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504 essential words

504 essential words



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Published by: amin.HEX on Feb 15, 2009
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504 absolutely essential words
written by : Murray Bromberg, Julius Liebb, and Arthur Traigergathered by : Hamed Latafat
Lesson One
Abandon: desert; leave without planning to come back; quit; leave behind; reject; renounce; and give upAnecdote: short narrative describing an interesting or amusing incident; tale; narrative; urban mythBachelor: unmarried man; graduate who holds a bachelor's degreeBear: give birth; something difficult to do or deal with; endure; carry; support; suffer; produceBlade: edge (of a knife); cutting portion of a razor; thin leaf; paddle; bat; racquet; propellerBreak in: enter forcibly; interrupt a person while he is speaking; an illegal forced entry in order to steal somethingBreeding: courtesy; education; upbringing; rearing; cultivation; producing offspringCloak: loose sleeveless outer garment that fastens at the neck and hangs down the back; mask; disguise; coverContest: fight for; appeal; challenge; competitionData: information; facts; facts and statistics used for reference or analysis; the quantitiesDetective: investigative; one who searches for information and evidence relevant to specific occurrencesFlirting: coquetry; affectionate and playful conduct meant to arouse sexual interest; brief romanceGallant: brave; showing respect for women; chivalrous; gentlemanlyGenerous: freely giving more of something than is necessary or expected; giving; unselfish; abundant; plentifulGesture: express an idea or emotion through bodily movements; motion of to emphasize or help to express a thoughtHardship: something that is hard to bear; difficulty; suffering; trouble; severe suffering or privation; misfortune; bad luck Jealous: afraid that the one you love might prefer someone else; wanting what someone else hasKeen: sharp; intense; eager; clever; perceptive; astute; strong; enthusiastic; wonderful; amazingKnight: medieval warrior; man who holds an honorary nonhereditary rank; chess piece shaped like a horse's headMuddy: covered in mud; cloudy; hazy; vague; cover in mud; make impure; confuse the issue; make unclearOath: a promise that something is true; words of a solemn promise; a cursePeg: fasten with clothespin; strengthen with a wedge; reinforce with a spikePuddle: small pool of water or liquid; mud; pool of foul stagnant water; dirty; pollute; roll about in the mudQualify: become fit; show that you are able; meet the minimum standards; restrict; attribute a quality or characteristicSwore: past of swear; solemnly promise; curse; use obscene language; testify under oath (Law); bind by an oathTact: ability to say the right thing; diplomacy; ability to skillfully deal with people; sense of what is proper or appropriateUnaccustomed: unfamiliar; not accustomed to; unusual; not used to somethingUpbringing: rearing of children; the treatment and instruction received from one's parents throughout childhoodVacant: empty; unfilled; unoccupied; not in use; lacking expression; not claimedWidow: woman whose husband has died; take away something valuable
Lesson two
Adventure: escapade; exciting experience; risky undertaking; put oneself at risk; take a risk in the hope of a favorable outcomeBlanket: cover; coat; a large piece of woolen material used as a covering for warmth as on a bedCastle: large building typically of the medieval period; chateau; palace; turret; towerCemetery: place where dead people are buried; a tract of land used for burialsCheat: deceive; swindle; betray; be disloyal; break rules; obtain answers or information in a dishonest wayCoffin: a long; narrow box in which a dead body is buried or cremated.Conceal: hide; cover; keep secretCorpse: a dead body; especially of a humanDeadened: diminish; alleviate; anesthetize; numb; make less lively; become deadDismal: dark; gloomy; cheerless; depressing; sadFled: past and past participle of flee; escape; run away; move swiftly; hurryFrigid: very cold; frozen; sexually unresponsiveGrave: place where a person or thing is buried; severe; serious; critical; somber; soberInhabit: occupy; live in; dwell in; reside in; populate; be present in; be inside of Janitor: custodian; maintenance man; gatekeeper; doorman; warden; cleaner; maintenance manLatitude: angular distance on a meridian north or south of the equator; an imaginary great circle on the surface of the earthLegal: of or pertaining to the law; allowed by law; established by law; according to lawLongitude: