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More on The Evil Apes

More on The Evil Apes

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Published by Vonne Monai

Vonne Monai's Autobiography/Notes

Vonne Monai's Autobiography/Notes

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Published by: Vonne Monai on Feb 05, 2013
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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My Mother used to say get with the program not to me directly, but in her talking about others.
2007 a hispanic female comes into the laundrimat 0n east 109th st to tell me i was pretty and at some othertime the same curly dyed red haired female told me to "get with the program"
I had an aversion to the sight of blood when I was young and the color red.
I thought it was because when I had nosebleeds my Mother would behave as if i were going to die.
That Charlie Romas married trick of hers was visiting once when it happened because i had ben picking mynose.
He put his keys under my back as I laid down.
He told my Mother it would work to stop the bleeding.
*the nosebleed I had in spanish class
*Val's bleding out because of alcohol comsumption
I now think my aversion to the color red was because my Great Uncle Norman Swilley's basement waspainted red.
In 1982 we were there visiting our cousin Leroy and watching Simon and garfunkel's concert in Central parkand Val had gone into the basement to play some records when Norm tried to kiss her.
It was Roy's funeral we were supposed to be attending and she spurned him.
I ha a similar encounter wiyh his brother Roy.
I was threatened by Roy, Earl and Norm at the behest of Dot while she assured me they were correct.
They said with glee "men will use you and dump you because of your attitude?"
I asked what attitude and to explain, but they all just smirked and I was glad i hadn't been raped.
I had no intention on having anything to do with the opposite sex because they were all spoken for andeveryone had already rejected me from day one
They went through alot of trouble to make that seem to happen to me, but they could never get past the factthat I was being rapedbeing dumped by these sadistic, pedophile, homosexual, rapists was notat all what happened to me I was dumping married men who were forcing themselves on me
It would have been a pleasure if they had dumped me
I had not chose them in the first place
They are weak minded and heavily into paraphilia fixed fantasies
They may have fooled some people, but orchestrations are just that orchestrations
Broken hearted losers
The threat was most likely for Vikki's party gift and perhaps they ought to have had the power toorchesytrat Vikki actually graduating from St. Jon's University since that was her send off party that I didmost of the work for.
I most likely paid for it as well.
Perhaps they could have exercised this so-called poower to orchestrate Vikki not having to leave town dueto her whoring and corrupting that Brock boy (Native American Decent lived in the same building 74Roxbury st) ) by having sex with him on the Catholic church steps on Harbor Road!
Some fake power of illusion
It puts me in mind of Mussilinni and his fake tanks he showed off to Hitler
So-called masters of illusion
tricksters and clowns
*Easter 1980 Dot goes after my first born with a knife and claims he's possessed.
I think she just saw my Dad's face in her grandson and freaked out.
He looks a lot like him, very handsome.
*Dot fights with Val and sits on Brandy to kill her.
**Dot attacks Val 1976 and I pull her off of her
she says to me with an evil glare "you love her"
as if it's a weakness
*my prophetic dream about Val and I 1968
Grand Daddy John Swilley's anti-kicking rule
*Aunt violet kicking me 1967
*Kim Fisher kicking me with Sonia Boone while Vik and Val watched in glee
*Kenny Fisher and Vikkii's control over him
*older Boone boy who Elbert Quick saved me from
*Khadijah and her affair with hercousin judy's boyfriend while Judy's (daughter Mika) husband was in theservice
*they try and get me and Theresa's little brother together (military) Eddie
his issues with his Dad
*his mean Mother and her hatred for my handsome son
*Theresa stories
she and sheila, Marty and G
Khadijahs dilemna with her daughter Rahkia and her grandmother
*saw her and Patty Quick's nephew in bus station in Washington DC
*Warren tried to take me to aryland to marry, but I didn't trust him because he told me he had sex with PattyQuick.
I think he really didn't know we were cousins
he said she was an exhibitionist and I told him if he liked her he ought to meet my half sister Vikki and asalways the conversation must end because the bitch Vikki's name came up
he said Patty drones on and on about her Bishop Father hating White people and she exclusively datesWhite males
he showed me a photo of a Black female he supposedly screwed and I was convinced he was one of Vikki'sthrow away hand picked losersWarren carney was way too interested in my biological Father and set it up for us to meet
Warren told mye mybiological Father was a Satanist.
*more on the Daddy Dearest and Warren stories
apparently the idiots insist that I acceot them as they are while they insist that I change to make them feelcomfortable with me.
Val's daugher raped by boy her age outside for all to see
Val wasn't angry about the assault, but that the neighborhood kids came to me and told me because shewas usually still sleeping her drunk off in the daytime and everyone knew she didn't care
Wille Smith used to try and get me to intercede on Brandy's behalf because she was supposedly outsideasking strange men for quarters
Brandy gets attacked by cute boy who she chased, but he didn't like her
*Dot spike Renatta's baby bottle while baysitting for Loradean 1964 and she tells everyone about it she wasso upset
*Val tries to make my Daughter retarded because hers is
*if Vikki were Morris' child Dot would have given "her" the gold watch he gave Dot for their anniversary andnot Val
*Dot asking me "you know things, how do you know things"?
I always answered "what do I know"
*the men in Black in Manhattan who project "I know you and you know me their appearance freks outVincent Joseph or so he says
*Vincent Joseph after attending Joe Devoe's funeral
I'd seen an hour before he died in Stapleton Park

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