secrecy except for a few statements by followers andoccasional brief (and likely manipulated) presscomments. This as the Cuban government goes about business as usual.
Since Hugo Chavez's last surgery took place inHavana, Cuba, there has not been a single official (orcertified) photograph posted, this with a worldmedia's insatiable hunger for information on hiscondition. There has not been a single sound bite of audio or video released. This is certainly odd giventhe once boisterous and pompous nature of Chavez who is known to control the media airwaves in Venezuela with hours of his speeches, or take every opportunity to get in front of the world cameras todenounce U.S. polices and insult its leaders. Venezuelan Vice President Nicolas Maduroannounced that, "he (Chavez) gave us his approval tokeep the people informed always, always with thetruth, however harsh it could be."The truth is that to this very day there has been littlesaid about the true diagnosis of Chavez's illness sinceJune 2011, other than it is "believed" to be a cancer of the pelvic region. Despite very few accounts of otherleftist leaders in Cuba and South America,announcing they have seen him alive or spoken with
him, there are those that believe he has died orremains in a coma. Albeit, some print media haveannounced that they have been told that he is"getting well."
There is no doubt that the Cuban government, at thehighest levels, is in total control of all issues relatingto Chavez's true condition, as well as respecting the wishes of Chavez as to his mandate for actions on Venezuelan soil in his absence or in case of hisdemise. The Castro regime would have a lot to lose without proper safeguards of their Venezuelanfinancial inroads with Chavez.How do we know this with the intense secrecy exhibited by the Castro regime? The Cuban military is continuing to grow on Venezuelan soil, withnumbers now estimated at more than 5,000infantrymen, high ranking officers, and intelligenceand counterintelligence operatives. Battalions have been strategically placed throughout key locations,and it is believed they are being led by GeneralLeonardo Ramon Andollo Valdes, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba.
Castro's hatred for the U.S. has never waned. Hissupport of terror and revolutionary anti-U.S. groupsthroughout the world, as well as his unwillingness tochange those practices, is clearly demonstrated by Cuba's closest allies today that include Venezuela,North Korea, Iran, and Russia.Cuba's state-dominated economy (as well as Chavez'srule in Venezuela) has been often documented asunproductive, inefficient, and riddled withmismanagement and corruption. As well, a strongcase is made that Cuba's failed economy, and theintense suffering of the oppressed Cuban people, isnot the result of the U.S. embargo "but of a failedeconomy dominated by Castro and his communistmilitary elite for over 47 years." As secrecy abounds between close leaders of  Venezuela and Cuba, the previously unthinkable hasoccurred. At the recent meeting of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, CELAC, CubanPresident Raul Castro assumed the presidency over

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