angular distance measured east or west from the prime meridian; an imaginary great circle on the surface of the earthMaid: servant; cleaning lady; young girl; unmarried woman; virginNumb: without the power of feeling; deadened; lacking sensitivity; in shock; senselessPeril: danger; risk; hazard; a situation of serious and immediate dangerRecline: lie in a horizontal position; lie back; lie down and rest; stretch out; lean back Revenge: action taken in return for an injury or offense; take vengeance; avenge; retaliate; requiteShack: small crude shelter used as a dwelling; a roughly built hut or cabin; live together without being legally marriedShriek: scream; loud shrill cry; screechSinister: evil; wicked; dishonest; frightening; malicious; threatening; ominous; portending evil; on the left side;Slight: small; light; lacking substance; unimportant; treat with indifference; pay no attention to; disrespectSlum: poor neighborhood; densely populated poverty-stricken area of a cityStuck: past participle of stick; fixed in place; caught; puzzled; jab or poke with a pointed object; fasten; put in a particular placeTeller: a person who deals with customers' transactions in a bank; cashier; vote counterTempt: try to get someone to do something; test; invite; entice; tantalize; seduceWage: salary; payment; earnings; a fixed regular payment for work typically paid on a daily or weekly basisWager: bet; gamble the act of gambling; stake on the outcome of an issueWicked: evil; bad mischievous; vicious; malicious; severe; unjustified; dangerous; unpleasant; vile
Lesson three
Annual: occurring once a year; something that appearsAnoint: rub oil on a person's head or feet as part of a religious ceremony; smear with a liquidAppeal: plead; request; petition for a new trial or judgment; earnest or urgent requestBarely: hardly; scarcely; by a small marginBlend: mixture; combination; mix together thoroughlyBreezes: light wind; quarrel; feud; any undertaking that is easy to do; a gentle windContrary: contradictory; opposed; stubborn; obstinate; in opposition; against; counterCostume: clothing; outfit; dress of a distinctive style or period; style of dress; woman's outfitDevise: think out; plan; invent; bequeath property through a willDined: eat dinner; give a dinner for; have supper; dinner partyDispute: argue; debate; appeal; contest; oppose; fight against; disagreement; argumentEssential: necessary; very important; needed; fundamental; impossible to live withoutExcessive: immoderate; exceeding normal bounds; extreme; more than is necessaryExorbitant: excessive; extreme; disproportionate; expensive; greatly exceeding bounds of reason or moderationExpensive: costly; high priced; preciousGrant: award; gift; present; contribution; donation; agree; donate; agree to give or allowImmoderate: excessive; extreme; exaggerated; not moderate; not within reasonable limitsLabor: strenuous physical or mental work;; job or work that must be accomplished; work-force; workerLegislative: having the authority to make or enact laws; having the power to make laws; relating to laws or a legislatureMinimum: least possible amount; smallest possible size; lowest degreePersuade: convince; induce; cause to do something through reasoning or argument; win over to do or believe; make willingPrecious: expensive; valuable; priceless; beloved; dear; affectedly delicate; overly refinedQuarrel: fight; an angry dispute; argue; struggle; squabble; conflict; complain; find faultRetail: pertaining to the sale of goods to final consumers; of the sale of merchandise to end usersRoam: travel about aimlessly; wander; drift; rove; move about aimlessly or without any destinationScarce: hard to get; rare; not abundant; in short supplyShade: cast a shadow upon; dim; darken; screen; hide from view; protect from light; cover with a shade change graduallyShortening: add butter or other fat; act of making shorter; act of cutting; abbreviation; solid fat used in bakingSlaughter: butcher an animal; murder a person; indiscriminately kill a large number of people or animals; kill (animals) for foodStrike: temporary work stoppage; hit; blow; knocking down of all pins at one time (Bowling); failure to hit a ball (Baseball)Talent: natural ability; innate ability or skill; capacity for achievement; talented personTypical: usual; of a kind; characteristic; representative; conforming to the expected; standard; classicVisible: able to be seen; can be clearly seen; in view; observable; obvious; apparentWholesale: on a large scale; in large quantities; at a wholesale price; less than retail in price

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